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Avatar n tn Glucophage is used to treat type II diabetes, and while weight loss can be a side effect, it's not meant to be used as a diet aid. Much better to implement a good diet and exercise program that will produce a healthy regimen.
Avatar f tn * It sounds like you're having alot of success on Metformin. Congrats on your weight loss!
Avatar f tn I've had a fatty liver for many years. I really need to lose alot of weight but my insurance doesn't cover weight loss. I know your wife will do well. I'm praying for you guys!
Avatar n tn I'm a diabetic, and I've been on metformin for years and have never heard of it being used for weight loss. I have not lost any weight while I was on it, unless I was doing something else, as I am now. In fact, metformin usually can make one gain weight. If you're on metformin for DIABETES, no, it's not forever. But don't come off it without your doctor's guidance. If you lose weight, as I have, your dose can be lowered.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone! I have been taking Effexor XR 150mg. for a month and I am experiencing weight loss. I went from weighing 169-172 lbs. to now weighing 155. I love this anti-depressant. I have found that it works for me when no other drug would. I have noticed that I get full fast and I have no desire to eat. I can only say that this drug has altered my sex drive considerably, but I was a bit over-sexed to begin with. The Effexor has made my sex drive more controllable.
Avatar m tn I have Type 2 Diabetes and was put on Victoza yesterday, my doctor wants me to take this for weight loss. I would just like to know if anyone has lost weight or has had any side effects while taking this medication. I was on Byetta but the nausea never stopped and I felt bad all of the time. I took my first dose this morning of Victoza and so far there has been no nausea--I just hope it lasts. Any comments on this medication would greatly be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Recent forty pound weight loss to ideal body weight, follow heart/diabetic diet, no evidence of diabetic complications other than CAD treated by surgery and lipitor. Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic for providing this forum and for being a world leader in research and treatment of heart disease and disorders.
Avatar n tn He too, has a weight problem and gets ribbing by his family. Does anybody have any suggestions for weight loss? I have tried literally everything and have pretty much given up.
Avatar n tn I can't believe doctors prescribe it just for weight loss. If you have not experienced memory loss, slurred speech, concentration problems, panic attacks, confusion, lack of muscle coordination, and yes even hair loss, count yourself lucky and its probably just because you're on a low dose. There are a lot of alternatives you can take for weight loss!
Avatar n tn there is also a new study of putting women on Glucophage which is an oral medicine for diabetes 2 but for a non-diabetic it makes you loose weight and doesn't call diabetes or drop your blood sugars. woman are seeing great results. I am a Registered Nurse by the way. It is nice to know that you're not the only one out there who feels like you can smell food and gain weight and every doctor tells you to exercise,exercise and you have this look like, when or how am i suppose to do that.
Avatar n tn You can also set yourself up for vitamin and mineral deficiencies even when taking a multivitamin. I have been treating counseling patients for weight issues for and have found that in many of the cases involving weight gain is due to an underestimation of calories the person is consuming. Calories are sneaky!!!! In fact, I’ve had someone actually gain weight due to chewing sugar free gum.
Avatar n tn I need help here - I want to lose weight but all I hear about are how bad carbs are for you - Well that is ALL I eat - I don't know what to eat to lose weight - I'll help you out - I do NOT like or eat - Chicken, fish, turkey (ANY of the "healthier" meats) I LOVE pasta, potatoes, pizza, taco's (all things "BAD" for you) - Is it possible for me (I am 34) to lose weight when these are the things I eat???
Avatar f tn I have been steadily packing on the weight for a few years now and cannot loose for the life of me. my tsh,t3,t4 always come back in normal range. Since iam no longer on birth controll i have elevated testosterone levels. I have done excersize programs and yes its good and all but it's not painless to cary around 220 lbs! The doctors all they say is loose weight and that pcos while linked to obesity is not the cause. I do not beleive that at all.
454677 tn?1206691163 I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid within the last year, my grandma on my fathers side had it as well. I take 50mcg Synthroid. I was having the symptoms for about a year before anyone figured out why I was gaining so much weight quickly and felt so bad all the time.. I have gained a total of 80lbs and still going steady unfortunately...and I don't eat bad at all. I'm now up to 205lbs vs the 125lbs I was in April of 2007.
Avatar n tn HI, There is no specific vitamin as a treatment for PCOS. However if you are trying for a natural pregnancy then folic acid can be taken. Weight loss gives dramatic results in women who are obese. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn html i have so many of the symptoms but the one which stood out for me was Premature greying, sides of hair were grey by age of 29 Glossitis - swollen / sore tongue, geographic tongue light headedness Osteoporosis, suspected in knees Symptoms mimicking Parkinsons and MS (misdiagnosed for 10 years ) Nominal aphasia - difficulty recalling names or words Loss of appetite/weight loss Epigastric pain (poor digestion, bloated feeling after eating small or normal sized meals) Chronic fatigue Pallo
1500096 tn?1292949193 Often the Glucophage helps people to lose weight--too bad it didn't have that effect for you! If you were my patient, in addition to recommending diet exercise and weight loss, I would prescribe Clomid or Femara. These medications in addition to the Glucophage might help you to ovulate and conceive. It definitely sounds like you have PCOS, and there is a good chance that you will eventually conceive, but taking Clomid or Femara would definitely speed up the process for you. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I also have PCOS and was told how important it is to lost weight (especially because I am experiencing infertility and women with PCOS who lose at least 10% bodyweight typically start ovulating more regularly). Weight loss is a real struggle with PCOS. My doctor gave me a drug that is used to treat diabetes called glucophage (also called metformin). It has helped me to lose weight - but VERY slowly. And it definitely won't do it on it's own, but it can certainly help.
1907238 tn?1340714913 Its primary use helps you digest sugars more efficiently and can assist in weight loss, but be careful it can also assist in weight gain. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet while you are on it, or else it might have reverse affects.
475740 tn?1208266465 if that doesn't help then I am going to look into Weight Loss surgery.. I am close to 250lbs my biggest is 255.. and I am 5'6 I think that my weight has alot to do with all my health problems and not being able to get PG.. so I need to lose weight some how.. I am tired of yo-yo dieting... good luck...
780153 tn?1287572547 NEWER METHODS OF TREATMENT Traditional treatments have been difficult, expensive and have limited success when used alone. Infertility treatments include weight loss diets, ovulation medications (clomiphene,letrozole, Follistim, Gonal-F), ovarian drilling surgery and IVF. Other symptoms have been managed by anti-androgen medication (birth control pills, spironolactone, flutamide or finasteride). Ovarian drilling can be performed at the time of laparoscopy.
Avatar n tn however, i am losing a significant amount of my hair for a 37 yr old female with no family history of hair loss. i am always tired, i have a high craving for salt and always have to urinate and am always thirsty. i feel depressed with no real reason to be. my eye brows are thining from the outsides, i have adult acne and course facial hair growth.and my periods do not last but maybe 3 days? i am scared and my docs don't know whats wrong with me, can any one help?
Avatar f tn After 13 months of trying I finally got a BFP (5 months after starting Metformin). I used Clomid for 2 cycles and decided to stop and focus on weight loss. Lo and behold I got pregnant! It was like the Clomid re-started my ovaries. I did miscarry but that was because I needed to be on progesterone because of having Clomid in the previous cycle. Well I decided to get back to losing weight. It took 8 weeks to get AF (arrived January 13) after the miscarriage. I lost 8 lbs in January alone.
Avatar n tn 15 to 30 mg of phentermine daily resulted in about 1 lb to 13 lb more weight loss than when using a PLACEBO The medication was used from 2 weeks to 24 weeks, with an average use of about 13 weeks. Most of the people using phentermine in the studies reviewed also made lifestyle changes, such as diet or exercise. Side Effects Side effects of phentermine include: Nervousness. Irritability. Sweating. Nausea. Headache. Dry mouth. Constipation. Sleep problems. Possible addiction.
878888 tn?1319637644 Hi, Actually metformin doesn't cause weight gain, it often causes weight loss (particularly when used in combination with a lower carb diet) and exercise. It is one of the first line drugs for treating diabetes and seems to be very effective for many people becuase it works by reducing insulin resistance. Crestor is a drug used to reduce cholesterol. It is unrelated to metformin. I have just been asked to add metformin to my daily cocktail.
Avatar f tn I have tried to treat all the health issues over the years and am still not well. I was treated with Glucophage and the first time I used it had a great reaction from it. Lost a lot of weight and felt better. I was taken off of it and gained all the weight back. Second time I went on it I had a bad reaction and had to go off of it. That was about 20 or so years ago. Labs I have had recently show normal thyorid levels. Just wondering if anyone else here is experiencing any of these symptoms.
Avatar f tn it has done nothing in the form of weight loss for my Mother or my Aunt. For diabetics and many pre-diabetics, it does not take much for the benifits of Metformin's weight loss properties to completely fail. I wish you the best... and again thanks for the update. I think you'll do well. I admire the fact you are taking responsibility for your medical challenges.
Avatar f tn leighanne, women with PCOS who take Glucophage/Metformin lose weight rapidly. Because they're not actually diabetic. Metformin is a drug used for many different things, not just diabetes. Women with PCOS have insulin resistance. Our ovaries produce insulin and that's what I'm talking about. Anyway, some doctors say you won't/don't lose weight with it but I've been visiting the Soul Cysters forum and every single PCOS woman on that board that has used this medication lost a ton of weigh.
Avatar n tn My AF hasn't been regular at all if I have even had one. I am at a loss for what to do...I was told at first I needed to lose weight and that would help my chances. I have lost over 50 lbs and still no regular AF. The gyn put me on glucophage, had shots to make me have AF, and have taken prometrium. Last month I think I actually had a period on my own, but this month I took prometrium again and should have started on Thurs but didn't...took a HPT Sat and it was negative.