Getting pregnant right after miscarriage

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1509498 tn?1332876536 Scottish researchers looked at data for nearly 31,000 women who became pregnant after an initial miscarriage. Compared to women who conceived 6 to 12 months after their miscarriage, those who became pregnant again within 6 months were 34% less likely to miscarry a second time. They were also less likely to have an ectopic pregnancy, a cesarean or preterm delivery, or a low-birth-weight infant.
Avatar n tn I've read MULTIPLE stories recently of women getting pregnant within a few weeks after a miscarriage and going on to having extremely healthy pregnancies and babies. Could I really be ovulating and should I be on the lookout for a pregnancy? (I'm EXTREMELY fertile, btw).. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn First of all I wish you all the best of luck on getting pregnat again after miscarriage. After my first miscarriage I got pregnant right away. I had one period then boom positive pregnacy test. I had a healthy little girl so don't give up! it can happen right away.! My doctor at the time had suggested we wait at least 3 months but I am proof that you can carry full term soon after a miscarriage. I have since then miscarried 2 more times and feel blessed that I have my daughter.
435985 tn?1249071508 (So, I never got a period after the miscarriage) I feel like my body healed and recovered quickly from the miscarriage because it was so early in the pregnancy, but I'm sort of holding in my excitement until I feel like my chances of miscarrying are low. What was your experience like getting pregnant right after a miscarriage? Every twinge or cramp makes me wonder if something bad will happen. What are the chances of having two miscarriages back to back?
Avatar n tn I am really worried and depressed as I have heard from every one that they got pregnant right after miscarrige. I had gyn exam and they said all is normal.
Avatar f tn How would I know how far gone I am if I got pregnant straight after a miscarriage. Miscarried Oct 26th and pregnant again 4 weeks later. Don't know if the doctors will still work out my due date from that? 1st midwife appt 2mr so not sure what to expect?? Am just so worried about things.
Avatar n tn There are many success stories and I personally know someone who had a healthy baby boy after getting pregnant two weeks after her MC. Good luck to you and lots and lots of sticky babydust. I hope you get a BFP.
Avatar f tn It's also depressing when everyone is pregnant around you and you wonder why, did I have to be the one to have a miscarriage. Is it possible that I can get pregnant right away after a miscarriage? I hear about it all the time but I dont really know if it's true or not?
Avatar f tn ok heres my questoion hopefully someone out there can answer it....anyone out there that have had a d&c and gotten pregnant right after like right after and had a successful pregnancy??
Avatar n tn Has anyone gotten pregnant immediately after a miscarriage (not waiting for at least one period) and had a successful pregnancy?Even though doctors recommend waiting for at least one period before trying again, I wondered whether anyone has had a successful pregnancy without waiting. Thanks.
1900942 tn?1462425060 Yes it is possible to get pregnant after miscarriage very soon after http://****.org/?
Avatar f tn Im sorry for your loss, well ive never personally experienced one, but my friend has and she got pregnant two months later, ive also heard of some people getting pregnant right away because your body is more predisposed to it happening right after one...
Avatar n tn It could be a new pregnancy and actually studies show that getting pregnant right after a miscarriage more often than not does lead to a healthy pregnancy.
590490 tn?1221731155 sweetangel7- yes, I also believe that the Lord gives us the right child at the right time! I had a miscarriage first time we tried but then fell pregnant with our daughter, I'm so grateful, she was worth the wait!! kikicoases78- That must have been hard to wait a full year before falling again!! I feel very blessed to fall so easily! How far along are you both? I'm now 5 weeks...
Avatar n tn I know how scary it can be to be pregnant after a miscarriage. Try to relax and stay positive. Discharge and cramps are very common. If you experience cramping with spotting, then it is a concern. Some women even spot in early pregnancy, and everything turns out fine. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope everything conitunes smoothly for you this time around.
Avatar n tn Sure, it is possible to ovulate 2 weeks after a miscarriage. Some people feel the body is actually more likely to be amenable to getting pregnant right after some kind of event in the uterus (researchers found this out by accident when doing uterine biopsies, and then afterward a whole bunch of the study subjects got pregnant). To be sure of what is going on, go see your gyn and get two blood pregnancy tests two days apart. If the hCG numbers are rising, you can be sure.