Gilead dominates hiv aids drugs market

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148588 tn?1465778809 “At that time, Stribild’s price was 35% more than Atripla, the company’s best selling combination HIV/AIDS treatment, and made Stribild the highest priced first-line combination AIDS therapy. Now, Gilead has set a new benchmark for unbridled greed with its outrageous price for Sovaldi—a price that some pharmacy industry sources suggest represents a retail markup of 279,000% over the cost of actually producing the drug.
Avatar m tn , hopes it can have as much success in drugs for hepatitis C as it has had in treating human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. Gilead was developing its own drug in the same category as PSI-7977, but Gilead executives said Monday it wasn't performing as well in testing. Gilead said it plans to finance the transaction with cash on hand, bank debt and senior unsecured notes, and expects to close the deal in the first quarter 2012.
Avatar m tn // My guess is: since Viread's patent will expire in 2-3 years, Gilead is trying to come up with a new drug (Well, sort of 'new'). And Agenix is competing with them. P.S. I had some training in medicinal chemistry.
374652 tn?1494811435 He now is senior VP at Gilead, and is quoted in your post above. I know that Gilead is also hard at work on drugs aimed for those afflicted with Alzheimer's. You may want to check these links - they are just 2 of many that are out there. McHutchison also developed/discovered the IL28B allele. You're in good hands. http://www.gilead.
315996 tn?1429054229 Also, alot more lives will be saved by the drugs Gilead makes. Sure, Gilead drugs cost a ton but who else has them? None of the other big Pharma drug manufacturers have come up with drugs like Gilead has. At least, none have been approved yet. I hear Abbvie has something that's in the works, time will tell.
3242225 tn?1348336521 t feel in the least bit warm and fuzzy towards Gilead. They just want to monopolize the HCV treatment market like they did with AIDs. Monopoly is a very bad thing for patients. If Gilead achieve's a monopoly the company will stop research and improvements as soon as they have something they can sell for a profit. There will be no incentive for them to do better. Expensive research will stop.
Avatar f tn OnCore has begun testing a medicine dubbed TKM-HBV, while ContraVir is banking on a more potent yet less toxic variant of Viread, a Gilead drug used for hepatitis B and HIV. Viread can cause kidney damage and bone loss. An early study of ContraVir’s medicine demonstrated safety and tolerability, which sets it apart from competitors, Sapirstein said. The company announced today that the U.S.
Avatar f tn I caught a blurb on the bottom ticker tape on TV that Gilead had purchased Pharmacist(spelling) and was coming onto the market with 3 new HCV drugs. Anyone know anything about that? Just curious, I'm still und as of 11/3/11. Thanks Gilead.
Avatar m tn Nice! Looks like with the soon to be saturated market of Hep C drugs the focus on Hep B drugs is growing.
1961140 tn?1450738712 If you read the entire article, the amount and variety of drugs soon to be on the market is going to force the average price to this level and below in the next 5 years. There will be so many variations of the NS5A / pan genotypic protease inhibitors, along with even simpler/much shorter duration regimens being developed, that combined with public pressure, will inevitably lead to a price war among all the Big Pharma outfits.
Avatar f tn They have shown a very steady robust growth in their drug pipeline and and what once was a small company has grown tremendously over the years. Gilead has expertise in antivirals based on its history developing HIV drugs and has already moved into the Hepatitis B ad C worlds. This move to acquire Pharmasset could make then the dominant player in the treatment of hepatitis with the addition of Phamasset's technology and pipeline.
Avatar m tn tenofovir is the oldest drug among hbv drug since we share the same drugs as hiv, it is the most potent and generics are on the market.
Avatar m tn t happen with the HIV epidemic because with HIV you are on the drugs for life. However HCV can be cured, so another way had to be thought up to create an ongoing demand for hepC drugs, and here it is. Rationing + anti-diversion (restriction). The interesting aspect of this is that a government has a public health duty to eradicate an epidemic if the means exist to do so.
Avatar m tn Gilead has been in the news all weekend releasing their data results for all oral Sofosbuvir (phase 3) Hep C and co-infected w/ HIV. Also released GT3's data Hep C. Also Phase 2 results of Sofosbuvir before and after transplant. If you go to and then go to press releases you can read all of the information. One thing extremely interesting about this company is that on 10-29-13 they released their earnings for the quarter. Analysts expected .
Avatar m tn Do people buy Harvoni on the private market rather than pay out HUGE money to big pharma?