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Avatar n tn Yeah, I hear you! I never thought getting pregnant would be this difficult either. Lap is short for laparoscopy, so yes, it's the same thing. Hopefully you'll get pregnant before December, though, so you won't need it...but if you do, it's a pretty simple outpatient surgery. I just had one done three weeks ago. They didn't find anything, but at least I know there's no scar tissue or endometriosis there that prevents me from getting pregnant. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn After about 7 months on ferility meds, I couldn't take it no more. Decided we would quit trying and 4 months later, Im pregnant. After getting pregnant, i was diagnosed with hashimoto's thyoid disease. Which would explain ALL my symtoms and why we had such a hard time ttc. Has anyhone did a thyoid panel on you? I also had all the tests, so I thought, and this is such a simple blood test. Good Luck to you!
Avatar f tn I haven't used birth control for over 10 years, I have one child so this is secondary unexplained infertility. Thanks!
1530658 tn?1299769924 it has been 19 months of TTC, we have had every test possible and everything always comes back perfect. I dont understand why we are not getting pregnant, its so frustrating, and everyone around me is having babies and getting pregnant, some are on their 2nd babies and here we are just still empty handed and no idea what to do next.
Avatar f tn The DH and i have been dx with unexplained INFERTility.. it is a very stressful journey.. but we are here together and understanding our situation.. i am doing my very first IUI this month i am so SYKED .. i hope you relize that you are not alone .. DONT give up .. much bug hugs to you ...
Avatar f tn HI, The cause of irregular periods needs to be determined as this can be the cause why you are not getting pregnant. Irregular periods can be due to - anaemia, unexplained or sudden weight gain or weight loss, hypothyroidism, and polycystic disease of the ovary and stress. You will need to get investigated. An ultrasound scan and hormonal assay may be done. Consult your Doctor. Take care & good luck. The answer is based on information provided.
Avatar f tn Hi, Clomiphene is used as a treatment of infertility which means difficulty in getting pregnant. However it is not a treatment for pregnancy loss which means miscarriage or IUD. For pregnancy loos you need to consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. The responsible factors need to be corrected before attempting another pregnancy. The reasons can be maternal infections and medical problems in the mother or it can be cervical incompetence or chromosomal abnormalities. Consult a Doctor.
Avatar n tn My doctor suggested I make sure nothing was wrong with a infertility specialist. We did and he said he had no idea why were not getting pregnant. Sperm count good, tubes opened up, and it looks like I’m ovulating. He said we had unexplained infertility. I just turned 35 and now I don’t have forever to wait. But the Dr. was really pushing for us to try AI and/or IVF soon. He said that given that we have been trying 1 year, our odds of conceiving are only 2 percent.
385161 tn?1270084818 I know girls who would pay to have unprotected sex without the risk of getting pregnant lol! We should consider ourselves lucky to have the luxury! I think you may just get lucky too!! At least if you don't make a baby you will make love and keep your relationship and "spark' alive!
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed as "unexplained infertility" and have been able to conceive. It took me forever years in between getting pregnant however the past 2 years we've been able to get pregnant 3 times taking about 6 months each time. Each has resulted in m/c however we are sure one day a good egg will be there and one will actually go to term. We both have had multiple test ran and everything has came back as we are both very healthy.
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant for over 3 years. We have tried naturally for over a year, IUI, 2 unsuccessful attempts IVF and a third IVF which was stopped due to ovarian hypstimulation. My very good family friend (a PhD), who has done research in the lab at Tufts (boston) for several years has recently told me he has worked with you previously in Boston. He spoke very highly of you - apparently you two taught a class together.
Avatar n tn My good friend after 8 years of TTC and going through every damn test imagineable was also told she had unexplained infertility. She and DH did one round of IVF and she just went out on maternity leave to have her twin girls. Is IVF an option for you??? It does have a high success rate for most women.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist for consideration of IVF. Sometimes in vitro fertilization can be the right answer for couples with unexplained infertility. Also, prior to IVF a very thorough work up is often undertaken which might reveal some issues that a general work up did not (such as a septum in the uterus, etc). Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Do the anti-thyroid antibodies prevent fertility? Here's my background info. DH and I began TTC in 1996. In 2000 I was official diagnosed with "Unexplained Infertility." In 2004 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Sydrome and began Synthroid. (Antibodies > 70) My Hypothyroid was managed well until 2007 when my Hashimoto's progressed faster than management of it. (Antibodies > 1000 - now getting blood work every 6 weeks and upping dosage until get to right levels).
Avatar n tn This may be associated with infertility and miscarriage. The other antibody is Thyroperoxidase (TPO) - check to see if you were tested for this. There is recent data suggesting treating with levothyroxine (thyroid hormone) even with nomral thyroid function (TSH). This appears to decrease miscarriages but has yet to be proven to improve infertility. Some would suggest starting levothyroxine at this point, although conclusive research is not available.
464790 tn?1255372945 Hello I am 42 years old woman with unexplained infertility , never been pregnant I had all sorts of tests and diagnostic laparoscopy done I have excellent FSH and prolactin had twice insemination and once INVITRO fertilization, but with no luck! I have Hashimoto. My antibodies are very very high it was diagnosed 5 years ago. I am taking my Thyroxin regularly and I have low Ft3.
Avatar n tn Additionally, although we routinely check for thyroid dysfunction when couples are having difficulty getting pregnant, and believe it to be important to treat abnormal thyroid levels, this is only to 'fine tune'. Correcting a truly abnormal TSH with medication will render infertility treatment more effective, but will not in and of itself cure infertility. With TSH levels between 3.1-5.09 I am not sure you need to be treated.
Avatar f tn I dont know what we should do to help with the getting pregnant naturally. Also I hace asked my doctor about this she says its normal but when my husband and I have sex in the morning I have horrible pressure and pain. Not like a uti I know that pain but I can't even move for about an hour.
Avatar n tn I'm 41 and have some similarities. I ttc since I was 17 and never got pg. I had test after test and always "unexplained infertility". I remarried and dh and I talked it over and decided to try. To my shock, I got pg 1st try at 40. It ended in mc at 12wks due to lifting of the placenta from too much strain. Testing showed nothing wrong with the baby. Since then I have had 2 chemical pgs. At least I am getting pg now. If only one will stick again. Did they say why you mc?
Avatar f tn So my husband and I have tried getting pregnant for about a year and recently went to an infertility dr. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012 and thought that was pretty much the reason we haven't conceived, but when my husband got tested he had a low sperm count both times he was tested. So my dr. recommended we try ivf but was wondering is there any way to boost his sperm count, like a different diet or any other remedies? I am going to get a laparoscopy to laser off some of the endo.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! I just have a quick question. Do any of you know if infertility is possibly hereditary? My DH and I have been ttc 2-1/2 yrs with no luck at all. We have both had all the test done and everything comes back normal. So I have what they as "unexplained infertility". Not really what I wanted to hear.
Avatar f tn // Hoping you have a take home baby very soon!
Avatar n tn Hey girls... My DH and I have been ttc for over 2 years.... and nothing.... I have had all the tests done possible and I have what you call it.... "Unexplained Infertility".... and my DH's samples have been excellent.... We have done 7 IUI's and now we are moving to IVF....and we do not know the cause of our infertility.... Oh, why did we even worry about BC in the past???? haha!!!
Avatar f tn We had all the tests done and everything was showing good so it was diagnosed as unexplained infertility. Due to the infertility we started doing IUI (insemination). I got pg the first time but it turned out being ectopic. That is how I lost my right tube. After that I had another IUI but it didn't work. The mature follice was on the side without the tube, so the chances were really low. After that we did another IUI, and I am now 22wks pg.
Avatar f tn My concern and lack of understanding is why the doctor's tell us that my wife should be getting pregnant because nothing is wrong and we're both very health.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had unexplained infertility for 5+ years (I'm 37). My TSH has been tested numerous times & I was always told it was normal, though I only got the actual numbers for the last test, which was 5.29. I was anovulatory last year when we tested & my GYN said I probably have been for years, so we tried Clomid 6mo. with no success. All other fertility tests come back normal (incl.
Avatar m tn My docs have always told me I have "unexplained infertility" not really the answer I needed but in the meantime have been diagnosed as havin AIH and have read that although people do have kids after diagnosis, could the AIH make it difficult, I could take this info to my gynae doc would rather know what it was causing my infertility....
Avatar f tn Hypothyroidism and Infertility Thyroid hypofunction affects ovulation frequency and ocurrence. This is a common cause of female infertility. Symptoms: weakness, exhaustion, poor memory, dry hair, hair loss, sensitivity to cold, skin problems, brittle nails, depression, mood swings, constipation, weight gain or weight loss, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, muscle cramps, joint stiffness.
924293 tn?1260310745 Hang in there - know that if the clomid doesn't work there are always other options. But I REALLY hope it does work for you! Plenty of women on this forum have gotten pregnant on their first couple of tries with clomid! I hope you're one of them! If you have any questions or just need to vent - feel free to send me a message. Lean on us if you need to - that's what we're here for! Keep your chin up and best of luck to you!