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Avatar m tn i am currently 8 weeks pregnant and never had a thyroid problem.during routine blood tests in pregnancy i found out that my tsh is 16.i was referred to an endo who has asked my further blood tests to be done.results awaited.want to know if it could hurt my baby till the treatment actually begins...please help.iam really distressed.
Avatar f tn You should consider putting your thyroidism first before getting pregnant. Recently I have read that taking thyroid meds is safe for pregnant women - but I do not think being actually hypothroid is healthy for you or a baby either. It's hard when you have to change plans especially on starting a family - but you should get better first before thinking of doing that.
1635362 tn?1302044879 I have hypothyroidism as well and am also on levothyroxine. I took it for a very long time and we tried for seven years to get pregnant on our own, without it working. Finally, we gave IVF a try and are now five weeks pregnant! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Why are pregnant women not tested for hypothyroidism early on in pregnancy? Considering the harm it can cause to mother and child, why is it not a standard test?
Avatar n tn Anybody ever experienced hypothyroidism while pregnant. It's my first pregnancy & i'm really worried about my baby. I'm in the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Not sure if I should go outside of Kaiser or maybe I don't need to be treated. I have been having problems getting pregnant along with a list of hyprothyroid symptoms. My main problems are hair loss, infertility, mood swings, headaches, irregular periods and most of all fatigue. I am 36 and my ob has ruled out perimenopause. My THS levels were 6.32 and two days later they were 4.86. Also my THYROPEROXIDASE ANTIBODY was 37, which I was told that was high.
Avatar n tn I have been on cytomel for about a year now and my skin isnt as badly broke out and I am 7months pregnant? anyone heard of such symptoms?
Avatar f tn I would recommend that you get with your doctor and make sure they know you are trying to get pregnant. It can be difficult to conceive when you have hypothyroidism. Your doctor can put you on a pill like Synthroid. This will help your TSH levels and hopefully stop this from interfering with you getting pregnant (if this is what is causing the issue).
Avatar f tn Is she going to be a heavy set woman? Is she always going to have to worry about her weight and getting pregnant? I live in a rural community and I don't know of anyone's child having this problem. I wish I had someone to talk to because I am so worried. I could not find a pediatric support group on the internet, but I am sure there is one. Thanks for your help.
1518372 tn?1291015248 What are the specific and descriptive mental side effects of severe hypothyroidism?
1081864 tn?1257523548 and i am not pregnant!! was always hard for me to get pregnant. each time (2times) i was on a protein diet and became pregrant. now...both my both are having allergy to egg white. coinsed.?
Avatar f tn I spoke with a friend of mine who is a doctor and he advised me that I should speak with my primary care doctor about getting started on some medication. When I was able to speak with my primary care doctor (I go through Kaiser and so you always have to wait to speak with someone) she argued with me. She stated that my level was normal and that since these things take time she wanted to just wait and retest me in 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn Is your doctor suggesting meds? A TSH of 8.4 can indicate hypothyroidism. Until thyroid hormones can be optimized, I'd operate on the theory that all those symptoms are thyroid related.
1026569 tn?1251957979 dont try so hard. Forget all about getting pregnant and it may just happen lol. It worked for me after trying to have my daughter 23 years ago. I went back to work and was pregnant 4 months later.
Avatar f tn As I read stories of many people with hypothyroidism, I was alarmed and saddened by the number of people who literally had trouble convincing their doctors to even test them for hypothyroidism. If I wanted to get tested for hypothyroidism, I would have to orchestrate it. I told the nurse with whom I was scheduling my appointment about my fragmented sleep, said I was interested in sleep aid medication because it was causing me fatigue and forgetfulness.
Avatar f tn Is it safe getting pregnant at age 45 and having hypothyroidism, which with total thyroid removed?
Avatar f tn My sister gas an over active thyroid and she has two children. It shouldn't prevent you getting pregnant.
Avatar m tn Hi, I think the target TSH for pregnancy / getting pregnant is low normal at 1.0 or slightly lower. During pregnancy they should also test FT3 and Ft4, and these should be maintained at high normal. Pregnancy hormones interfere with TSH. My doctor told me they only increase by 0.25 mcg after each test to avoid side effects.... but perhaps with TSH so high they should have increased by a larger amount. I am also concerned about these issues. My TSH is very low (always has been).
Avatar f tn I felt like my thyroid problem was the only reason that was keeping me from getting pregnant, and it seems I was right. I once had a doctor tell me, that it would be really hard to get pregnant while having hypothyroidism, and it seems he was right. One thing to keep in mind can't rush this medicine, nor your recovery. Take it slowly. Your health needs to be #1 on your priority list right now.
Avatar f tn Hi, All the factors like being overweight, hypothyroidism and possible PCOS can cause difficulty in getting pregnant. Hence weight loss which you are already trying will help to a great extent. Also proper treatment of the hypothyroidism will be necessary. A healthy diet, regular exercise and de-stressing will help. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor.
Avatar n tn 7 months pregnant with a little boy all the while I am managing my autoimmume thyroiditis/ hypothyroidism and newly married, getting my 6year old ready for first grade etc etc.... I started my pregnancy at a weight of 117lbs and since then in the last 7months I have gained about 16lbs leaving me at 133lbs which I am happy with. I take 150mg of cytomel because of how unactive my thyroid gland is on its own.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been suffering with hypothyroidism from many days.but i came to know very lately.from past 3 mnths i am taking medication for this:ELTHROXIN-100 MCG from india.i just came to US from india.for the first time my TSH levels are >150, for the second time it is 85 and the recent blood work was on sep 1st in india, then it is 40.sep 4th was my last period first date and know i am pregnant.i am mush worried about my thyroid.can you please suggest me on this.