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Avatar n tn I'm 16 weeks with my boy. 14 weeks I was sick day and night. I lost 20 pounds..
Avatar f tn I'm due December 12th with a little boy. We are naming him Korbin Scott. Scott is after my father because my parents never had a boy, only me lol.
Avatar n tn urinating has NOTHING to do with semen and getting someone pregnant. if you have unprotected sex whether you're on b/c or not you can get pregnant. if your period is late take a test.
Avatar f tn I am 37 years old and had a 9 years old boy, a suffered from ectopic pregnancy last april 2006 and find out to have mayoma, if ever i want to get pregnant this year but my husband is scared because of what i had experience, is still safe for me to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn I want to have a boy i have 2 girls from a previous relationship. Just got married in December. I have been trying to concive a baby all this time. Is it possible my hubby is to old to get me prego. Im 32 he is 69. (Please No jokes we love each other). And when hes about to go he seems to get a little shorter. Could that be stopping us?
751565 tn?1233413034 I noticed you were hoping for a doesnt always work out the way we want it, lol. Trust me I have 3 boys and 1 (unknown gender) on the way.
Avatar f tn The odds are exactly the same. It only elevates after 3 in a row. I had 5 in a row before getting pregnant this time, so that combined with now being 40 put me in a high risk catagory. Only 1% of couples will experience 3 or more miscarriages in a row. I say go for it. At 39 your odds are still good. If you have another one, don't wait. Ask for testing to see if they can determine a cause. See a good RE or an OB that specializes in high risk.
Avatar f tn Is it because I'm having a boy but before I got pregnant my legs barely grew hair and now is like I have a man legs . Also lately me belly have been growing alot of hair and I never grew hair on my belly !!! I'm a little upset because I'm starring to get so hairy ! Is anyone else having these problems?
Avatar f tn I had a triple burn and cut tubal ligation 8 years ago and then a year ago I had a reversal and only one tube could be repaired. I now have a little baby boy 5 months. You only need one tube for pregnancy! It is the same with an ovary, I was told it can take longer sometimes as you only ovulate from one side each month! It is not every other month that you O from a side either, you can O from one side for several months then go to another side.
Avatar f tn Okay lady's, I'm a FTM, 19weeks pregnant and found out on Monday that I was having a little boy. The first couple days I was really excited, I mean a little boy! Though now it's kinda hit me, I know really nothing about what a little boy needs. I mean if it was a girl, that be easy because anything pretty would have worked. Though a boy, now that takes a little more thought in my case. Any advice on what I should do to start getting ready for my little man.
Avatar n tn I'm only 20 and I found out about a year and a half ago...I still haven't really dealt with these insecure feelings I have. When I found out I had this I had told my boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend) what was wrong with me..initially he was supportive but then he became increasingly more abusive and reinforced my feelings of worthlessness. I dumped him a year ago but I still can't shake these feelings and I can't have a normal relationship with men now (I've dated a few people)..
Avatar n tn 7 months pregnant with a little boy all the while I am managing my autoimmume thyroiditis/ hypothyroidism and newly married, getting my 6year old ready for first grade etc etc.... I started my pregnancy at a weight of 117lbs and since then in the last 7months I have gained about 16lbs leaving me at 133lbs which I am happy with. I take 150mg of cytomel because of how unactive my thyroid gland is on its own.
Avatar f tn ive got a boy cat, hes about a year and a half old and his mommy (a stray) had him and his 2 brothers in mine & my fiance's apartment. now we did get his front claws removed and had him fixed for temperment reasons right after we found out we were pregnant but my cat is badically like a little kid to me. my family keeps sayin to get rid of him and that hes bad for the baby but we've got him relatively trained.
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone wondering if anyone has had success getting pregnant at 40 after having a Mirena. I had my Mirena (IUD) removed in December and its not August and still have been unsuccessful. I have two children although the youngest is 14. Really hoping to get pregnant. Any advice, please share. Yes, i do realize that at 40 my chances are decreasing with every second.
Avatar f tn suddenly in August, no period! im now out of the blue naturally 13+ weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby boy! long way to go but we're all thrilled. see a fertility doctor to get all the info you can on your odds/ability, but what I think worked for us was.... daily sex just for the pure fun of it. ;) good luck!
Avatar f tn We got pregnant using ovulation sticks. You can get about 40 for $13 on amazon. When the second line is as dark as the first you'll be ovulating in 24-48 hours. Good luck with whatever route you take! I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be.
Avatar n tn s positive thought should help I heard that people with a strong desire can help themselves get better so maybe it works with pregnancy too?
743826 tn?1377895789 She spoke like she was never going to have anymore. Yet, here she is now with a 4 month old. She got lucky though. Their 1st was a girl, second was a boy. So either way they had 1 of each. They had another girl. I do not think having 3 children has been that bad?? She is 1 of those people that posts on facebook ALL the time. She is constantly complaining about how hard it is and how she needs help.
Avatar f tn God will give you the desire of your heart. I prayed for a healthy baby boy and I am 7 months pregnant with a baby boy. I havent had any problems thru out my pregnancy. No morning sickness no nothing.
Avatar n tn 72 I got pregnant immediately. I have read that a TSH between 1 and 3 is the best for getting pregnant, but I have heard of lots of people having healthy pregnancies outside this range. All I know is that 1.72 worked for me!
12476639 tn?1427034291 I was put on iv fluids due to dehydration with her and couldn't eat anything without getting sick. Now I am pregnant with a boy and it's been great besides my veracose veins that I will have to have surgery on after he is born.
Avatar n tn I have been on birth control since I was 13 because of heavy irregular periods and stopped taking them more then a year ago and we still are not pregnant. We would reall like to start a family do you have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I am currently 25 weeks 4 days with a healthy baby boy. Good luck and hope this helps!
7001988 tn?1392138397 I have a 2 yr old girl and expecting a boy. she's so impatient she wants to play with him!
Avatar n tn I do the same thing, and I think a LOT of women do. It really has nothing to do with getting pregnant but is convenient for getting yourself freshened up, so to speak.. So get that BC ASAP. Tell BF that he has to wear a glove if he wants love.. That's a 70's saying I think..Most of all, BE CAREFUL and look after yourself BEFORE you "look after him".
Avatar f tn (No more bc for us any more. We had trouble getting pregnant with our daughter.) You have a very fresh idea of what the newborn stage is like. Take that anD add a new walker cutting teeth. I say as long as you have a good support system and village why not go for it.