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Avatar f tn Its going to take longer if you aren't ovulating regularly. Thing that will help are to start tracking your cycles, track your temp, take ovulation predictor tests, and I hate to say it but decreasing how much you are breast feeding will help your cycle to become more regular which will make it easier to predict ovulation and therefore get pregnant.
Avatar f tn Me and my partner want to have a brother or sister for her but my periods haven't started yet so I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or stories to tell if they have been in a similar situation to mine or has anyone gotten pregnant while breastfeeding and had no period. I love breastfeeding my little girl and want to continue till shes 1.
Avatar f tn Has anyone got pregnant while breastfeeding? If so, how did you know you were pregnant if you never got a period?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 35 I have a 4 month old I'm nursing. I would like to know how to go about getting pregnant if I haven't gotten my mentral yet.
Avatar f tn U should ask ur Doctor before making a choice Instead (: Just to be on the safe side
Avatar f tn Some women it works. Not for me. You also get your period back by surprise and can get pregnant without knowing you were ovulating before it comes.
Avatar f tn My Question is how do you know if your baby is getting milk and getting enough.
Avatar f tn Being someone who hasn't had the leaking, or darkening of the areolas, etc that most pregnant ladies talk about I worry about breastfeeding... I can extract a small amount of clearish liquid if I try but I was certain that wouldn't be enough positive sign....
9934012 tn?1441759139 I want to know what do everyone think about drinking wine occasionally while breastfeeding seeing that am 25 and I have been pregnant for my 25 birthday see that I have not drank anything for 9 months am not a alcoholic I just want to know how do I go about it were I dnt pass liquor to my baby girl am 36 weeks by the way
Avatar f tn What is a good book on breastfeeding? Did anyone go to a lactation consult? Where they helpful?
5609044 tn?1383518543 I was a size 3 before getting pregnant. I had my daughter Nov 27th and by Christmas, I was thinner than before her.
Avatar f tn I am 27.4 wks pregnant with my second child. I cudnt breastfeed my first child 5 yrs my milk did not come in much..latch problem..was stressed out & no assistance from hospital & family & worst.. hospital introduced formula to my son. But I want to breastfeed this time & heard that milk production begins on day what do i feed my baby for initial 3 days..any suggestions? I am new to breastfeeding with no experience at all..
Avatar f tn Hi so I'm current pregnant with my 2nd child I'm 12 weeks today and I'm considering breastfeeding, i didnt get the chance to with my 1st born... any advice?
Avatar f tn Not all women leak colostrum while pregnant..I'm on #4 and only remember leaking b4 my actual milk came in with only one pregnancy..
8216409 tn?1405758033 I plan on breastfeeding. My dr. Told me I'm gonna need help, and to get nipple shields. Has anyone used them before? Does it make it less painful? It is easy to use?
Avatar f tn It also helps your uterus contract after delivery, lessen your bleeding time, and can delay the return of your menstrual cycle (though you can still be VERY fertile - don't believe the old stories that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding). It helps to regulate your hormones and cam decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression. Breastfeeding is the best choice you can make for yourself and your baby.
Avatar f tn I am 27 weeks pregnant. When wil my breasts start leaking? Only sometimes there comes like one drop of something that looks like water out..
Avatar f tn You actually need more calories when breastfeeding then you do when you're pregnant.
Avatar f tn I will be breastfeeding. I made it to six months with my first because then I found out I was pregnant again and dried up. With my second I made it to 9 months and then dried up because I found out I was pregnant with my third. I am hoping to make it to 2-3 years old.
Avatar f tn The most important thing for successful b/feeding is getting baby latched on correctly, breastfeeding as often as baby wants ( demand feeding) and drinking plenty of water
12699098 tn?1427520040 So my baby is 2 weeks old I've been just breastfeeding him but I don't think he's getting full because he cries and wants to be fed all day. I really don't want to formula feed him but I just wonder if that will make him full. He was 6.7 when he was born and now he's 7.3 so I feel like he's eating a lot maybe its just comfort sucking . idk I'm just going crazy because he literally doesn't let me do anything because he wants to eat allll the time.
Avatar f tn How is breastfeeding for some women who are nursing... I want to breastfeed but is there a such thing as breastfeeding and using formula??? Guess being consistent is better???
898043 tn?1262500585 When you are breastfeeding.. treat yourself like you are pregnant.. avoid all drinks contain caffeine and alcohols....