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Avatar f tn I agree with Tricia when you hide sex from the it makes it seem like it's a wonderful adventure I'm 19 pregnant with my first but I became sexually active young.
186166 tn?1385262982 below is the link to a sneak peek wedding video that the photographers put on their blog. this is my son davis and his new bride, who were married on september 12th (baby to follow in 3 this was once the face of a crack addict who has turned his life around...4 years clean from crack...wooohooo http://t2photography.
Avatar f tn Ok so I am 21 and 31 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I are living with my grandparents until we can get an apartment. So we had an appointment today to look at an apartment and I couldn't fall asleep last night until 5 am so I asked him to call and reschedule it for 2-3. So I came down stairs and he was playing on my laptop playing stupid freaking video games. So I asked him if he called and he said yeah they said come anytime today. So I checked his phone...
2188958 tn?1346448491 My husband did when we were together, not pregnant, and just dating. He used to play video games a lot, which is fine with me, I don't care at all, but after I got pregnant, we got married, he stopped. A LOT of it now, is he hates seeing kids that are constantly playing video games and not doing anything to occupy themselves physically, and he knows he's not setting a good example for his son, we don't have one gaming system, have very basic phones, and only use the computer and tv.
435139 tn?1255463991 I bought a Denise Austin dvd for pregnant aerobics but I just don't feel like I am getting enough out of it, my legs seem like they are getting really out of shape/untoned...I was doing pilates pre-pregnancy but gave it all up during my first trimester because of all the ab/core moves. I do have a video that is just legs/hips/buns...It does involve some laying on the floor on your back...What do you ladies think? My doctor told me I could exercise. Thanks!
1209036 tn?1299182257 Regardless of how YOU give birth, the end result is going to be AMAZING. I find it easier to focus on what I'm going for (getting to hold my baby) rather than what I go through to get there (labor and delivery) No one ever said childbirth was easy but our bodies are built in such an amazing way in order to handle it. Just read up about the birthing process and the different pain management techniques. You're gonna do great!!
228686 tn?1211558307 For those of you who are convinced waterboarding isn't real; Christopher Hitchens, author, journalist and literary critic agreed to be waterboarded in "controlled circumstances" (ie; he could say "STOP!" when he'd had enough). Watch this video to see the reality of what is a controversial topic; Is waterboarding really torture?
Avatar f tn I know it sounds crazy but we were trying since May of last year I ended up getting pregnant in Sept but it wasnt a good pregnancy so we ended up losing the baby...after the miscarriage I was devestated so I went out and spent loads of money on ovulation test and used them in Oct..Nov...and positive so I thought I was good to go but boy was I wrong...every positive lead me to disappointment when I took a pregnancy test...
Avatar f tn I don't get the whole gaming thing and basically think of video games and x box for children. I would have a hard time seeing my husband as very manly if he sat around playing video games all day and DO expect him to be more productive in life, even his leisure time than that. Like what a mind numbing, brain s ucking thing to spend your free time on all day. So, I understand where you are coming from.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share a great video that i hope all pregnant ladies should watch... specially when ppl ask when im getting induced please watch it its a great way to be informed. Its called Business of being born. In youtube.
Avatar n tn The Babies R Us website has reviews of products (written by average folks) and the swaddlers get reviews like "I couldn't have made it without this" and stuff. So if the problem is that the baby wants to be securely enclosed, this is very likely to help.
Avatar n tn she probably isnt doing anything bad, no offense but shes getting older and she probably is getting to hate you guys its getting to that "YOUR RUINING MY LIFE *slams door*" kinda stage . just bear with her.
Avatar n tn delirium tremens has several potential complications, including vivid hallucinations, psychosis, increased vital signs, cardiac arrest and stroke. i'm forwarding some video links in a pm you can check out to show how bad it can get.
172023 tn?1334675884 I was in a 9 year relationship before that - that relationship produced a planned pregnancy that I lost. I always wanted children but I feared getting pregnant again - I could not suffer another loss and then came Eva 8 years later. I have been working for a non-profit youth serving organization for almost 15 years - I started here part time while in business school and went to full time after business school. I should have been an RN - I am always taking care of people.
151928 tn?1275710937 I believe that I will be getting the shot anyways (weather I am pregnant or not) because 1- I am in the igh risk age group(6months -24 years) and because my son has a Congenital heart defect. I also believe that he will get the shot aswell. I have never from what I believe had a flu shot because I have been scared to get sick from it but I would rather get sick frm the shot then get swine or the regular flu!
1816154 tn?1463433618 My husband and I decided that we are getting our son circumcised after he's born. do you think it would be a good idea if me or my husband is with our son while getting his four skin cut off or should we let the doctor be the only one in there? I have all in order 1 boy 4 girls and now our last is a boy... my son is circumsized, I had him at 17. My mom was with him during the surgical procedure. I'm not sure what to do....
Avatar n tn Is there any stories of somebody getting pregnant not after getting there tubes tied but after getting them cut??? please let me know.
Avatar n tn I am feeling like I am getting no support from my husband and I am getting really frustrated! To make a long story short(er) the reason we can not conceive is because of my husbands sperm morphology. The doctor really suggested that he try to quit chewing and take vit E and C and Fertility Blend for men. He only did this if I handed them to him and he whined about it. He never made any attempt to quit chewing.
467126 tn?1283148458 im a big time runner, i use to run an hour a day to keep fit, now all i do , is stay home, take walks at times, but you know that doesnt do it for me, arms are getting lose, my tights full of cellulite etc...anything i can do while 3 months preggo ? maybe an exercise tape for preggo woman!! ANYONE?
Avatar f tn Well, I'm 20 weeks pregant and everything is going great, just a little emotional. As my husband and I were getting supplies around for teaching at a summer camp I found a folder of old songs he'd written about his ex-wife (some concerning their divorce- wishing she was dead for cheating on him- and others from when they were dating -about how much he loved her, needed her, etc).
8828802 tn?1409761065 We all live together now and we recently found out I am pregnant (not planned). She always says if I got pregnant she would move out, well.... The hard thing is, she has been a terrible roommate. She has her boyfriend over and they will stay up until 3am playing video games and smoking weed in the living room and blasting music and we will wake up to it, we're 25 and have jobs... it seems a little ridiculous to still be doing this every week.
Avatar f tn I'm taking prenatal yoga classes and they are pretty good.
Avatar f tn this is my 3rd cycle and i thought i would of been preggo by now, all my girlfriends are pregnant and im just so depressed im praying to the Lord this is my month, 2007 has been terrible i had a death in the family and becoming pregnant this cycle would make my bf and i very happy, any suggestions plus since the m/c ive been dry thi month i got wetter sorry tmi lol
Avatar f tn i have two pitbulls ones 3 and the other 1 ones kinda hyper (jumps) i know thatll have to stop but what r ur thoughts of pets while pregnant (im not getting rid of my dogs) but i hear some people do....
11515243 tn?1427132631 Did anyone else hear about the woman in Colorado who was 7 months pregnant and responded to a Craigslist add by herself and a woman cut out her baby the baby died and that this woman is being charged with nothing at all. This had me in tears how does this make you ladies feel?
Avatar n tn The doctor prescribed me an antinauseant called diclectin for pregnant women and it also helped a lot. I was getting sick 3 times a day or more in tge beginning. I also find eating small meals frequently helps as having an empty stomach makes the nausea worse.
7566904 tn?1394767578 ( then he asked to feel it later, too bad they are gone baby doesnt work around your schedule. And he complains that i cant go longboarding with him. Uh u got me pregnant so dont ***** about what i cant do! Its like he thinks ill be handicapped the rest of my life because i cant do certain things right now. Sometimes i feel like hes gonna find another girl cuz i cant do stuff and it makes me so mad! Takes 2 to tango (make a baby)!
Avatar f tn I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I am 22 going on 23 years old and my fiance is 25. We've been together for 5 years..we have a house..we have cars. He has a job (I'm working on one) everything should be great.. Right? Not really. This was unplanned, and we are beyond not ready. I'm having a really hard time emotionally. I lost my mom two years ago and my dad..I take care of him more than he takes care of me. I feel like a wreck. I had plans for college..