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Avatar f tn I'm 7 week's pregnant now, but I do get a slight temperature, especilly st night anyone, having the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was wondering what the normal body temperature for 5 weeks pregnant is? I have been checking since I found out So about a week. My temperatures are from 98.6 - 99.4 Is this normal? Also does it stay elevated throughout the pregnancy? Or which month's are higher then usual?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have elevated temperature since getting pregnant? I am 5 weeks and the past few days it has been 98.9- 99.4 when I wake up. Our bedroom has been a little warm b/c we dont' have the air turned up high. I am very congested too but have allergies and stopped taking my medicine when we started ttc. Would rhinitis during pregnancy start this early - I know someone who was congested her whole pregnancy..anyone else have slighlty higher temperature?
Avatar f tn Ok. So you are right that you should get about 5 hours a night at least for an accurate reading. Ideally you should sleep for 3 of those hours in a row before taking a temp however I have temped for 6 years now (to avoid or achieve pregnancy) and I almost always get up around 5 or 6 am and then temp at 8:30 am. The big thing is not to eat, drink, or exercise prior to temping. So bottom line is NO.
Avatar n tn I have been charting my temperature for a while now.. had a .5 degrees increase after ovulation..then a slight drop.. only .1 degrees.. then this morning I woke up an hour earlier than usual and took my temperature.. it was down .2 degrees to 98.1.. I felt hot, so I kicked off the covers and went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up again and took my temperature and it was down .4 more degrees! Should I be concerned? Or was it just because I kicked off the covers for that hour?
1299678 tn?1327319557 So went to an out of hours doctor's today, I'd taken paracetamol which had taken my temperature down, I felt fine temp wise, and it obviously didn't come up as a temperature when he took it. I was diagnosed with tonsillitis which I have been prescribed penicillin for, however I've taken paracetamol too (Doc said this was fine) and Im still burning up, Im boiling to the touch,is there anything else I can do to bring my temperature down asmy Doc said this could harm the baby.
Avatar f tn Not that anything is wrong but they are more into getting women pregnant whereas an OBGYN is more into helping a woman throughout her pregnancy. I prefer the CM (cervical mucous) test for determining ovulation. It's free and it's a lot less stressful than BBT. Plus, the guesswork is minimal unless you have a problem going on that you're not aware of (then your body tends to react differently than someone who does not have a fertility problem). Finally you can use OPKs as well.
Avatar n tn Is there a real disorder that has to do with regulating your body temperature? It seems as though in the winter I get a lot colder then everyone else, and I have a hard time getting warm once i get cold. In the summer if it is very hot and humid i tend to sweat a lot more then other people, and cant cool down as quickly. I do have a history of dehydration. While pregnant I went into pre labor due to this fact.
Avatar n tn it charts her temperature which has to do with ovulation. Temperature taken every morning before getting out of bed at teh same time can predict when a woman ovulates. Its just another tool to use when trying to conceive during ovulation. There is a great book too if you and your wife are is talked about alot in these forums.... "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". I hear its wonderful. I have never personally read it myself..but it may not hurt to look into it.
Avatar f tn And what are the drugs to avoid to compromise getting pregnant. Is folic acid advisable to be taken everyday? My cycle is 30-35 days? how will i know if im fertile or not? many thanks.
Avatar f tn Well I heard diahrea was also a sign and just out of the blue I got it, I went one and feel fine now
Avatar f tn Yes its totally normal to be nervous I still get nervous about getting pregnant and I am pregnant!!! Hahaha!
Avatar m tn my blood pressure now is 90/56 at 9 weeks not pregnant its 120/65, and my temp has been around 99.6-100.0 during its completely natural....actually that was one of the signs that I was pregnant was I started getting really cold during the day..I previously had a miscarriage and I remembered that symptom.
1472764 tn?1287591786 Drainage, sore throat, etc. Although I feel fine sinus wise, this fever is really getting me down and I don't know what to do. Tylenol doesn't touch it. I'm 13 weeks and this higher temp is really scaring me. I'm normally 97.7. I'm also suffering from insomnia. Any suggestions on how to get some sleep?
Avatar f tn ok, so i know when more or less i should be ovulating, i read on the internet i should take my temperature early in the morning before i get up and that might help me with my ovulation date. What i do not know is with how much wil my temperature rise?
Avatar f tn Temperature increases at ovulation (or is it a day before???). Get a chart from the internet or your obgyn/RE. Once you know when your periods occur and how long your periods last, you'll know your cycle day count. For example, my period starts every 29 day (maybe a 30-day cycle from time to time). After I got into the pattern of knowing my cycles, I decided to start seeing when I ovulate. What I'm saying is, BBT is useful for finding out when you O, not when you'll start your period.
Avatar n tn This time we are trying the expensive fertility monitor. Twice I have thought I was pregnant, but then ended up getting my period a few days late. Could someone please explain the luteal phase to me and how you determine if yours is short? So if it is short, then you need more progesterone? I read about progesterone cream, but don't know where to buy it or when to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think I need to switch doctors because she hasn't returned my calls ...
Avatar n tn Is it normal for your basal temperature to decrease after you go jogging? It seems like it would be the opposite. My vaginal temps did go up 1.5 degrees, but orally, my temperature went down. It has happened after mowing the lawn too. It seems to go down the moment I get out of bed as well. Why does this happen?
Avatar n tn I'm usually 30 days, so I'm not too worried yet about being pg. The thing is the last 5 days I've been charting my basal temperature, and also my breasts have become very sore and also enlarged. I'm nearly 21 years old and my b/f and i have been using VCF. I read on the internet recently that it is only 75-95% accurate. That is a bit frightening. Anyways, my temperatures were charted for one week. They were 97.7, 95.3, 97.7, 96.0, 96.7, then suddenly 98.6, 98.7.
97615 tn?1212682189 I had a temperature drop on my 7dpo. it went from 98.4 to 98. i have no pregnancy symptoms. does the drop in temp signify i will get af?
147929 tn?1294855322 I also heard that it is best to take your temps in the morning b4 even getting out of the bed around the same time every morning. Good luck to you and BABY DUST TO ALL!!!
Avatar n tn What kind of thermometer are you using, the more sensitive the better. No, you would not have ovulated if your temperature did not rise at all. This would be considered an annovulatory cycle, and if your cycle is irregular, then you wouldn't ovulate on cycle day 12-14. If your cycle is 42 days long, then it would be more likely to happen on cycle day 21 or later, but that's my guess. That's the thing about BBT, it is used to make sure you did ovulate.
1289552 tn?1272075279 It realy depends on when you ovulate. I got pregnant within a couple days to a week after my period, I gues thats when Im most fertile. Figure out when you ovulate (If your trying to get pregnant) the chances that you could be pregnant now are probably pretty high. Just gatta wait it out and see if you miss your next period.
Avatar f tn the only thing that will prevent you from not getting pregnant is to NOT have sex. i'm not trying to sound rude, it's the facts. lol.
Avatar m tn The withdrawl method only has a success rate of about 50%