Getting pregnant during ovulation

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1900942 tn?1462425060 about it then I got pregnant again. I just wrote it off to being caused by hormonal changes during ovulation, like having ms during pregnancy.
787258 tn?1280091545 It is very possible to get pregnant the day before ovulation. To increase your chances you should be BDing everyday during your fertile window. Be patient, it can take a healthy, fertile women months to conceive.
Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you to wait until you miss your period, and then do a pregnancy test. If your period comes right on time and is normal, you are probably NOT pregnant. If your period is late, there is a greater likelihood that you are. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello. I get very painful ovulation. I start getting pain from 12 days afer my period that lasts 3days. I was with my boyfriend early yesterday and we didnt use protection. I started lightly cramping this morning though its 3days early for my usual ovulation window. Is it possible my cycle has shifted and im ovulating now?
Avatar n tn Im still not pregnant yet tho having trouble with spotting right after ovulation think its affecting me getting pregnant. Good luck!
1699550 tn?1320290217 In most cases you only have one egg come out a cythatand that is only during ovulation. During that time there is only a little over 24 hours in which the egg can be fertilized and you can become pregnant.
Avatar f tn My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I was wondering to track my ovulation
Avatar f tn ya it is still clear i just meant not watery but it is stretchy between the toilet paper
Avatar n tn We would like to have two more children but for some reason I cannot get pregnant. I had no trouble getting pregnant with my first 3 but we have been trying for almost 5 years for our 4th. I have been on Clomid with no success. I do have a doctor appointment to discuss further testing but I am wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation. The only 2 things that are different now then when I got pregnant before is that I am a lot heavier than I was and I am in my thirties now.
1274559 tn?1284135818 Hey sperm can live inside for upto 3-5 days,also the possibility of you getting pregnant would be higher if you were ovulating the next day!
Avatar n tn ive been trying to get pregnant and every month i wait to get like my period missed but i end up getting it ? why is that ? i really want to get pregnant because my boyfriend wants a baby so bad and i really dont know whats going on i am currently on my prd i just got it today jan 25 when will be a good day to have sexual intercourse ?.
Avatar f tn My best advice is doing ovulation tests, having sex every other day for a few days before, during and after your ovulation. You can also lay flat for 15-20 minutes before getting up to shower, pee etc. And make sure you're having fun! There is no better birth control than trying to get pregnant, you have to make it so it's not a chore, stress on your husband to get pregnant can also effect his sperm.
1431138 tn?1294570494 Some times we don't all always get EWCM during ovulation. If you don't want to chart too much, the best thing to do is from around cycle day 8/9 onwards have sex every other day (not every day) and do this till about the week before your period is due. That was you're covering all your bases for ovulation if you don't actually know when you did ovulate. OPKs, though, are the best way to indicate when you ovulate. You can get really cheap bundles online.
392087 tn?1252608959 My SIL had this problem for a while. The doc told her that she would probably have a harder time getting pregnant for the same reason of not ovulating as often as the average woman. Well, her and my bro ended up getting preggers only 3 months after they got married. They have had 2 more since then making it a total of 3. And they got married in 2001 if I remember correctly. Soooo, try the charting and best of luck!!!! Fertility Friend is a good website for this....
Avatar n tn didn't go doctors nor nothing, as there nothing thay can do I put it down to a chemical pregnancy , no its a new month and now I ovulated 4 days ago But yesterday and today I have been getting very thick white discharge What is this I'm not sure?
Avatar n tn Are you suppose to bleed during ovulation? Its not alot of blood a little more than spotting. I just need to know what is going on. Thank You .
299260 tn?1304219705 am feeling a lot of similiarities, such as feeling nauseous/queazy. I'm thinking maybe this could be due to an increase in estrogen during ovulation (because when I first starting taking b.c. pills, I got sick to my stomach & was switched to one with low estrogen). I'm not sure, though, if the increase in estrogen comes before, during or after ovulation. I know I'm reaching with this question & should just be patient, but any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn How do I know when I am as to avoid getting pregnant now.also what do I do improve on my sex drive.
364288 tn?1300148106 I think your temps rise when you ovulate and then go back down after (but I think they stay up if you are pregnant). Don't take my word on all that, I would find out who has done it and how they do it. But I think if you go to fertily friends website, you'll get a lot of information plus they can help you track it. You can also track your temps on this site using the ovulation tracker. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn That's why I read it because I have those ovary pains when I'm getting ready to start, while I'm on AF, right after AF, then I get a short break until what I think is right before ovulation, during ovulation and even right after so it can be hard to know for sure based on that. Anyway, I'd take a look!! Maybe BFP next month???!!!
676912 tn?1332816151 9 it goes to the hundredths of a degree like 96.97. During the first part of your cycle your temps are lower.....approx. 24-48 AFTER ovulation HAS occured your temps will spike. The amount of the spike depends on the woman. Your temps will then stay up during your luteal phase. They usually drop back down right before AF shows up if you don't get preg. You can go under my profile to my ovulation tracker and look at my bbt chart.
107860 tn?1302930340 watch ur pregnant with twins.. just kidding. LOL During the first few months of pregnancy...what was your favorite part.. and the least?
Avatar f tn If you have a 28 day cycle, ovulation normally occurs around the 14-15th day. Can ovulation occur earlier and if so how early can it occur. Reason being I am trying to get pregnant....not sure if I already am but my 1st day of last period was Feb 13 and I have been bd 14,17,19,21,23. I guess I am scheduled to ovulate around the 26-27. Need some advice.
Avatar f tn Also, as you probably already know, this is not a good idea to have unprotected sex in regard to sexually transmitted diseases. Please use a condom to prevent you from getting an STD as well as back-up for not getting pregnant. Take care!