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Avatar n tn Hi, there are many women on this website who have been successful in getting pregnant over 40. I'm hoping some will reach out to you and share their stories. Yes, it is harder but its not impossible. Also there is always a possibility of using donor eggs or embryos, which many women have also used. Best of luck to you!
1222208 tn?1307699761 Trying TTC after miscarriage in January. Anybody over 40 TCC or pregnant naturally???? Am I too old to keep trying??
Avatar f tn ( I'm so done being pregnant !!!
1141709 tn?1329405932 Hey. I am 44 and have had 3 miscarriages after getting pregnant naturally those 3 times in the last 7 months. All my tests for women with recurring miscarriages are good. Has anyone over 40 been successful after IVF with PGD?
Avatar f tn I'm 40 weeks today and hoping for labour!! I'm hoping the full moon helps me too! lol and a thunderstorm today!
898530 tn?1268622382 I'm wanting to try without IVF for the first bit, does anyone have any suggestions on other things they may have found helpful for getting pregnant and having a healthy baby when over 40? Thanks so much. I'm doing this one my own (sperm donor) and it's all pretty new right now.
Avatar f tn I think the dismal things you've read are fairly accurate when you are over 40 and trying to get pregnant. I am basing this on my personal experience. I can get pregnant pretty easily but because my eggs are so "old", I keep miscarrying. NOt to mention the risk for downs syndrome is very high like 1 in 60 for my age. I've gotten pregnant 5 times and each and everyone was a miscarriage...most like because of my age.
Avatar f tn I'm over 40 and am 30 weeks pregnant. Didn't have to do anything besides the quad screening (a blood test) because it came out all just fine, and besides it was a donor egg of a younger donor so I wasn't worried in the first place. I would have done amnio next if it had been called for, but it wasn't.
Avatar n tn The famous women over 43 getting pregnant, particularly with twins, are likely using donor eggs.) At age 44, you really, really have no time to waste trying a variety of approaches suggested by non-physicians, so if you really want a baby, I hope you will move fast and see a specialist! (Sorry to be negative about your chances, but I wish I'd been told how quickly fertility diminishes in one's mid-40s at an earlier point!
Avatar n tn There is a post in the group TTC over 40 titled "Where are all my woman over 40?" and in that post (which is really long) a woman named Sherri90043 (I think - but it is not hard to miss her post...) writes about things that she has done with TTC and that some of it has assisted her in removing her endo... I have learned about a number of natural things that women can do to assist in helping with the medical issues around fertility...
Avatar f tn Did you become pregnant naturally?.
Avatar n tn im going through again next month, hopefully this will work. i know its hard to see people around you getting pregnant. luckilly my insurance covers it.. i wish you all the best & BFP soon... oh i tried 4 IUIs too..
1021834 tn?1379295900 TTC over 40. Open to anyone trying to conceive or who have already conceived after 40. Looking forward to meeting you!
Avatar f tn Am a man of over 40 years trying to impregnate my wife of 6 years marriage.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any advice for me? I am 40 and just found out last week I am pregnant again. My husband and I only have one daughter and she is 9. My husband also has two other daughters 21 and 24. We were pretty much done with the children. The Panic of starting over has passed but I am having complications. My HCG levels are lower than they should be if my last period was February 26. Even though they seem to be going up as they should over the last week an a half.
776961 tn?1236547863 Most of the women on this forum are in their late 30's-40's TTC or currently pregnant. So you have come to the right place for help and support. I'm certain, you will get replies from some that will raise your awareness of the miscarriage rate, and of course all the chromosonal problems that come with being at an advanced maternal's a known fact women over 35 are high risk.
Avatar f tn Lastly you are still 39 and people are getting pregnant well into their 40's. You also conceived which is such a postive thing to take away from this - a lot of people can't do that. So look after yourself emotionally and physically and get back on to it!! best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn The dr said I would be pregnant in six months. Well I got pregnant 3/05 and had a mc on 5/05. Then I tried for another 2 yrs when I got pregnant again 2/07 then had another mc 4/07. They lower my metformin to 500mg per day. Since then I left my fiance and have started a new relationship (9months now). We have been trying for about 7 months. So in the beginning of August I went back to a OBGYN and told them I want to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn You go girl! I'm over 40 and am 15 weeks pregnant with twins using donor eggs. We spent about 4 years trying with my own eggs to no avail. You increase your odds with the younger donor eggs, as older women with older eggs have a higher miscarriage rate. It's the best thing we ever did. Do your homework though...check with the CDC regarding the donor egg facilities. Also, compare donor facility fees and make sure you know if the donor has donated before or if she is a first time donor.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I would like to share with women over 40 that got pregnant with IVF, own eggs or eggs donation. This time it was different, I was really zen and positive like I knew that it would work. One week after the embryo transfer, I could feel my uterus starting to work (felt unusual cramping) and a kind of buzzing in my uterus, like I could feel the blood flow... I am more tired than usual and feel like eating Vietnamese food all the time lol!
1272624 tn?1395437957 May 2010 ivf- 20 follies, 11 fertilized, 3 transferred....bfn froze 7 July 2010 fet only 1 survived...bfn Sept 2010 tubal reversal 4 iui's with gonal-f and ovidrel....7 follies each time...bfn Hsg...tubes open, nice and clear May 2011.....natural ( dr told me no more iui I'm old and the odds of getting pg with iui is the same as natural "don't waste your money. Using my monitor, waiting on O. I just need some hope, anyone out there pregnant at my age?
Avatar f tn My doctor said nothing will start labor some stuff will help speed up labor once it has started. Im just so over being pregnant.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if there are any women who have had a similar experience and have been successful. I don't have trouble geting pregnant since I have gotten pregnant on the first try all three times, but I miscarry at about 6-7 weeks even with progesterone treatment. I start my clomid tomorrow. I can't seem to find any statistics as to the success unless IVF is used. Any comments or website referrals would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel, im 38 weeks and in just a few days im getting induced. I chose this because im done being pregnant and i just want my baby here already. I tried plenty of things as well but nothing worked. They offered to induce me at 39 weeks or i could just wait it out but i said heck no, induce me now! Talk to your dr about getting induced, its pretty much the only fastest way to have your child with you sooner rather than later.