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Avatar n tn I've been married to my wife for a little over 2 years - we are in our mid 20s and have no kids. She has essentially no interest in sex. We have sex maybe once per month at the most and even then she's reluctant. We've been dating forever and since high school she was never been all over me - we didn't do it that much before marriage but then again we didn't spend every night together back then so it wasn't so noticeable.
1483631 tn?1319232246 Take care of your body and if things don't go as planned, look at your options in regards to fertility help from a RE or your GYN.
Avatar n tn Is there anyone that is in their mid 30's and had a hard time getting pregnant? I know many Dr.s give you the "downside" of the age thing. Why is it so tuff if you know WHEN you ovulated and planned everything to the "T" I mean, how difficult can it be? There is a sperm and there is an egg...perfect pregnancy. I'm sorry, just venting. Any advice out there???
Avatar f tn Also, unfortunately, the chances of the embyro being abnormal when a woman is over 40 is fairly dramatically greater than for younger women. So, in reality, you most likely lost your baby because of an abnormality in the chromosomes. Miscarriages are very common in older women. If you are still ovulating, you have a chance for a healthy baby. ( I remember one patient who had her first at 50 and her second at 51). Good luck!
7476354 tn?1391464590 So my question to you is, what made you decide to have a child in your 30's? Was it always your plan to wait to have children or did it just happen that way? Did any of you ladies have children at a young age, then as they got older, decided to start having more children? Thanks in advance for your responses and I do apologize if im not supposed to ask questions in this group due to my age, Just let me know and I will remove my post.
Avatar n tn It is an amazing way to get your baby fix, you would not be solely financially responsible, and you would be able to share your love and affection with a child who needs it. In the event that you find out you are pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS and I wish you the best. If, however, it turns out that you are not, I recommend that you not make a rash decision but instead take your time deciding if you are truly ready.
Avatar n tn I went on to have 2 pregnancies after that in my 20s. I am trying to get pregnant now and I currently am, however, I've been losing them in miscarriages (3 - since November 2006). I'm pregnant again and hopign tis one sticks. I've, however, always had a regular period on a 28-day cycle. It sounds like you might have ovulating issues or hormone issues. Have you gone to see a fertility specialist.? So I don't think your problems is because you have just one ovary.
Avatar f tn If you decide to finally tell your parents your pregnant, be strong about it. Don't cry about it. They will eventually get over the anger that they have.. and if they decide to be apart of your childs life then GREAT! If not, **** it. That's how i see it.
Avatar m tn Your spasm during pregnancy reminds me of the time I was having gall bladder spasms. It was in my early 20s, and I was having these episodes where I would all of a sudden double over with no warning. It happened in the waiting room at the docs office and immediately someone came out and took me back. LOL They did an ultrasound for stones and found nothing. So he called it gall bladder spasms and prescribed an antispasmodic. It worked.
178239 tn?1277409091 I check in a couple times a week here to see what is going on and sometimes I don't feel like I fit in at all so I lay low. I am on Clomid 2nd round and that is all I have done so far. I am waiting to see an RE until after 3rd round. Supposivly I am ovulating, last month my progestrone level was 16.1 and this month 13, that doesn't tell me a whole lot, but I guess something. It gets so tired some waiting for AF to show or waiting on BFP...... Hang in there.
689528 tn?1364139441 Women get help for infertility in their 20s yet its a young enough age but over 38 in the uk you get no help whatsoever.How do you call that fair?Its discrimination really but thats how it is.
Avatar f tn I might be needing one sometime soon too, but Cedars is a good hospital, you might be getting one there too...I hope your situation works out for the best, I can relate on having the contra-indication deal with the well...
Avatar f tn I'd babysit once In awhile, but if you can lay down, You can take 100% of the responsibility from your actions. That includes finding your own place, getting a full-time job, and finishing your education. I'm a tough love type of person. I don't believe in coddling anyone. If my teen gets someone pregnant, or ends up pregnant I think it would take a really long time before I could trust them again. Of course I wouldn't hold it against the innocent child though.
1515784 tn?1387200890 1) In my 20's I didn't worry EVER about getting pregnant. If I wanted it, it was going to happen. If I miscarried it was in the first 6-8 weeks and the next time was going to be a keeper. That's just how it worked-I didn't even give it a second thought. In my 40's I learned that I had a snowball's chance in hell to get pregnant, and if I did- likely I would miscarry or something wouldn't work out- you go from feeling like the wind blows and your pregnant to feeling broken and handicapped.
1317258 tn?1421717225 I thought for the longest time that we'd never have issues getting pregnant, especially being in our early to mid 20s.
Avatar f tn I found myself in the ratified community of 40+ and pregnant and many pple in the forums are mostly in their 20s and 30s. I felt a bit on the extinct side. Am turning 43 in a month's time and baby coming end of may early June. Currently on 29+5 weeks and so far baby seems ok. My worry is I did not have prenatal care. - its a surprise baby- only learnt of him/her at 14+2 weeks.Physically am doing great, better than when I was in my 30s. Its the emotional side that's just terrible.
Avatar f tn It is common for pregnant women to get lots of negative results and still be pregnant. In the meantime, be cautious. Hope all works out the way you want it to!
Avatar f tn We started trying again in July last year and got pregnant in October. I'm currently 28+6. You're younger than I am and with no known fertility problems, you should be able to conceive soon. I used an ovulation kit and it worked.
Avatar f tn It's not my place but again from my personal experience it would be best to wait till you were in your 20s to have a child they are a huge responsibility please really consider the child's needs over what you want because that child is more important and whatever choices you make affect that child for the rest of their life. But yes it is still possible.
Avatar m tn Even though my oldest is only 6 I feel like I'm so much more tired with this one and each one seems to be getting harder. I also love that I lived it up in my 20s and have no regrets and don't feel I missed a thing! I also feel more patient and better able to emotionally provide for my kids. Besides being the worst pregnant woman to walk to face of the earth I wouldn't change a thing about when I had my kids! They will be almost 7, 5, and 2.5 when this bundle of joy comes!
Avatar f tn I started spotting for a couple days before my period starts a few years ago. It was odd to me when this happend because I was in my late 20s and never had it before. I would guess that it is just that. Testing wouldn't be a bad thing though if you are worried. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn I really do not want to get pregnant. I have heard that you can't get pregnant during your periods and it was my 4th day when this happened. But let's say he had it so can i get pregnant in the next 4-5 days (I have also read that you can't get pregnant if you weren't ovulating). Also, I got a blister on my upper lip a couple days after this. I used to get cold sores earlier but this one is taking too long to heal.
Avatar n tn At your age your cycles are still trying to regulate and they probably won't properly until you're into your 20s. Brown discharge is common at the start and end of a period...brown blood is old blood and your body's way of getting rid of what was left from your last period etc. You say you missed your period in January, so it seems that you're pretty irregular anyway, which you would expect at your age.
Avatar f tn The doctor assured me that, when a woman's body knows that she is pregnant, the body will do whatever it can to accommodate for the baby. I don't think your scars had any effect on your delivery nor will have one in April. The big problem we have is monitoring your health, your thyroid, and especially what to do in the event of another episode of Pre-eclampsia. This was the big reason I had to have a C-Section for my last baby at a very early date.
408901 tn?1274690798 how long have you been married? in order to get pregnant you have to have sex. which means he's going to have to go in. it hurts a little bit but only for a second or's not as bad as you think. if you're that scared of it perhaps counseling will help.
Avatar f tn But I also wouldn't put myself into a situation where I am forcing myself to grow up even faster by getting myself pregnant on purpose. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I recently had a miscarriage myself and it's been tough. This forum is for advice and help. People on here give their opinions and experiences for others to learn from. If you talk to any young mom, she can tell you what it's like. I've learned a lot from my older cousins who both got knocked up in high school.
Avatar m tn They tested me for seizures when I was in my early 20s because I would get spacey. They said when I was pregnant my brain shrunk and when it went back to normal size postpartum it was using a damaged area for memory... I was miserable forever and started thinking I was a hypochondriac until I was getting migraines that were making me go blind.MRI AT 37....FINALLY! A diagnosis... And I wasn't crazy.
Avatar f tn I'm the first out of Al my friends to get pregnant. we're all in our early 20s and still like to have fun. today I kinda realized that my friends and even strangers don't take into consideration that i'm pregnant. I'm only 9 Weeks and the only thing that had gotten huge is my boobs..i went to a card game tournament that my boyfriend was in. I was having horrible nausea and only went to support my boyfriend. I made sure not to put my burdens on anyone..
Avatar n tn He treats me good and with respect thats what matters I am 7 weeks pregnant and we are excited and getting prepared to provide for our child. Our parents are fine with it. My parents although mad at me will not press charges I live in Oregon. Do we need to get married for him not to get in trouble or not. Or should I keep him off the birth certificate until I'm 18. I'm sad and do not wish to raise my child alone because my bf gets in trouble.
Avatar n tn The simple fact is that you are not getting pregnant because of your age. I hate to be so blunt, but there it is. Your FSH is elevated, which indicates that menopause is approaching and there are not many eggs remaining in your ovaries. Those that remain have a high likelihood of being abnormal, so it is possible that you ARE conceiving but that the embryos are not developing or implanting. Your best chance for success is with IVF and an egg donor.