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Avatar f tn I am 26 and pregnant with my first. I didnt even get married until I was 26 and got pregnant 3 months after. To be honest I never went to college because there was nothing else I wanted to do but be a mom. But I waited until I found the right guy. Not saying at all that you didnt. My parents met when they were 5 got married when they were 19 and had a baby 4 months later and have been married 33 years now. If you are planning to get married do it first.
Avatar f tn Well, this is a place to be supportive, if you can't be supportive, maybe you shouldn't be on here. She's young yes, but she's pregnant already so it's just time for support. Not negativity.
Avatar f tn Why in the world would you want to be pregnant and have a baby at 16?!?! You are way too young for this. A baby is a HUGE responsibilty even for adults with jobs and homes and money. Do not bring a child into this world that you are too young to properly care for, PLEASE!
8075190 tn?1401039075 Does your family and the baby's father know you're pregnant? You are so very young and people are going to judge, there's no getting around that. I'm sure people are worried and wondering how you will take care of this baby because you are so young. It's going to be the hardest thing you've ever done, or will ever do. I would recommend that you have plans in place. Stay in school no matter what. Plan to go to college. Be the best mother possible to your son.
Avatar n tn Then you need to decide if you will carry the child. I am personally pro-life but I was young, single and pregnant once too so I have compassion for anyone in your situation. If you are going to have this baby, can you raise it? Will you have the financial means and the family support to do so? If you are unsure, investigate adoption, in fact you should really investigate all your options. I am sure you are scared, embarrassed and confused.
Avatar f tn Im 17 and pregnant my doc. Is amazing and supports me and gives me great prob. Wont be the 1st time the doc sees a young pregnancy...
Avatar f tn Babies are a huge blessing Even If They seem to be an obstacle Sometimes For example being So young and being pregnant It will be very difficult For You and not feel like It's a blessing All of The time But in The end You will see how much It really Is. I was 16 with my first born and my gosh let me Just Tell u That girl changed my life tremendously and I learned about a love That I Never believed was possible to hold in my heart.
Avatar n tn One thing that really bugs me is that teenagers think that they can do all this sexual activities, and they don't think about the future and what can come of haveing sex. They end up getting pregnant, and then they can't experience everything. What bothers me is teenagers having kids when a grown women who wants to have children can't.
626749 tn?1256519302 I have not yet discussed with her the 6 month after Riba waiting period for getting pregnant. I am just trying to figure this out before talking to her. She trusts me implicitly, and I her. Just don't trust the Doctors 100% that my seed is Not forever Riba mutated. Worried we will have a sick baby. She will probably go with most anything I suggest, so I must try and figure this out correctly.
Avatar n tn She then fell pregnant again (was going to abort), I fell pregnant, our first ended in miscarriage...and then it was even harder for me to hear her talk about abortion after losing mine we had waited to long for!! Thankfully she chose to keep her son.....but trust me..its frustrating and upsetting to say the least....but it will happen! Have faith.
Avatar n tn and also its not 100% and if your using that as your only form of birth control....
Avatar f tn I'm 15 and 28 weeks pregnant, just wondering who else is 15/16 and how far along or have birthing stories
1264341 tn?1290055591 Melissa - why are you getting an HSG done if you clearly can get pregnant? Seems you have no problem getting pregnant - it's staying pregnant that is the issue and being so young, I doubt it's egg quality issues. Did they do an u/s of your uterus at all? Did they test your thyroid? Also - you should get antibodies checked as well... Did you have an c section with your 6 yr old?
9323093 tn?1408784579 Who is 16 and pregnant and how is your pregnancy going how are you doing are u getting help did u move out how are u young mommys? I'm 16 and having a baby girl in October 8 I'm good no symptoms the whole pregnancy and I live with the dad of the baby and my parent are really supportive.
Avatar f tn Some one needs to talk to these children right away!! There is more than just getting pregnant there is STD's too! I hope for that she is not pregnant. That would be the lose of her CHILDHOOD!!!
Avatar f tn I was 15 when I got pregnant with my daughter. I had only been with her father for 5 months when I got pregnant. I had to leave school because I had horrible morning sickness. I'm now 19 and pregnant again. And I'm still with my daughters father.(Now engaged) we've been together since 2010. I'm sure you can make things last :) my daughter is my world and I was young. But I wouldn't think twice if given a redo. She is the greatest part of my life.
Avatar f tn Planning ahead, getting married to someone you can make a peaceful and loving home with, and THEN getting pregnant is better than getting pregnant and seeing how things work out between the two of you before you decide to commit. I'm not trying to be rude. It's just the truth.
Avatar f tn Understandable accidents happen and at least your being responsible and taking care of your self and baby, bravo to you ladies! Im wondering about the others who are purposely getting pregnant at such young ages like 21 and under? Why so early ladies? What's the rush? Btw I'm currently writing a book about this. No names will be used only opinions. I've exhausted my own topic of " Being pregnant with Cancer". Thanx to all that do share .
Avatar n tn I have never taken the pill before, so i dont know quite a lot about it, could you please tell me if there is any chance that i am pregnant? im too young to have a baby and right now i only want to concentrate on my studies. am i supposed to be still taken the pill? or do i stop it? what do i do? do you reckon i could be pregnant? I've been getting really sick lately, with things such as feeling really tired and getting headaches. Any of your comments are much appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am 18 and 38 weeks pregnant getting induced Wednesday, naming her Emery Aranza♡
Avatar f tn I was wondering who else out there is young and pregnant! And what are you going through? I dont have that many friends that are pregnant, so id be nice to talk to those who knew what im going through!
Avatar f tn Gives me hope that my family won't be too disappointed at me. I'm only 19 and I know everyone will give me a headache over getting pregnant. Crying might just be a great way for me to tell everyone lol.
Avatar f tn I know that being a young mom and trying to be "accepted" by older family members is a tough thing... I am 20, 7wks4days pregnant, but will be 21 when I deliver and my family is all way older than I am... The youngest cousins I have are 6 and 10 the rest are in their 40s and didn't have their families or get married until after college...
8075190 tn?1401039075 Im 14 and pregnant. I know that I am young but I have decided to keep the baby because I am totally against abortions & I will take full responsibility for what im doing . YES I have the support of both my parents & my baby daddy's support ( we're in a relationship ) & his parents .I have all the support I need but honestly I just want advice and im REALLLLLYYY scared of giving birth . Any help ?
Avatar f tn Same dad*