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Avatar n tn I just had my 1-hr glucose screening test last Thursday. I was told not to fast at all. I did eat before I went to the appointment. I also had an apple & 2 cookies that day as well before my appointment. I ended failing the test. :( The cutoff was 139 and my result was 141. Now I have to go tomorrow to take the 3-hour test. I think it was the cookies (stupid me!!) and apple that pushed me over. Thoughts? I really doubt that I have gestational diabetes.
7913021 tn?1418052220 Hello ladies!! I have my glucose screening next week-- I'm 24 weeks! & I've heard horror stories! :( I'm worried I'm gonna throw it up cause it's obviously horrible & I still have morning sickness! Mine never went away! Any tricks or advice to the moms who have had it done already??
Avatar f tn Hey I have my doctors appointment next week where im getting my glucose screening test done. When they do it I know I will drink the nasty drink thingy and they will need to take some blood later but I have a question... Is it a ***** of the finger, is it just a regular blood drawing, an I.V.? I have heard some different things and I was just curious what to expect. Also does anyone have any tips to make it an easier visit? I heard it can be an uncompfortable one.
Avatar f tn I'm at 24 weeks (FTM) and go in for the glucose screening on Friday. I know they draw blood for this, right? How long does it take to get the results? I've never had a blood sugar problem in my life, but was overweight going into this pregnancy... That combined with the fact that my paternal grandma had gestational diabetes has me kind of freaking out about this (but no other fam history of it). Any thoughts or related personal experiences would be appreciated!
1132307 tn?1357912208 I had my glucose screening at 26 weeks and it came back elevated. The doctor has now scheduled me for the 3 hour screening, which I'm not looking forward to. Has anyone had an elevated screening and then passed the longer test? I eat really well, exercise on average 4 times a week and have only gained 8 pounds so far in my pregnancy so I just don't get why my blood sugar was elevated?? I feel very down today.
Avatar n tn Hi, A screening A1C is not recommended even if actively looking for diabetes. Depending on your age group, screening fasting blood glucose is recommended at intervals. Discuss with your provider and ask that any unnecessary labwork be excluded if you wish. Take care.
Avatar f tn Because I am high risk I have to do the first glucose screening at 12 weeks. I eat well usually but they have me so scared about being high risk and this being my first pregnancy I dont know what to think.
9440890 tn?1415881721 Sitting here at the second glucose screening since I failed yesterday's. They checked my blood and the levels came back good so I got the pleasure of drinking the drink again. Today it is making me sick to my stomach. Ugh. I hate this! Plus I had to get up really early today to drive my husband to pick up his work truck and I'm exhausted! Just want some real food followed by a nap!
Avatar f tn She usually doesn't need to do Lab work on me because I see a Rheumatologist every three months, and he always has my blood checked for the meds I take for rheumatoid arthritis. The last two years I have asked my PCP if I could have a fasting glucose screening, and she said I don't need one. Last year she said I didn't need the screening because my cholesterol was very good last cholesterol testing several years ago.
Avatar f tn I cannot tell you how awful it is to be here, empty stomach fasting, and have to drink that syrupy stuff when I'm still in the throws of 1st trimester nausea. Trying not to throw up. But already dizzy. If you did a 1st trimester blood glucose screening, how did yours go?
599954 tn?1227497585 Today the Dr. did lots of blood work and set us up with the glucose screening...I need some input on screening. Can it vary thru different days? Can glucose be different from hour to hour?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am very concerned about my blood glucose levels. I am diabetic and I haven't been keeping track of my blood glucose levels for years. For the last month or so, I had been feeling totally exhausted, falling asleep at the computer, several times I actually fell asleep with food in my mouth that I hadn't chewed. I was weak and out of breath and could barely walk without getting winded.
Avatar f tn Anybody out there have a blood glucose level of 135 and actually have gestational diabetes? I've read that the acceptable number is below 140 but some doctors set the cutoff at 130. My doctor apparently sets the cutoff at 130... I had a VERY hard time with the 1-hour screening (sick, weak, dizzy) and am unwilling to do the 3-hour test. What do you guys think about the 135 level? How many women with 135 actually have gestational diabetes????
Avatar n tn They just say nothing to eat or drink until you have your blood drawn after you have the glucose drink.
Tbd I just recently had a health screening and after fasting 12 hours my blood glucose was 111. Should i be overly concerned with that? Will they put me on meds or just monitor it. My history of blood glucose levels range over the last 4 years from 94 to the current 111.
Avatar f tn There are 2 Glucose test. The one hour is screening test. Typically they don't tell you to not eat or drink prior to this. I chose not to eat anything the morning of the test. Because if your glucose is too on the screening test you will need to take the full glucose tolerance test (diagnostic test). Which is a pain. I failed my 1 hour test (1 point too high) so had to do the full three hour test. For this you do have to fast for at least 8-10 hours before the test.
Avatar f tn What happens at a glucose screening test? and how do I know if something's wrong?
1240706 tn?1331605711 A random glucose test is not a glucose tolerance test. A random glucose test is just that. They measure your blood glucose at just any time when you're eating normal meals. This does not qualify as a screening for Gestational Diabetes. Depending on how long after your last meal and what you ate, the results could be normal, even if your blood sugar is not.
Avatar f tn How long is the glucose test? I have an apt at 10:00 am on monday What should i eat ?
Avatar f tn I have my glucose test in the morning. I was just wondering if there's anything I should or shouldn't do for it?
956931 tn?1271639769 Good Afternoon, I just spoke with the Coordinator of my study about the glucose issue. My last blood glucose was 97 before the "week one" blood draw last week which indicated a blood glucose of 114. My Hgb A1C was 6.1 and needed to be under 7.0; which it is. So I am not excluded due to my blood sugar as it is not at this time a problem and falls well within the range of acceptable.
341551 tn?1266984330 Because I had my anatomy scan scheduled for the same day, I drank my glucola on the way to the Dr's office, did the scan (which took about 45 min), then had my blood drawn afterwards. When I failed my screening, I had to go to the hospital and do the 3 hour glucose test. For that one, I was told not to eat anything after midnight and get to the hospital as early as possible (so that I could get the blood draw done sooner and be able to eat! lol).