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Avatar f tn Don't stress about getting pregnant or not it slows down the process cause your expecting to get pregnant. You just have to say eff it it will happen when it happens.
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has any tips on getting pregnant. My and my boyfriend have began trying and were wondering if there was anything that could boost our chances of conceiving? Positions? Foods? Timing? Vitamins or fertility boosting tablets? Also, my fertile window this month (according to my App) was from the 10th - 15th. We had sex on the 9th, 12th, 13th and 15th and basically every day after (we sometimes had sex more than once on these days).
Avatar f tn does anybody have any tips on getting pregnant? and certain positions? putting legs up after sex? certainly foods or drinks to eat or stay away from? vitamins? any tips will definitely help!
Avatar f tn I have been tryin to get pregnant for about 6 months now, so far no luck. Any tips? Which positions are most succesful? Anything? Let me know, thanks.
Avatar n tn Can u give me some tips to get pregnant, and what check ups I should make to make sure that I am okay
Avatar n tn Hi there, You have been unable to conceive in spite of trying for a year. It is suggested that you should seek the opinion of an infertility expert. Infertility can be due to male causes or female causes.PID, blockage of fallopian tube, ovulation dysfunction; hormonal imbalances all can affect fertility. You will need a clinical examination and tests like hormonal assay, basic pelvic scan and thyroid function tests.
Avatar m tn Hi Rayburn! Thyroid issue can definitely cause problems conceiving, but if you're on medication for it, your levels are probably in the normal range and therefore shouldn't be an issue. How long have you been trying? They say it can take a normal, healthy couple up to a year to conceive. If you've been trying for longer than that, it's time to see a specialist. As for IVF (in vitro fertilization), it is usually the last resort.
1595436 tn?1297283946 I disgaree that OPKs are the most accurate way to determine ovulation. These tests detect your LH surge (lutein hormone). If you test in the morning and you don't get a surge until the evening you're going to miss that you even had the surge. I find more women confused and frustrated with them, plus they cost money. But you definitely do need to figure out when you ovulate. You can try the OPKs and see how you like them for yourself.
Avatar n tn HI EVERYONE.. well i'm new to this, i just wanted to get tips on getting pregnant.. my fiance and i have been trying for 6 months and i am beginning to worry..
Avatar n tn I am 30 years old with normal cycle I believe. I had a Tubal Pregnancy last June 27, 2003. That was my very first pregnancy. Now we've been trying again to have a baby but so far it's been 6 months & there's no success yet. In the past, we've been using lubricating jel whenever we make love because I feel so much pain whenever we do it & a lot of times I dont have much cervical fluids. Besides, during the first 1-2 years of our marriage, I always had UTI caused by painful intercourse.
Avatar f tn It can take up to a year for a couple to become pregnant, if u are worried about being pregnant u should call ur doc for a blood test to decide.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second, and I'm just getting so impatient. Everyone says that with your second they will come early and things will develop faster.. but nothing is happening. I just feel like I'm gonna be like this forever. I've been on my birthing ball, drinking the raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, walking sooo much! & I don't feel like baby has dropped yet. He is head down though. Any tips how I can take my mind off it or get baby to drop some more?
773214 tn?1295138669 I was looking through some on-line tips to getting pregnant and I did notice something that I hadn't seen before . . . One tip said not to use deoderant tampons as they can effect your ph balance.