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Avatar n tn First off, I am so sorry for your losses. I too have suffered multiple miscarriage (3 in a row), and I know how difficult a time this is. I have also wondered and worried about this issue, and feel like I am in a bit of a catch 22. I am 39 and we are trying for our first child. Although I too want to make sure my body is in the best shape possible, I don't want to wait to get pregnant again as I feel time is against me.
Avatar f tn Give your body time to heal. Trying too soon after can result in another loss. I was unfortunate enough to learn from personal experience.
Avatar n tn Its completely possible to get pregnant a few weeks after miscarriage. It isnt always healthy for your body and the chances of a second miscarriage is higher. I had three miscarriages before a successful pregnancy. Im 5 months along now. I needed to give my body time after the last miscarriage before getting pregnant again and having a better chance of a healthy pregnancy. Take your prenatals, relax and keep us posted! Good luck!
435985 tn?1249071508 (So, I never got a period after the miscarriage) I feel like my body healed and recovered quickly from the miscarriage because it was so early in the pregnancy, but I'm sort of holding in my excitement until I feel like my chances of miscarrying are low. What was your experience like getting pregnant right after a miscarriage? Every twinge or cramp makes me wonder if something bad will happen. What are the chances of having two miscarriages back to back?
Avatar n tn I have an 8 week old daughter right now. She is eveidence that you can get pregnant right after a m/c and then get pregnant again (before even having your period) and go on to have a happy healthy uneventful pregnancy. I had a natural m/c and my doctor did not make me wait to have A/F once my levels hit 0, he said it was safe to start TTC again right away. It worked for me. I got concieved about 2 weeks after my m/c.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is possible to get pregnant right away. Especially if you were that early when you m/c.
Avatar f tn First off I'm sorry for your loss. I personally think getting pregnant after a miscarriage is some closure of the miscarriage. I miscarried on 3/16 and have been actively trying every other day since. Still no period so hopefully were pregnant! Good luck and sending you baby dust!!
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if anyone has expirenced getting pregnant shortly after miscarrying. I am also fairly young, im 18. So im not sure if my chances of concieving again after that miscarriage will be higher, lower or not matter at all. Please post stories or expirences that you ladies have had. Thank you.
Avatar f tn My questions are since I stopped bleeding is it ok to try again before he leaves. My next question is it really possible to get pregnant that quickly after a miscarriage? We really wanted to be pregnant before he deployed and were so excited when it happened.
1011738 tn?1251061422 Can anyone out there give me an idea of how soon it is possible to get pregnant after a d&c for a miscarriage. i know this is early, but I had a d&c last week and am already eager to get started. I do plan to wait for my doctor but right now I guess i'm just looking for someone who has had a d&c and tried to concieve after to tell me their experience. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Hi, To everyone that is scared of trying to be pregnant too soon after a D&C. I too had a m/c in March 2005, had a d&c and got pregnant 2 weeks after, as you can imagined I was extremely worried, even though we were not trying to get pregnant since my Dr. also recomended to wait al least 3 mths. I felt that my body couldn't resist the waitting period, and it didn't. I was pregnant scared... on my first visit to the Dr. I was 6 weeks and I saw the dr.
Avatar f tn It is more than likely your body adjusting and no where near a miscarriage as you would have to pregnant first to miscarriage. All the EC does is prevent the egg from attaching-- if you're already pregnant, then the EC does nothing. It does not cause a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn This may seem cold, but I was wondering what people have heard about getting pregnant right away after a miscarriage....I have heard that when docs recommend waiting a certain number of months, it's so that dating the pregnancy would be easier, but that you are actually MORE fertile the first 3 months after a mc....and I have also read that there seems to be no corrolation between getting pregnant right away and having another mc. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn But I'm worried I have, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I've been on this new BC pill for 4 months that has wreaked havoc with my cycle. Sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. Well I did this time, but it was over a week early, and it was the most painful cycle I've ever had. I have been bleeding for 7 days now, rather steadily. Normally it would've been over 3 days ago, and a whole lot lighter flow.
Avatar f tn thank you so much, I appreciate that, I wasn't aware your more fertile after miscarriage, I have heard a lot of stories of woman getting pregnant rather quickly, I just feel like my hcg is dropping so slowly, so idk when my body will be ready to try again
Avatar f tn also consider if it is round ligament pain from rolling over too quickly or getting up too fast. i have certainly been experiencing that lately. perhaps investing in a pregnancy book will help as a reference when you have concerns also. this site is great but sometimes you may have questions you don't want to wait for answers on, or might be a little shy to ask. in case you are curious about experience, i've had two miscarriages. i spotted for 5 days before any cramps started.
Avatar f tn They both got pregnant within 4 months after the miscarriage and had healthy pregnancies so do not give up hope. My heart breaks for what you're going through and I pray you have people close to you to help you get through this.
1495106 tn?1323351813 Hi Ladies please help im now 6 weeks 2 days pregnant and this morning i started with some bleeding, its just like a period, same colour and as heavy as a period. ive got no pain just period like aching in my lower abdo and lower back as i have had right thru this and my last pregnancy (my boy 41 weeks delivered by c section, 2 and a half years ago). there have been 3 or 4 tiny clots but only about the size of lentils.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for you loss you will eventually get pregancy again hopefully real soon my best friends sister got pregnant 11 years ago and had a m/c and has found out she is pregnant now and has been trying all that time she is 37 now and will be having her first child so good luck.
3118950 tn?1342007598 If you miscarry naturally or with the pill I mentioned, I understand that a woman is actually more prone to get pregnant quickly, after a miscarriage. I hope things resolve for you quickly, so you can get on with your desire to become pregnant again very soon. The very best wishes for you and you'll be in my prayers.
Avatar n tn Me adn my husband started having sex the very next day..
Avatar n tn c because they scrape your uterus and the lining needs to strengthen. There are many women out there who get pregnant right away after a miscarriage. I can't tell you a miscarriage is out of the question but I don't think you will have any problems. As far as the abortion. It is the same procedure as a d&c. It should not have any bearing on weather this pregnancy makes it or not. There are many women out there who had abortions and went on to have successful pregnancies after.
Avatar n tn Well lets get down to business what i want to know is how quickly has anybody tried to get pregnant after a d&c i am finding it so hard to wait. Has anybody got pregnant very soon after, i would like some advice from all you girls out there. Thanks to anybody who answers back, i find this website helped me to deal with my miscarriage especially as there are so many people who have gone through the same experience as me.
Avatar n tn I don't know of any relationship between antibodies and miscarriage per se. There is association between the risk of a miscarriage and autoimmune thyroid disease which is caused by having antibodies, which is the reason to keep TSH between 1 and 2. Studies done suggest the presence or absence of thyroid antibodies does not seem to affect the future risk of miscarriage in this group of patients in some studies.
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