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Avatar f tn I am 15 weeks pregnant and I only weight 50 kg (I'm from Belgium so sorry for these measurements). Im 160 cm tall and before pregnancy I was around 48 kg. For the last 2 weeks I've been struggling to get at 50 My dr says he prefers me to be like this than to gain 5 kg a month but I'm still worried. I eat healthy foods, lots of fruits and veggies 3 times a day + extra 2 or more serves of greens etc a day and my vitamins. I don't want to gain lots of weight but I want to be healthy for my baby.
Avatar f tn but i have gained some weight.
Avatar f tn I envy her for that lol. It happens to people its normal.
7601195 tn?1406666944 No idea what your diet is like, obviously, but important things for any person and especially a pregnant woman are: protien (a LOT of protien! Eggs are one of the best things you can eat, good meats, nuts, cheese, yogurt. Be sure to have done protien at every meal and try to throw in a bit at snack time - almonds or a boiled eh or something), good fats are essential (coconut oil in your coffe, good butter, good dairy.
11157192 tn?1430162659 Hi, i am also underweight (46kg) and almost 19 weeks pregnant and even though i myself am underweight my baby is growing at the right rate. Ive been seeing a dietician for 2 years now and during my pregnancy who's suggested various ways of gaining weight such as eating nuts, extra few biscuits with a cuppa, cheese and crackers, milkshakes, full fat milk and generally always nibbling throughout the day between meals.
Avatar f tn Your baby should be fine, its normal to lose weight when youre pregnant, as odd as that sounds. As you get further along, the weight wont be a problem. If it starts concerning your doctor, he'll let you know and yall will come up with some sort of solution. Some people just dont get all that big when theyre expecting. I never gained more then or close to 20 pounds with mine. If you get too concerned as well, talk to your doctor- in pregnancy, there are no stupid questions.
Avatar m tn I too had trouble getting pregnant bit was a difficult 34 month journey for me and involved a miscarriage and then fertility treatment. I must say that when you want a baby you want one mow and every month heck every day that goes by without one is devastating. Most important is to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are overweight or underweight you shoul work on that first as it can cause so many complication in pregnancy and could be the reason you are not getting pregnant.
135864 tn?1221081629 Well I cant lose much more and my appetite is voracious. I get awful cravings constantly and even after I have had a very large meal I can feel hungry. It may be parasites or candida also that is making me eat for two. Im totally not pregnant.
6644197 tn?1386197757 Before getting pregnant i was always areound 100Lbs I'm 5'2" I've always been smaller. My last dr. Apt i was 13 weeks and I was at 104.8Lbs I'm now 19wks and only 106Lbs.. my doctor and sisters are saying i'm underweight, but doc says dont eat for two?? Ladies, should i be trying to slowly add on extra weight or continue to eat normal ane let my body do it its own way? i just dont want to be unhealthy so i dont want to force the extra weight or be underweight!
Avatar f tn hey gals.. Am 15wks pregnant and am underweight. I have been skinny all the while and I really don't have hopes to put on weight during pregnancy. Am really worried about my weight issue.
Avatar f tn Wen I was pregnant with my daughter she was always underweight. She was born at 39 weeks at 6lb 5oz. The doc kept telling me that I am small so my baby will b like me. After birth she kept losing weight for 1 week .now she is 3 year n still under weight but healthy n active. I think as long as the baby is healthy n active weight doesn't matter.
Avatar f tn Wow hahaa funny how things work... So does the doctor have to recommend it for someone to take it? Or if you're just needing to gain weight can you take it? & awww lol you should tell him you are getting fit.. But getting a different "fit" that's good for the baby (: lol.
Avatar f tn In the last 3 weeks, I've gained about 4 lbs (very odd for me as I've always struggled with being underweight), I'm breaking out like crazy all over my face and back, my breasts ache to no end, and the smallest happy or sad moment can reduce me to a bawling infant... Aside from the fact that I'm still getting my period, I have multiple symptoms of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn If your period hasnt come within another week i would make an appointment with your GP to discuss the fact that you are underweight and hopefully he can help you getting to a healthy weight which will be better for you.
Avatar f tn I know it is too early to even tell but i was just wondering. have you ever heard of people getting pregnant while on their periods if they had regular cycles?
3180868 tn?1344525398 I've lost my menstrual cycle it seems. I'm not underweight but I do have undiagnosed "eating issues". Do you need to be underweight to lose your menstrual cycle? I know I'm not pregnant. Just not sure what's going on.
2080675 tn?1334186046 I gain weight while Im pregnant. I have to cause Im about 30 pounds underweight. So I know I need it. But to point it out? Id think a woman would understand how those little comments made a girl feel sometimes. Can't they admire my changing body to themselves?
1481269 tn?1295607360 I was underweight a few weeks ago and im 18 years old. Im also getting sharp pains only about twice a day, not sore, just enough to notice them. Also had a slight cramp in my leg this morning. Is this normal???
Avatar m tn What's the likelihood of getting pregnant when you're a day late on period with iron deficient anemia and possibly being anorexic, and he pulled out? Should I be worried? What should I do? *I know I need to get help for my eating disorders and I am not that already...but right now I'm worried about my period and chances of pregnancy right now!
Avatar m tn My girlfriend who has been told she was close and at risk for a miscarriage, who is 16 weeks pregnant as of now. has bad pelvic pain and cramping for 2 weeks straight, starting at 12 weeks with no bleeding. One day in the 14th week she spots, (wiped herself and saw blood) red blood. Cramps persist. Then she starts bleeding for the next 4 days it goes up and down in intensity. At times light and at times kind of heavy. Cramping persists. Pregnancy symptoms start decreasing.
Avatar f tn Anyway, so the thing is, I could say it all started in 1998 with the coldness, but in 1998 I was underweight (100 lbs). I remained 100 lbs up till 2007. I then started gaining 5 pounds a month, but stabilized at 115 because I switched from drinking nothing but cokes to water at work, and diet drinks at home. Just this one little change seemed to prevent any more weight gain.
467493 tn?1229898839 Ive gained 20 lbs so far and i was underweight when i got pregnant so they wanted me to gain more. Im all belly and a lot of people are like your huge! I cant stand these comments either. but i do know that im big and i can def. feel it! We will all make it through it though. Almost done!!!!
Avatar f tn I am only 9 weeks pregnant and I feel so nauseous. I am losing weight instead of gaining weight. NOTHING sounds good other then salt and vinegar chips (which are obviously Terrible to eat).... any suggestions on what to do to help prevent feeling so nauseous and getting an appetite?
Avatar f tn   Could me being under weight and eating very little be causing this??? Though I wasn't underweight when my period was a month and a half late in the summer, but I was still losing weight.  I've so far lost 30 pounds since June so maybe that's messing up my menstrual cycle???
Avatar f tn The goal is that she is getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D. If she is starting her pregnancy out underweight or anything it would be a really good idea to go up to the 2%, but otherwise the important things are just that she is drinking milk at all and that she takes her prenatal vitamins. Hope that helps!
108334 tn?1253647995 I don't want to cause bedtime issues along with getting rid of the almighty baba. He's been off day time bottles for about 6 months and he didn't really care when we stopped those. Any suggestions?