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Avatar f tn The average i believe is 3 rounds for getting pregnant with Clomid. Unless you are a lucky one. I was I was a 1st round success. I'm not 25 almost 26wks.
Avatar f tn I used clomid, I was also seeing a fertility doctor and previously before the doctor when I used clomid nothing happened. But I also did IUI two cycles before actually getting pregnant. Everything is about timing. You have to know when your ovulating. So it's also a hot or miss situation. Using clomid sounds simple but I don't think its as simple as they make it.
Avatar f tn i fallen pregnant three times using clomid and all pregnancies have been with one bub. goodluck.
Avatar f tn I want it to happen fast, but I'm aware that it may take more time. I've heard of several people getting pregnant almost immediately and then miscarrying. Does Clomid increase this risk or is it just a coincidence?
Avatar f tn I agree with Heather. I think the average is at least 3 cycles of clomid before getting pregnant. You can ask for you husband to get tested as well if that will make you feel better as well. I know that I was refferred to a fertility specialist and I had to have all those tests done before he would prescribe the clomid to me. I would for sure ask for the CD21 progestrone blood test though.
Avatar f tn I believe we are having problems with getting pregnant because I only ovulate 3-4 times a year. Please tell me what you think!!
Avatar n tn Hi I was on Clomid to help me ovulate. I will tell you it worked quickly. I got pregnant right away and had a normal pregnancy. Good luck!!!!!!
635718 tn?1222878244 So this is a long way of telling you that the Clomid did not end up messing up my cycles and chances of getting pregnant naturally. It seems to help a good deal of women get pregnant and who knows it might have played a role in helping me if there was still a residual effect. I did have a bad time of it while on the clomid and did not like taking it all but I know many women have very slight side effects.
891721 tn?1257326369 I'm in the same boat. I am O'ing on my own, but dr is using Clomid for higher egg quality and more of them. DH has a slight morphology problem, so we are also trying to give him more targets :) I've done 2 cycles of Clomid, 1 of Femera, Clomid this cycle and will move onto IUI shortly. Good luck!
1068361 tn?1290631759 Personally, it did not work for me. It actually prevented me from getting pregnant (apparantly this is common in about 20% of us). I was on it to increase progesterone and to help me get a good egg, but never conceived on it. The side effects for me were not horrid, but they were there. Mood swings, tender breasts, basically all the things I experienced in first trimester. It tends to mimic pregnancy symptoms because it does increase progesterone levels. It also lengthened my cycle...
1908725 tn?1331471621 S I was told that after3-6 mths of using clomid its not recommended for further use..without a few mths break in between at least. Also, everyone so far i have talked to that i personally know and mos tof what i have read said there is no link to miscarriages and clomid (or serophene in my case) no more than having a miscarriage without being on anything anyway! Like u say though..everyone is different!
Avatar n tn just when AF comes she makes sure there are NO CYSTS and then I get another round of Clomid. I am on my 2nd cycle. I am hoping to be pregnant this time around. Sorry I couldnt be of more help to you, GOOD LUCK!!! BABY DUST!!!
1434731 tn?1382725984 I was 10 weeks I got pg on 4 th round i took it every night to minimise side effects the worded thing for Nevis sweats at night and I put on a stone and half since taking clomid!! I had a month off an now taking clomid again but not sure if it's worked as I'm on cd35!! Still no bfp! Nit sure if I ovulated on day cd25 I always had 30 day cycle so now don't have clue what's going on!
Avatar n tn Like when I sit down to work on my computer, I feel like my stomach is hanging out all over the place. Also, if you are pregnant or have been pregnant using Clomid and conceived twins or are having twins, what where your symptoms like? I have twins in the family line, so myself conceiving twins is even higher. Thanks.
Avatar f tn And what are the drugs to avoid to compromise getting pregnant. Is folic acid advisable to be taken everyday? My cycle is 30-35 days? how will i know if im fertile or not? many thanks.
1804812 tn?1329681157 I have conceived naturally twice, both times ending in MC. I am considering clomid cd 5-9. What are everyone's thoughts and /or experiences with clomid at age 43. I would love to hear all opinions, as I am not 100% sold on trying it, but feeling like time is slipping away. What should I do???
349463 tn?1333575176 I used clomid after 17 months of ttc, and got pregnant with this baby on Clomid 100 mg. It wasnt easy for me, the clomid really gave me some nasty side effects, but it was worth it!!!!
Avatar f tn I have been on rounds of clomid, never got to work for me but there are lots of women on here that got there BFP using clomid. So don't give up, who knows, it might work for u.
Avatar f tn I think a lot of people have the misconception that you should get pregnant if you're taking clomid but that isn't the case. If you've ovulated on clomid then it has done its job, to help release the eggs. The rest is up to the sperm and egg meeting. Have you tried a preseed or something to help with cervical mucus? Often times the clomid makes the mucus dryer down there which in turn will make the sperm unable to survive the hostile environment.
Avatar f tn Ovulation will be 24-48 hours after you took it and it was positive! Have sex everyday to try get lucky! I recently just had 5 days straight of positive test.
Avatar n tn I wasnt having periods anymore and the doctors told me i was running out of time to get pregnant. It took one round of clomid and I was pregnant. This is rare but somehow it worked for us. My son is now two and a half and we are talking about having the second child God willing. My mother took it almost 30 years ago to get pregnant with me and my brother. It worked very well for her as well. she tried for 11 years with no luck and went to three specialist who said to quit trying.
Avatar f tn Clomid can be helpful in starting ovulation in almost 80% of patients. About 40% to 45% of women who use using Clomid get pregnant within six cycles of use. If after undergoing six cycles pregnancy is not achieved her doctor may advise other alternatives like IVF etc.In PCOD it is important to observe lifestyle changes like weight reduction, exercise etc along with medications. Continue medications for your thyroid problems and hyperprolactinemia.Discuss your concerns with your doctor.
1107844 tn?1261167210 Was looking for others to chat and compare notes with that are currently using or have used provera and clomid to assist with getting pregnant. I just finished my second round of provera two days ago and am currently waiting on AF so I can begin my first round of clomid. I'm getting more and more anxious by the day praying that this will work and bring me the second child I've been waiting so long for.
Avatar m tn Me and my wife are just recently married ( 3 months), and we are having trouble getting pregnant. I'm 52 and she's 43, both have never had any kids. Although my wife has had two abortions, in the past (17 & 22 y.o.) we both had STD's in the past, which were all cured. My sperm analysis is very good, and her ultra sound results were very good too. She's still producing eggs, but we cannot conceive.