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Avatar n tn Yes! It's very normal! the two times I got pregnant (wasn't IVF, though), I had menstrual-like cramps on and off before getting a positive pregnancy test. Best of luck to you!
1420160 tn?1282407061 this is my frist ivf and i go for my prgenancy test sunday and i want to no if any of you all had symptoms in the frist 2 weeks and did you get pregnant the frist try of ivf all and i have pcos
Avatar m tn Hi all, after reading few posts I just had to join in.....first ivf ever, 9th day post transfer..still a big unknown.....i'm feeling worried, bit confused, I thought getting that hcg shot would prevent getting aperiod.....feeling crampy had tiny spot today..... tomorrow is cycle day 28.. not sure what to think..
Avatar f tn The stats say that at age 44 that your chance of getting pregnant is 1.6%. Now if you're doing IVF that can be quite costly and as you said you had no tubes, this would be your only recourse. Here's a link...maybe it will help. I know there are those out there that can get pregnant at 45, but they are very few and very far in between.
Avatar n tn i had ivf and on the day they told me to take the test it came up negative .
634390 tn?1286823377 So if you feel any of the signs I felt don't worry there's still hope you can be pregnant and if you don't feel any signs or symptoms, you could still be pregnant, really you can't do much during your 2WW except chat with our good friends in the forum and hope for the best. Good luck to you and baby dust your way!
Avatar f tn I've had it the last 4 months, the only 4 AF's I've had since my son. SO, I figured this was preventing me from getting pregnant as well. BUT, I'm still Spotting red right now and also just got a BFP today. SO, I'll call tomorrow and hopefully they can run some tests.
Avatar f tn Thank you so so so much.... And CONGRATS to you.... you really put my mind at ease... and thanks for the baby dust..
Avatar f tn And I wouldn't be comfortable raising a child with their father in jail. It's not fair to the child. What issues getting pregnant are you having? Donor eggs and sperm are an option. IVF or IUI is another.
1188452 tn?1273093034 Before that time a pregnancy test is not useful. I get lots of questions about how to find out whether someone is pregnant before the HCG is measureable, and as far as I know, there is no way. Difficult as it may be, you are going to have to wait. Good luck!
Avatar f tn why doesn't he think you're getting pregnant? thinking of you and if you have any questions i'm here - ask away. good luck.
586939 tn?1224970805 I had lots of scar tissue due to past surgeries in my pelvic area that was causing infertility. IVF however, solved that problem for me. So, a lap will not hinder ivf success. Good luck looking for a new RE! If you are doing ivf, I would pick a local clinic that has the highest success rate in your area. By law all clinics supposed to report that. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Today is my 12dp 5dt, since the transfered I didnt have any sympton of early pregnancy, and now I afraid of my period about to come. This is my 2nd ivf, bfn for 1st ivf, 8eggs all fertilised, but only one good for transferred, no freezing. This time, same result collected 8eggs, 7fertilised, 1transferred 2snowembies.
1287560 tn?1272220121 I am with a clinic in London and their statistics for twins aren't very high for women over 35 with day 3 embryo transfers (max 2 for under 40 / max 3 for over 40) – I know that you had a day 2 transfer. I just had 2 blastocysts transferred on Sunday and they said that my chances of getting pregnant with one baby or not getting pregnant at all are higher than me having twins. Hope that helps. I wish you the best of luck!
Avatar n tn I just found out today that I am not pregnant after my third ivf cycle. I am 32 and I don't understand what's going on. The first ivf was a mid stem cycle, which means less medicine. I had five eggs retrieved with only one fertilized. It ended up being a 4 cell on the day of the embryo transfer. The second ivf was a full stem and I had 10 eggs retrieved and only five were mature for ICSI. It ended up being only 3 eggs fertilized. I had a 8,6,3 cell for embryo tranfer.
634390 tn?1286823377 I personally prefer the digital as it will tell you clearly pregnant or not pregnant. But also remember if your HPT is negative do not give up as it will only test for levels 25mIU and above. With Beta HCG even if you have 12 or 17 they will consider it positive as long as it is increasing. Good luck again, I will do my 1st u/s on October 7 and you will have your test the next day, so we'll keep each other posted.
Avatar n tn It was a big surprise after 3 yrs in treatment and given 5-10% of getting pregnant with IVF!! Keep us posted! Stacie...1st...happy birthday!! We did not find out the sex. The name thing...still working on it! My ankles are swollen from the heat!! I'm kinda sad the end is near...although the pressure down there is painful at times! Are you planning on breastfeeding? I am and hope it goes well ...I did for my dd for 7 months. Talk real soon...i will try to keep more in touch!
Avatar f tn I really hope they call you with good news. The first ivf I did I only had 1 fertilize out of 5, but that was a min. stim. and we did not do ICSI. The second one I did was a full stim with more medication and only 3 fertilized out of 5 the rest of the eggs that were retrived were not mature enough for ICSI. We did get pregnant, but it was ectopic.
885855 tn?1326214255 I became very bloated afterward ( looked about 6 months pregnant!) and was very uncomfortable. Turns out my ovaries were 4x their size and my abd. was filled with fluid! This was because they overstimulated me but it only lasted about 1 week and we retrieved 21 eggs! If you start feeling like the bloating is getting worse, not better, dont hesitate to call your doctor ASAP! We had 13 fertilize and 2 made it to the blast stage, they are now frozen and waiting for us to schedule our transfer!
Avatar f tn I am have been on the waiting list for quite some time and had a lot of issues with ivf wales due to lost files. I am due my first attempt of IVF a week tomorrow and so nervous as the system has slightly changed now and you have a meeting initially to confirm no change of circumstances, weight is healthy for both of us, no smoking, bloods etc and then if they still say yes i have the appointment a week later to discuss the process and meet the team and then the following week it all begins.
901431 tn?1242069634 For me I would go thru this way again and again because I know that God will bless me with a baby and all of you ladies after all what you are going through each one of us will have her little angel in her arms just be patient and we will be there soon because we are dreaming about that day and night. My husband think I am obsessed about getting pregnant, I told him of course I am and that's normal for me to feel so obsessed to be a mother.
1610692 tn?1298235301 Hi there. Have you looked into IVF? I have my tubes clamped and am currendtly going through IVF at the moment. If you go to your GP he/she can run through your options with you. Good luck!
527559 tn?1219789123 I was wondering if Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) would still work to get me pregnant or if I still have to have my tubes untied first? I am getting married soon and my fiance has no kids of his own and wants at least one really really bad but is ok with it there is absolutely no way of getting pg. So i was just wondering. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn I think any woman who has gone through IVF can relate to what you are feeling right now. It is indeed a scary, nerve-wracking process for sure. I personally can relate to the depression and anxiety related to trying for a long time to get pregnant. It was starting to really take a toll on my marriage.
Avatar n tn I'm getting ready to go through IVF too. If everything goes well, we'll transfer in Feb. I completely share your feeling of worry that it won't work and that we've gone through this extremely tough process with no results. Infertility isn't fun; it's scary! I hope that you find comfort soon, and try to stay positive that you will get your BFP soon! If you ever want to talk, I'm here!