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Avatar f tn No matter what I do, I have always gained easy. It makes me nervous that I'm going to gain a lot in pregnancy! I've already gained 5 pounds by 13 weeks.
342988 tn?1299785956 I'm not trying to make it sound like getting preggo is easy for everyone by telling my story. I just wanted you to know that I did TTC immediately and it went very well for me.
Avatar f tn I thought getting pregnant was easy ? My fiance and I have had sex everyday and nothing yet , don't u get pregnant by sperm ? Does that mean I can't get pregnant ..
5555001 tn?1372876798 Before getting pregnant i used to go out to eat alot, but since getting pregnant, I'm trying really hard to not make it an every day thing. Any tips or easy recipes that could help me out?
223956 tn?1208741170 Ive decided to stop trying for a few months. I'm really tired of thinking about getting pregnant everyday. My dh dosen't want to stop trying but I'm pooped out. And I need to relax for a while. So if you guys dont see me on this is the reason. Good luck to all of you. I'll see you in a few months when i start to try again.... SDSBD to all of you..
488556 tn?1208955303 Thanks so much! That is really what I wanted to know. I have not put too much stress into this, only reason I thought I might be pregnant was b/c of the bit of blood I found on some tp after having sex, it wasnt a lot either (keep in mind I had my period 2.5 weeks ago so it cant be that) other than that I have been relaxed and hardly thinking about it. =) I really really hope that I am though! please wish me luck!
1318306 tn?1276184424 I use the clear blue easy ovulation predictor kit (digital). It is so easy all you do is wait for a smiley face to appear (if you are about to ovulate) or a circle if not. This has worked well for me.
Avatar n tn SOME BODY PLEASE HELP. Im suppose to be getting my rest but I cant, Every night its the same thing, Sharp pains, the fluttering feeling, pressure, All day long Im fine wouldnt even know I was pregnant unless I told you, but when darkness falls oh my, Sleep dont come easy, And I work 40+ hrs a week I just dont know what to do. My life is a mess cause I can only get good sleep during the day, then off to work,and up all night dealing with the same things every night. Any suggestions PLEASE.
536944 tn?1239968436 Has anyone tried this monitor before? I am getting married this August and though I know that it is far fetched I would love to come home from the honeymoon pregnant. Do those of you that have tried this product recommend it to others??
Avatar n tn Amen sister, it's not that easy getting pregnant when you're actually trying! Just a thought, what kind of bc were you using. I know hormonal birth control can take a while to get out of your system. From what I've read, alot of women don't have infertility problems, but rather timing problems. I would encourage you to look through these archives and get to know your own cycle. Find out when you ovulate and when would be the peak time to BD.
Avatar n tn hi, i am in my second cycle with mine and i love it! its super easy to use and altho i am in not preggo, it makes it soooo easy. all u do is turn it on for the first time, then press the M button. the m button remembers this time and allows u to pee 3 hour before it and three hours after it. so u have a 6 hour time frame to test each day, i suppose this helps it stay consistent? u must turn it on within ur 1st 5 cycle days, day 1 being the first day of full flow.
128449 tn?1192829269 After a rough 2 weeks (finding out about pregnancy/then m/c) my hcg levels are back to 0. I NEED a bc method that will work since i am now TERRIFIED of getting pregnant again right away. Condoms are uncomfortable - even with lubricant...and i just can't remember to take the pill (hence the pregnancy last time). Do any of you have suggestions? I think that the sponge or diaphram seem impractical.
166487 tn?1351909251 I thought O NO, I'm not ovulating that's why I'm not getting pregnant. Well we saw the Re and he had me continue with the monitor b/c mostly it is a good tool, but to also follow up with the CBE digital OPK's, they aer a little pricey as well. I was hesitant, thinking it's the same thing this is a waste of money!!! Well my monitor was reading me at low, but I decided to start my OPK as the Dr wished for "back up" THERE it was my smiley!!!
Avatar f tn I was told that because my child was negative and that I am positive that getting pregnant a second time would be difficult unless I was getting RH Shots right from the beginning. We have been trying to get pregnant since October 2008 and no luck. Could the different blood types be causing this problem? Or could it be something else? I have an appointment with my OB/GYN in December but I was curious to see if I could get some kind of answer here. Thank you!
Avatar f tn but non of the method help to pregnant. Is there is possibly i got any other problem to get pregnant? n what i should do?
Avatar f tn My question is, what's the average on getting pregnant? If everything is working fine? I'm going to be 32, and when I was 21 I had an abortion. The doctors says I'm good.
Avatar n tn Actualy pre-*** is very easy to get pregnant from, I have a friend who was on birthcontrol and still got pregnant just off of pre-***.
1010643 tn?1250742291 Im a little confused myself. I think I'm pregnant, all the signs are there. I was also on Depo, I took the shot once. I was suppose to go back May 19, 09 to get another shot but I didn't since I got my period on the 4th of May. My last regular period was on June is August 20th and still no period in site. On August 25, I will be officially 2 months late!! I've taken 3 preggo test and all three came out negative. Im not skinny @ all, so maybe my weight is throwing off my test.
Avatar f tn I wish I would have done this sooner since I admit, it hasnt been easy. Our eggs are old and they do not fertilize easy. And alot of the eggs we have are chromosomally abnormal. I have no fertility coverage on my insurance do you can bet it makes TTC even harder. I am now having to try again with a known donor and Clomid at home until my FSA starts again in Jan.
Avatar n tn what are the chances of getting pregnant on these peak days with all of this activity?? Because I would think that the chances are slim if he did not completely *** inside.