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Avatar n tn I am 35,I noticed I had erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for the first time over 10 years ago. It is still almost impossible to have a hard one that can last. Firstly, I was told by doctors then it was probably pschological. It continued and I was given priscription drugs(sildenafil up to 100mg) which worked temporarily and in a lot of instances unsatisfactorily. I have had a partner for 8 years that has been on & off.
Avatar f tn Hello, I recently got engaged and the wonderful man I am with has been unable to have sex because of an erectile dysfunction(keep on mind he is only 19) . We've been together for a long while. He says that he really wants to have sex but whenever we get down to almost doing the dirty deed, he goes soft. We do have foreplay and he stays hard when I give him oral. As soon as I ask him to put it in he tries but I can feel him go completely soft.
Avatar f tn I think if my husband had ever had to give a sample, he would have a difficult time. He would probably have issues with erectile dysfunction...something he never has issues with!
Avatar f tn mommasbaby - I don't know who initiated the idea of anal sex in your relationship that you posted about earlier. But a man who wants that and doesn't want other kinds of sex and doesn't like women's bodies seems like it's likely he's covering for being gay and wants to live a mainstream lifestyle.
Avatar f tn I know your situation is tough but have you considered that perhaps he has a problem. Erectile dysfunction is a possibility. Maybe you should try to sit him down and have a serious conversation. Try not to put him down or make him feel bad about it but if you voice your concerns, he may be willing to see a dr. There might be a easy fix with medication, leading to a much happier life for both of you.
Avatar f tn fear of getting partner pregnant, fear of not being able to perform properly.
148588 tn?1465782409 Make at least two office visits to a doctor. Swear on the Bible that they are married and will use the drug only when having sex with their current wives. Present signed proof of permission from their wives. "We do not want government involved in personal, private medical matters," Marzian told NBC station WAVE of Louisville on Sunday. "Do you want the Kentucky Legislature and the governor, Matt Bevin, sitting in the exam room with you and your physician?" Marzian asked.
Avatar n tn I have been on Zestoretic for about 1 year now and I was wondering if the medication can have any effect on male fertility? We had no problem getting pregnant with our first and have not been able to conceive in the last year. It isn't on my wife's side..she has been checked out and someone said the antihypertensives can cause problems. Thank you for you time.
Avatar m tn We are trying for our second and he has also lately been going soft and will see the doctor about erectile dysfunction. He too doesn't want to talk about it. And I too feel like it could be my fault. Maybe I put too much pressure on him. I don't blame my looks because although I am not stunning like before, I have maintained myself fairly well. . .
285896 tn?1237214827 We bought the ovulation kit waited for it to peak and got pregnant on the 1st try. After the 1st OB apptmnt doc told hubby that sex is ok as long as there are no complications. We got pregnant Sept 24th 2007 (remember it like it was yesterday). Both of our bdays are n Oct. we made love then....after that things STOPPED. Not slowed down, but stopped. He was so worried about the pregnancy that I just gave up and went the rest of the 8mnths cold turkey.
Avatar f tn So I think I get nervous thinking about my girlfriend getting pregnant ao I go soft. So how can I fix this. I get hard during foreplay and everything just go soft when I'm goin to penetrate.
Avatar f tn Hi there, If your partner is able to maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse, you may be able to get pregnant. Erectile dysfunction isn't necessarily related to problems with your reproductive system. This condition doesn’t mean that you do not have healthy sperm that are necessary for conception. That means that if you're able to have sex even once, you may still get pregnant.
Avatar n tn He needs a urologist who specializes in erectile dysfunction. I've worked for urologists, and they tend to specialize within their specialty, so if you call one urology practice and ask if any of their doctors specialize in ED, the staff that answers the phone should be able to tell you which MD to see, even if it's not one in their practice.
Avatar f tn // As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down? If you can get your husband to watch the ED presentation, it may wake him up.
Avatar f tn I was told if you are having sex (with ejaculation inside the vagina) 50% of healthy couples will conceive within 6 months of trying. Is there a physical reason he can't ejaculate inside you? (Erectile dysfunction) if so then discuss fertility aids like iui (or a home kit "Turkey baster" type thing). If your partner doesn't want a child you need to sort out some contraception and stop tricking him.
Avatar f tn What kind of sexual dysfunction did the medical journal mention? (erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation or something similar?).
4059376 tn?1349411655 Hello, I am having alot of problems getting pregnant. Now this may get very graphic but there is no other way to expain what my situation is. My husband is i a wheelchair, and has been since he was 21. He is now 38. He does have an erectile dysfunction, from loss of blood flow, but he does ejactulate when he soft. So, he more or less puts it in me with his fingers holding it in me, and he ejaculates. He does ***, and his *** is so thick it doesn't come out of me at all.
1964358 tn?1326567759 On December 7th I was getting off the bus after a long day at work and blood poured down my legs. I walked home, went upstairs to the bathroom and as I went to wipe, found what felt like a baby's head protruding outside of my vaginal wall. Needless to say I kinda freaked out. I kept touching it but had no idea what it was... I couldn't feel anything! Like I would pinch it and move it around, but nothing. I wasn't in pain at all... I had no clue what was going on.
Avatar n tn Other methods include using penis stretchers or extenders or getting surgery done.Rest the erectile dysfunction that you are having seems to be psychological in nature.
221025 tn?1332558946 ) moving - by the end of the day, its very uncomfortable and seems to radiate into my back - my tailbone area just feels like something is out of joint and rubbing - I've tried to read a little about it - some sites say its normal - others tell you that if you aren't careful you can problems forever and ever leading to erectile dysfunction (lol - kidding) and everything else under the sun. So question is - how much of this is normal and any suggestions for pain relief?
Avatar m tn Because it is a long story, i will state my 2 main concerns, in order for you not to get lost. Erectile dysfunction and gonorhea. I will start from the begining. I started masturbating at the age of 13, even before I reached puberty at the age of 15. And when i reached it, i continued to do so, but due to ignorence, i used to block the semen from coming out of my penis during orgasm.
1019477 tn?1315855625 I was not willing to put him through that since there were no guarantees that it will work and there are reprecussions later on such as erectile dysfunction. We were finally referred to a fertility specialist who told us that the surgery does not really improve morphology which is what varicoceles affect. We were so glad we didn't do it. Our fertility specialist encouraged us to pursue IUI (intrauterine insemination) to assist the sperm in getting where they need to be.
Avatar n tn Now, we are seeing a therapist for intimacy issues, basically sex trouble. There's some erectile dysfunction (ED) going on, but I think its mostly my issue: I am terrified of accidentally getting pregnant. During sex I can only focus on how gross this is and pray that the birth control is working. Early on we used a condom even with me on birth control because I couldn't handle any ejaculate inside me. Now because of ED we don't use a condom.
Avatar m tn Hello I am a 21 year old man. I had erectile dysfunction and terribly low libido for 5 years. (no more morning erections :(, half-solid erections) I recently decided to go to a urologist to check what is wrong. He ordered testosterone and prolactin dosing. Results: Prolactin 21.67ng/mL (normal<18 in men) but shouldn't it be around 8 at my age? Total Testosterone: 521 (normal between 100something-1000something) but shouldn't it be around 670-700 at my age?
Avatar n tn It's a similar pathway in the body to the Nitric oxide pathway, and has similar effects to having taken Cialis (erectile dysfunction medication). Just make sure to stay away from birth control medicine that has only estrogen in it (instead of both estrogen and progestin like most oral birth controls), since it will significantly increase your probability of getting breast cancer.
Avatar n tn He did confess to me after we moved in together, that when he use to come visit me on weekend, he took viagra on his way down before getting to my house. I was pretty upset when I heard this, I kind of felt deceived. He still does occasionally take a blue pill, sometime it works, most time it doesnt. We got a dog a few months ago. I feel he cares more about this dogs feelings then mine. I watch him pet her for hours, and he doesnt even touch me.
179856 tn?1333550962 During five years of the study, they were 10 times more likely to catch a sexually transmitted disease than their thinner counterparts and more than twice as likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction. To get their results, experts interviewed nearly 10,000 French men and women aged 18 to 69 about their sexual experiences and analyzed the results based on their Body Mass Index (BMI). People with a BMI of 18-24 are considered to have a healthy weight.
Avatar dr m tn Other medical conditions include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and obesity, seizures, migraines, and even preeclampsia, which is a condition where pregnant women get high blood pressure at dangerous levels. All of these conditions have been associated with sleep apnea and to various degrees, respond to treatment. So how do you diagnose sleep apnea?
Avatar m tn I myself currently suffer from Urination issues, back pain, Penis discomfort after Ejaculation, Erectile discomfort and Dysfunction. Plus yay me a sexy ***** last year gave me Genital Warts and then stopped talking to me after a weekend at my place with none stop ******* and hanging out, right after I took her back to her home city.