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Avatar f tn It kills me that on this site all u hear is if ur pregnant tell the dr..dont cold turkey etc.. well i am 8 weeks today and have been to my ob 3 times already and had ultrasound as i am high risk..diabetic and have had 3 miscarriages.. we have 2 babies now... been trying to kick this for so long was clean over 3 year's and it was best part of my life..
Avatar f tn I work overnight shifts FROM 7p-7a 3 days a wk as an CCU RN, so my job and the hours I keep is very stressful. I have never had a problem getting pregnant in the past. Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated since I'm feeling somewhat defeated right now!
Avatar n tn My mood has improved, at least I am not getting so many suicidal thoughts and can talk more. On U/S scan a thyroid nodule was found which is to be biopsied next week with FNA. I also have PCOS and have been bleeding near enough continuously (mostly lightly but 3xepisodes of severe flooding where my EBL was around 1500ml over 5 days) since 2009, although I had a polypectomy 2 weeks ago and since then the bleeding seems to have stopped.
Avatar n tn My mood has improved, at least I am not getting so many suicidal thoughts and can talk more. On U/S scan a thyroid nodule was found which is to be biopsied next week with FNA. I also have PCOS and have been bleeding near enough continuously (mostly lightly but 3xepisodes of severe flooding where my EBL was around 1500ml over 5 days) since 2009, although I had a polypectomy 2 weeks ago and since then the bleeding seems to have stopped.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies whats your opinion on getting hair colored/highlighted during pregnancy. I have heard no problem go ahead but my hairdresser said there are not many studies in reference to dying hair while pregnant and he would say dont do it.
505857 tn?1329685117 Everything is fine as far as my husband goes, but we still haven't been successful. I do have PCOS, but other than that we don't know why we aren't getting pregnant. A LOT of people with PCOS get pregnant, but not us... I actually had a breakdown last night - I was 13 dpo - and I have been spotting and cramping - so I am pretty sure af is coming. I am so tired of this! I see so many people with babies or who are pregnant, and I envy them so much!
1102951 tn?1302376534 Hi everyone, Just wanted to get a sense of what you all think about taking Clomid without a prescription. I know it's generally not a good idea to buy pills/medicine off the internet, and self-monitor, but I am starting to feel very anxious and desperate. I've had blood tests done, everything seems fine. My GP says "just relax", but is all getting to me! (It will be a year of TTC in Sept.) And there is so much contradictory information around: e.g.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for an asthma test tomorrow, although I'm pretty sure it isn't asthma, as I have no problems getting air out and I have no wheezing. It just seems like I can never get enough in. I'm always leaning forward, or bending over and putting my hands on my knees to 'help' get the air in. I have the hunger even sitting at my desk. I am 39 years old and was recently diagnosed with possible Hashimoto's.
Avatar m tn But this could be some lingering Epididymitis - 3) The Lyme's test (although holistically negative) does show me reactive to one bacteria - 41KD (IGG Band)... whatever that them, it was negligible since the LONG list of other bacterias were all non-reactive. So do I have Lymes but it was not on the test because I started Cipro and now I should be on something stronger to ensure it's eradicated?
Avatar n tn I started getting mild hives (mainly on my arms) 2 months after i turned 30. I was going through a lot during that time of my life and i thought they were coming due to stress. A few months passed and the stress went away, but the hives still come. Everyday i wake up i have hives in a new spot on my body. I normally on get them on my arms but now they have spread to my neck and back. Ive been to the doctors and they have checked everything. They say i am fine.
Avatar f tn I had to go to the hospital today, the pain is getting worse and the mass is getting huger every day.. but today I got new painkillers and a nurse gave som skincream they give to kids before they are going to take their blood test so it woundt hurt them. The nurse was just wondering if that could help me, and it did very mutch ! :-) Its just drugging and coolig down the skin but it was a relif today for me. Have anyone else tryed it?
535822 tn?1443980380 I am going to call them later and ask about getting a sample for them and look out for little orange balls ,as she sleeps on my bed I hope I dont find any LOL
Avatar m tn But I only need them in acute situations like now waiting for surgery. After surgery I will not need them. Hopefully getting pregnant will put me in total remission- it does sometimes. If not I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But I will NEVER live on opiates. Living on opiates is not living. If I were you I would tell my doctor that I wanted to see where my pain levels were at without opiates and try holistic means of managing.
Avatar n tn However I did have to stop because I was having gallbladder attacks. I did holistically take the gallstones out by doing the gallbladder flush (olive oil, epsom salts, grapefruit juice). I know it worked because of the Ultra Sound that was taken before and after of my gallbladder. I also have been trying to eat raw food and not alot of meat and chicken. My question is... I really want to do this program but I am afraid of having a gallbladder attack again.
Avatar n tn Without knowing any of my wife's recent history, he said if she had been ill recently then her immune systems would be lower, which raises the chance of getting an infection. If she was also taking any antibiotics as a result, this again raises the chances of getting an infection. And as it happens, my wife was suffering from a bronchial infection, was extremely run down because of it, and was taking antibiotics.
1458891 tn?1285647838 But I would bounce out of bed ready to rock and roll despite being unsuccessful at getting back to sleep. I am not exaggerating when I say that I began to wonder if I hadn't become one of those yogis (I do practice yoga) who had developed superhuman powers and was beginning to dispense with sleep. I felt like superman!
Avatar n tn I was very concerned about birth control after I had my son because I did not want to get pregnant any time soon. I did not at all have any post partum issues it actually seemed that my hormones were even for the first time in my life. My doctor suggested that I have Mirena inserted as it was good for 5 years and I wouldn't have to worry about all of the typical problems that birth control brings.
1560663 tn?1298050127 I have cat who had megacolon. She was a stray that pregnant and showed up outside my apt. I began to feed her and had her fixed after she had the kittens. I only saw her at nite for quite a while but I noticed once or twice she strained when she had to deficate. I didn't think much of it at the time. Well after her surgry I brought her in for recovery and kept her. I took her in six wks later because I saw she was swolen at her anas. It looked terribly painful.
Avatar f tn Every so often it just gives one strong twitch and you can actually see it. Almost like a baby is kicking you while pregnant (I am NOT pregnant). I have Fibromyalgia and I wonder if this is part of it??
Avatar f tn iv had pleurisy for going on 3months now and its where people are getting mad at me for racking up medical bills and they dont believe im sick i dont look sick but i feel it an i think my husband keeps getting everything i get . im also getting car sick real easy and dizzy alot my eyes hurt. i dont know whats going on doctors dont seem to help an i dont have insurance....
Avatar n tn Every little cold or flu, and everything in between. I feel like its always getting a little worse, getting a tighter grip on me each time. Its very hard to have hope in this state. Recently my research has led me to consider XMRV as a possible culprit. Its a retrovirus; a mouse leukemia virus that acts similarly to AIDS in humans.
Avatar n tn and last night i had sex with my bf for the first time in a while and it hurt me but i didnt want to say anything because hes getting angry, and its now a day later and im still quite swollen and i have 2 tears near my vaginal opening between that and my anus.. its really tender and stings.. and afterwards i have sex it burns Any ideas whats worng?? i am sick of not being able to have sex like i used to and enjoy it! i have never had a papsmear and my partner doesnt wear a condom..
Avatar n tn You are very strong for coming on here, and I think you are a great person for admitting to all of us(whether or not we are the right forum or not) that you need help, Good for you! -And shame on you others, its really getting pitiful now! Who are you to say whether or not YOU are in more agony than someone else? I do believe that SOME of you need anger management NOT an addiction forum either!
948349 tn?1294383837 It's been several weeks since we started this and my son is really getting clear. He is taking two probiotic pills (Kyodophilis), a 250mg magnesium, a 50mg zinc, 2000IU vitamin D3, a borage oil, a Trader Joes high potency "B" vitamin once a day with breakfast. I ask him if he gets headaches from this and he says he is good. We have bought grass fed ground beef to make burritos, spaghetti, etc. with a couple times a week.
Avatar f tn If your pet is being treated with chemotherapy, it is important that you follow the following safety precautions to minimize your exposure to cytotoxic drugs. Women that are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, should avoid contact with patients receiving chemotherapy treatment. This also includes nursing mothers. Adverse effects attributed to chemotherapy agents are uncommon, but possible.
Avatar f tn It doesn't matter if my stomach is empty or I have eaten. Symptoms are the same and I am getting very little if any relief from the meds. Is there anything that can help or am I in trouble? I am very worried. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or eat spicy foods and always maintained a very healthy life style. I am mainly a vegan and exercise every day. I would so appreciate any advice. Thank you!
Avatar n tn We've been trying to become pregnant for our 2nd so I'm really BUGGED by this constant new fishy odor - I KNOW it can hinder getting pregnant or encourage miscarrying. I'm so glad I found that it's probably HIS problem finally - ha ha... that it's his pH that could be throwing me off. So, I take acidophilus pills daily - but it doesn't seem to help. I think I'm ready to try the sugar free yogurt tampon idea. How long do I leave it in? And also, what about the peroxide ******...