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Avatar n tn hi i've been trying to get pregnant for 5 months now i have no idea what the peoblem is though we have sex every 2 or 3 days i've been married for 6 months now i have bought the ovulation test recently.
Avatar f tn I'm hitting 30 now and i want children and I been trying to get pregnant for awhile now, what are some ways that could help?
Avatar n tn Did anyone have any problems getting pregnant after having a dermoid cyst removed? I am told (right now) that my ovary will be fine.
Avatar f tn But now that my hormones are lower, possible even at zero by now, could I get pregnant right now or would I not be able at all to get pregnant right now? I've been experiencing weird, pregnancy like things. Like going to the bathroom more often, higher sex drive, and food cravings. I ate Mac and cheese with tater tots and pizza sauce all mixed together. Which is not like me. Is it bc of my hormone levels dropping? Or stress?
1110026 tn?1258401834 I honestly think that I want a baby so bad that I am causing myself some how having a hard time getting that way again. Its not like my sex life isn't good. Me and Tom have a great sex life. Better then most couples. I just feel like i am in a rush or on a timer. I am almost 30 and I thought I would already had my baby by now and be this happy go lucky family. I guess I am living in a fairy tale book some place. I just never wanted something so much or so bad before and I can't get it.
Avatar f tn I had my son no problem. Then when we started trying for #2 Baby, no pregnancies for 6yrs. Tried provera & clomid, a couple times even, nothing. When we quit "trying" is when all of a sudden I'm getting pregnant but now I'm miscarrying! Ugh. My best answer is quit "trying" and it'll happen. BUT Did you have any trouble getting prego with your daughter? There are a couple ways Artificial insemination or In Vitro. Best of luck. Never lose Faith.
Avatar f tn Its been out of my system 2 and a half years now. I fell pregnant in march but lost it in May. It can take 12 to 18 months for it to be complety out of your system.
342988 tn?1299785956 I didn't get my first period until June 1st (that's two MONTHS of waiting). I became pregnant in mid-June and now have a beautiful 8-month-old girl (who is actually sleeping in my arms right now... makes it hard to type). Anyway, as you can see, we tried immediately and hit jackpot. Some women have become pregnant BEFORE they even get their first period after a m/c. But the reason your doc wants you to have two cycles is to make sure your body is ready.
1845839 tn?1322194796 I'm trying to get pregnant again, I was pregnant when I was 14 then when I got 8 months my daughter was born premature but when I had her the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck so she died now its hard for me to get pregnant again I've been trying with my fiance` for 8 months now. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Vasectomies are normally very dependable (unless the doctor was a complete fool of course, but your boyfriend would have gotten someone pregnant by now..not just you), and after 7 years, it is not even likely that he suddenly started producing sperm again. If you have the surgery, then you should not have to worry about pregnancy again.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies is there a place I can go to get test done because me and my bf soon to be husband r trying to get pregnant but still nothing and it's been 2Yrs now we'll gonna be in September??????
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear that another low life dirt bag chose to make you decided to get rid or your God-sent angel. I'm not sure it if you can get pregnant right now but yes you can get pregnant again. Your decision MAY cause future problems with future pregnancies but I'm sure you can work through them IF they arie.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure really if your question is asking are you ovulating right now or if you are pregnant right now. Only way you'll know if you are pregnant is to take a test and if you don't know when you ovulate you may want to start tracking it or get an ovulation prediction kit.
Avatar n tn i have had the arm implant on for about 2months, I now want to try and get pregnant, I would be a first time mommy and I'm 19, how long would it take me to get pregnant right after I take it off?
Avatar n tn have you stopped taking the pill? i ovulated again after my second month of being off the pill. it is different for every woman. make a preconception appointment with your doctor. they will help with making a decision on what to do if your cycles are irregular or non existant. i had irregular periods (but would still have them...some cycles were 30 days and some were more like 45).
Avatar f tn No, masterbating will not lower your chances of getting pregnant. If your husband masterbates quite often it will temporarily lower his sperm count. So, you should wait 2-3 days between sex and your husband shouldn't masterbate during that break either. I've also heard when your stressing about getting pregnant it won't happen so, RELAX!!! Most doctors want you to try for a year before you are considered as having a infertility problem. Have you gotten an ovulation calculator??
Avatar f tn It took a little over a year to get it back with my second and third, then a few months before getting pregnant again. As you start nursing less over the next couple months your period should return!
Avatar f tn As far as having a miscarriage in the past, that shouldn't affect you getting pregnant now. I'm not sure if you got pregnant and miscarried with your current fiance', but with your age you should be fine. If it takes you longer than 1 year to conceive then you and your partner should go see a specialist! Relax and good luck!