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Avatar n tn im currently taking yaz birth control. lately iv been getting real sick and hungry like crazy could it be my pill or something else. im trying to get pregnant but trying to regulate my periods too.
Avatar f tn Yes, it's possible that you could be pregnant. It's always a possibility. Likely? No. You didn't miss any pills, so that means your risk is low. Here's my understanding of fertility, etc. Day 1 (of the typical 28 day cycle) is the day you start your period. Most women ovulate mid cycle, or around day 14. Ovulation means an egg is available to be fertilized if sperm are there to seal the deal.
Avatar f tn She suggested Yaz and gave me some sample packets. When she did my exam she said there was a little blood in my urine and I told her I was suppposed to start my period the next day. She told me to start on Yaz that night since it appeared my period was about to start. Well I started on the Yaz that Tuesday night and I have not gotten my period yet. She suggested I take a pregnancy test, so I bought a home kit and took that and it came back negative.
2059540 tn?1331066896 I don't think Yaz would hinder from you from getting pregnant. You may just need more time to get your period to be regulated. Good luck!
Avatar f tn ) IF you skip the white pills then you have to wait to start the fresh pack (as if you were taking the white pills all along) as far as getting pregnant, we all know there's no 100% guaranteed birth control, so there is a chance...
Avatar f tn There are actually some women who have lawsuits against the manufacturers of Yaz. Getting off Yaz may solve your depression. Actually I just read you have a mild history of depression. You also said you haven't taken any medication for your depression. Okay. I would make an appointment with your family doctor . Is your doctor aware of your mild history of depression? If not, it sounds like it's time to tell your doctor. I have a history of mild depression myself. In my case, it's hereditary.
Avatar f tn I would like to hear your opinions about Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Have you had any side effects? Has this pill been helpful to you? I have dedicated a support group website for women and girls who have previously or currently taking Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Please take a moment to view webiste, YazForum and post your experience while taking this medication. We need to hear your stories to make others aware of this birth control.
1519601 tn?1298479550 c and in and out of the hospital alot back in '07...i stopped taken it in 2008 when i turned up pregnant by my ex then had a misscarriage... but i was also on zoloft and some other med for my stomach issues along with yasminand i gained ALOOTT of weight... not sure which pill to blame... Well i have been off B.C since 2008 and i lost all my weight since i stopped taken all perscribed pills and had the miscarriage. I am scared to go BACK on B.C cause im affraid i will gain all my weight back.
Avatar f tn The weight is going away slowly but surely, and my periods, although slightly irregular, have been better. I'm a bit more moody than before, Yaz always made me feel PMS when I shouldn't have though. Getting off the Yaz was the best thing I could have done!
Avatar n tn I have been pregnant before and I really feel like I am pregnant. It may be too early to tell if I am pregnant, but I am so concerned with the lawsuit against YAZ. Can anybody help me?
Avatar f tn Ive gotten some brown stringy discharge and clotting, but no bright red blood and its definately not a period. Does it sound like I could possibly be pregnant, or is it my body getting used to being off the shot and now on another method of contraception? Please help!
Avatar f tn Normally, they say give the pill 3 months to get into your system and it's about the same thing for getting it out of your system. Can I ask the reason you stopped your bc? You were on Yaz...any chance you suffered from PMDD? That would explain why your moods are really bad. Yaz is meant for those who suffer from PMDD. Just wondering.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking yaz after only 2 months on and had my withdrawal bleed. four weeks after that I had another "period" since then I have been having a period every two weeks... I have never had an irregular was always 28 days before taking the pill...what could be wrong?
Avatar n tn but I had breakthrough bleeding earlier in the month. Could this just be my body getting used to the birth control? or could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Yaz and getting ready to sart my 3rd week of it. It's a lower hormone dose than normal birth control pills. The reason there are only 4 placebo pills is to keep your hormone levels more consistent w/o a big drop like other pills. If you go to you can get additional info from there. Hope that helps!!
Avatar m tn Also my boyfriend and I recently had sex without a condom and I was wondering if I would be at risk of getting pregnant because I swapped pills a week ago? Or would have it just kept protecting me instead of yaz?
Avatar f tn if she's on birth control and taking it correctly, then chances of getting pregnant are slimmer anyway, so there really shouldn't be much of a need to take the morning after pill. But for peace of mind, you can still take it but it's pretty bad for her body - will mess up her cycles etc.
Avatar f tn I`ve been taking Yaz for 2 months and I`ve felt sick with flu like symptons...I`ve been very mean~always hungry/starving,breast swollen..and exhausted.Can Yaz cause all this?I stopped taking them yesterday and hope to feel good again.
Avatar f tn I used to take YAZ a long time ago. Got pregnant and had a miscarriage. If I were you I would stop taking YAZ. It's been all over TV on how bad it is for you. Look it up. YAZ is the worst birth control out there and has done a lot of damage. I switched to the NUVA RIng. No weight gain, no chemicals, stays in for one month. I take mine out during intercourse, but it's still affective for three hours.
Avatar n tn Please help my recently x girl friend took yaz for a month. She had the headaches stomach aches dizziness and many more bad symptoms so she stopped taking it. When she stopped she had a periond than a 2 day break another period a 2 day break and another period. Her next period was 2 or 3 days late now she is 3 days late again with no pms symptoms and she thinks she is pregnant . Is it possible this could just be caused by the birth control ?
Avatar f tn Which is FRUSTRATING for trying to figure ovulation. Prior to getting pregnant I was always normal...and I liked YAZ because it helped with mood swings, acne, and felt almost not myself when I missed a month of pills or started a new pack few weeks later. I have noticed weight gain..and I am sooo glad to see this effects of coming off the pill aren't just happening to me. I am going to try again this month...estimating at a 28-40 day cycle.
Avatar n tn Hey ladies it is Froggies1. I started YAZ well 4 weeks ago and I am on the second white pill and still haven't gotten my period, did anyone ever skip a period while on the pill? Could I be pregnant or is it just my body adjusting to birth control?
Avatar m tn As I have studied that yaz is a birth control pill,does the usage of homeopathic medicine reduces the effectiveness of the pill? Is there any chance of myself getting pregnant?? If not,can i stop taking pills after having my period with no chance of getting pregnency?
Avatar f tn Has any one had any issues getting pregnant after being on Yaz.
178590 tn?1294180367 ok so I've been on yaz for 3 months now and have been getting AF week 3 of my pack well week three I started spotting brown and nothing happend and I have been having killer heartburn again and I tested Monday and BFN well I'm now day 5 of week 4 and still no AF just a little bit of brown spotting and I'm scared to test.....anyone else miss AF or just have brown spotting (like old blood) on BC? And no be prego?
516458 tn?1213652068 Continue your pills as scheduled, because if your not pregnant now, but stop your pills there's a chance you'll get pregnant this next month. K?
Avatar n tn I'm not trying to scare you but there is still a chance of getting pregnant. My sister is on YAZ and she just found out that she is pregnant so it does happen. Just make sure you take it every day and use condoms if you really don't want to become pregnant and get an std. Nothing is ever full proof.