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534105 tn?1226160777 Two days ago I came with 125mg/dl fasting glucose readings. I normally have had 105-110 readings. Can this high reading a consequence of bethametasone injection?
Avatar f tn a fasting plasma glucose of more than 105 mg/dl, a 1-hour glucose level of more than 190 mg/dl, a 2-hour glucose level of more than 165 mg/dl, or a 3-hour glucose level of more than 145 mg/dl.
173119 tn?1297003336 Anything between 100 and 125 is impaired fasting glucose and and anything 125 or above is consistent with type 2 diabetes if other symptoms are present. Here's the link from Mayo Clinic showing this. ( I knew something was wrong because I was experiencing tiredness, stomach problems, flushness, confusion, inability to concentrate, irritable, inability to lose weight etc.
Avatar m tn Fasting blood glucose can be high, but the rest of the time he may be low normal. The high fasting glucose happens when his liver dumps glucose in the early morning in response to fasting. It may be high when he wakes up, but conversely go down to normal when he eats and gets active (which obviously is when his pancreas kicks back into gear).. This is called the "Dawn Phenomenon".
Avatar n tn My fasting glucose readings have been between 100 and 105 over the past couple of years. At my last labwork, we also did a 2 hour post prandial glucose test, and that result came back at a measure of was 118. I understand the fasting numbers to be "prediabetic' as they are above 100. However, the post prandial of 118 is a value which I understand is considered to be considered normal (less than 140).
212753 tn?1275076711 The American Diabetic Association web site says unequivocally that for the fasting glucose tolerance test, a reading of 126 or higher indicates diabetes. 100 - 125 they classify as pre-diabetes.
Avatar m tn But since about 4 to 5 months i have been observing that the fasting glucose levels are higher than the post lunch levels. .
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital a year ago on an unrelated matter and after I was released I began going over some of my test results and found a fasting Glucose reading of 108 which concerned me. I lost about 20 lbs, began walking 3 mi/day, severely resticted my carbs and bought a meter and began testing because of my concern over possibly being "pre-diabetic". Random readings are always in the low to mid 80s, post prandial responses are excellent peaking at ~125 at 1.
Avatar f tn Anyway, this one doctor has said that he sees it in his practice all the time, i.e., patients whose fasting glucose is normal and who also test normal with the glucose tolerance test, however, their A1c is over 5.7. Also, I read that people whose blood is low in iron can also test falsely high on their A1c. I checked out my blood results and my iron level is barely above the low cutoff for normal. So, I wonder if that has anything to do with my higher A1c.
Avatar f tn Reality is I have big babies I eat healthy and have not history of blood sugar issues.
Avatar f tn I have had a history of hypoglycemia and my fasting blood sugar has always been around 70-80. This year my blood pressure had gone too high (I am on meds now and is well controlled). I recently found out my iron was a little too low (saturation level of %14). I have reflux and had been on meds but am now going off them bacause I believe they caused digestion problems. Cholesterol was borderline high when last tested in April.
Avatar m tn Today I got my Sugar levels tested but Fasting blood sugar is showing 105 where the range is 60 minimum to 110 max. PPBS and Glucose blood sugar GH1BC all are normal. Now i am worried as I am close to 110 in Fasting blood sugar ? how to reduce it further.......I do cardio for 30 minutes everyday with 10kms speed..5 kms per day...still fasting blood sugar is on the higher end but normal non- diabetic ! Please answer my question after reading the above details.
187666 tn?1331176945 I usually post on the heart board for my issues but my husband has come up with something odd concerning his (fasting) blood glucose levels. For the past year his tests keep coming back over 100 - say 105, 101 - so not high but above normal. The doc keeps testing, same result. This last time they did a different test too, an A1C (?) That came back as well below the limit: 5.2 (range is 4.0 to 5.7) while the same blood sample came back over 100 for the standard test. How can this be?
Avatar f tn Hello,I wanted to know if there is a possibility that vyvanse can spike my glucose levels? My father is a diabetic.I've always tested betweeen 70 and 80 while fasting,and now that I started taking these meds for adhd I tested at 107.Which really freaked me out.I also tested my glucose yesterday morning and I was at 99.I had breakfast and tested myself again at 10:40 which was 2 hours after having breakfast and my numbers were 121.Well today I tested again and was at 105.
189192 tn?1261345228 Result Conservative limit Less Conservative Limit Fasting 75 Passed 65-95 65-105 1 hour 169 Passed 65-180 65-190 2 hour 161 65-155 Failed 65-165 Passed 3 hour 152 65-140 Failed 65-1
Avatar m tn Glucose as of yesterday was "100" (65-99 normal). A month ago was "105". In the 90's a month before that. Any reason for concern? Any questions/further tests for my cardiologist who I'm seeing this afternoon? TC 212(H) HDL 33(L) LDL 141(H) TRI's 189(H) Looks like I'll be getting the Statin talk this afternoon no doubt. I've been doing between 60-120 minutes of cardio for the past two weeks. I shudder to think what my Tri's would look like if I was sedentary.
Avatar m tn If you are truely concerned that your fasting level is high and that you think that other times of the day you are not producing an adequate amount of insulin after meals, then request your doctor to order a 2 hour oral/fasting glucose test. They'll take blood fasting, then have you drink a glucose solution and test again at 1 hour and again at 2 hours to see how your body responds. If they come back ok then you should be fine. Also have them check your fasting insulin.
798555 tn?1292791151 Currently having issues from thyroid med change (hypo at the moment), that might be why glucose was at 105 (non fasting) two weeks ago instead of my regular 100.? Never had my pancrease checked. Didnt know you could. Had a two hour sugar load test - glucose was fine on that, wierd.
Avatar n tn I've read through several different lists and other than the high glucose (I'm testing 120-170) frequent dizziness and having to urinate once on the middle of each night, I don't fit the profile of a diabetic. All of those questionnaires I can answer "no" except the dizziness and frequent urination. But I drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. I'm normal weight range and no family history of diabetes. I don't eat candy all day, but I do enjoy an occasional sweet.
798555 tn?1292791151 It's just too expensive particularly for not-patentable plants in an era when general research is difficult to get funded if no patentable product exists at the end of the chase. Other countries do more of this kind of research than the US does, particularly Japan and India because of their long written histories of natural medicine. But even there they're usually looking for patentable products.
Avatar m tn Before starting entecavir my fasting blood glucose, when waking in the morning was always between 80 - 90 mg/dl and now is 99 - 110 mg/dl. After meals 1hr it would be in the range of 120 - 130 mg/dl and 2 hr later back to around 100 mg/dl or lower. After starting entecavir last week, after eating 1hr would go as high as 185 when same meals would be around 130. Now it takes 3 hours before I will reach 105 or 110 mg/dl. I can never get below 100 mg/dl since I started taking entecavir.
Avatar n tn I've recently been told I may have Gestational Diabetes. I am somewhat in denial because when I went for my Glucose Tolerance Test, just before the 1 hour blood drawing, I felt hypoglycemic. However, that test came back 185 instead of <180, so it was high. In any case, I've met with a nutritionist & am working on modifying my diet. I was told to check my glucose levels in the morning (fasting) and 1 hour after the beginning of each meal.
Avatar n tn According to the ADA a fasting blood glucose of less than 110 is normal, according to other sites it is less than 99 so it depends on who you check with, hope this helps.
Avatar n tn randon glucose in Octobe and November was 105 and 111 mg/dL Can such levels of glucose lead to a serious diabetic condition such as nerve damage? I am heart patient and cardiologist has ruled out heart to be the culprit. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn 7 160lbs no history of diabetes in my family,lately ive been urinating alot dry mouth some faigue,checked my glucose with my stepmoms monitor 4 times twice fasting one day it came out 93 the other day 105,the other two random checks came out 91 and the other 95 on hour after eating please help worried
Avatar m tn 1) Overall body muscle, joint, tendon, nerve dis-function, aches, pains 2) Trouble staying awake during the day and great fatigue 3) Anxiety, night time insomnia 4) Heat and cold intolerance with sweats / chills any time 5) Brain fog, slowed thinking 6) Slowing of gut (constipation / GERD / Reflux) 7) HIGH BP when hypO, yes sounds backwards 8) High fasting glucose when hypo 9) Weight loss (sorry, its true) 10) Itchy skin and thinning hair (wait, I'm also 43) When I'm Euthyroid, most of these
Avatar n tn With the FPG(Fasting Plasma Glucose Test)test, a fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl signals pre-diabetes. A person with a fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher has diabetes. That is from the American Diabetes website, So, I think your doctor is doing all the right things. Why don't you look at that site or the JDRF site.
Avatar f tn A1c is a measure of blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period and I notice that your blood glucose was 105. Those results could be affected by thyroid, but I'd guess that they are more closely related to insulin resistance. Your pancreas produces insulin, which regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Insulin resistance is when your body produces enough insulin, but the body doesn't use it properly.
Avatar n tn My weight has improved but currently I have blood glucose level of 92-105 mg/dL (Fasting) and glucose level of 192-197mg/dL (After Breakfast). Kindly suggest which medicine is best suited for me.