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Avatar n tn I abruptly stopped taking Geodon about 2 weeks ago because it was either giving me anxiety attacks or making me fall asleep in the middle of the day. I'm now completely miserable. I am extremely paranoid and have constant anxiety. I also feel like i have an irregular heartbeat at times. Is there an end to my misery? How long does it take for Geodon to completely get out of someone's system?
Avatar n tn Be very careful.and go back on the geodon and come off slowly tapering in half in 2 or 3 weeks. I came off in 3 days 40mg and it threw me into chronic anxiety with tremors and quivers I still have today. Don't take a chance and stay cold turkey. It causes temors and chronice insomina when you get off it after more thana week. or even less...Please beware what geodon does. It is a highly potent drug. songwriterdelta.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had success getting off Geodon? How long does the mental withdrawl last? I've tried unsuccessfully two times. The first time I tapered off it within a week with my Psychiatrist and went through horrible physical withdrawl symptoms--painful stomach cramping, hot / cold switches and insomnia, but after two weeks, the physical symptoms subsided, but then detrimental mental lows of suicidal thinking.
Avatar n tn Well I take 40MG of Geodon in the morning and 80MG of Geodon at night along with some other medicine due to a high level of OCD. But a while back I went cold turkey on Geodon for 2 days because I couldn't get a refill. So during those 2 days these were my main symptoms, "insomnia, shakiness, heart pounding, dizziness, vision problems".
Avatar n tn Nine months agao I came off Geodon in less than a week.. It left me with QUIVERS in portions of my body and daily HAND tremors that still continue in a daily cycle. I have worked extensively with a hypntherapist andf anxiety has basically gone. BUt tremors AND SOME QUIVERS REMAIN EVEN THOUGH i TAKE 1 MG OF aTIVAN 2 TIMES A DAY. the ativan never stopped the tremors. I have tried mysoline 50mg and it did no thelp the tremors at all.
Avatar f tn I am considering (yes, I know, I have to speak with my doctor but he doesn't seem concerned) tapering off of Geodon. I seem to feel dizzy, confused, sedated, have blurred vision, have anxiety attacks, just overall crummy. I think it's the Geodon that I went on a few months ago after Abilify didn't work so well. Is anyone having any issues with taking Geodon? Such as side effects or positive effects.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Geodon for depression and anxiety at 160mg daily for almost 4 years now. Im' 42 years old and things in my life are going well and have a great support system now, which I didn't have a few years ago. I am married with two young children and have a nanny to help me with my kids and household. I want to be med free. I do not have any psychotic symptoms and not sure why doctor put me on this antipsychotic, but now I want to come off of it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know a way to decrease the anxiety when tapering off Geodon? I'm already taking Klonopin, and Benedryl doesn't help. I've been on 20mg with breakfast and 40mg with dinner for six months now. Doctor has no further suggestions. Please reply if you know how to control the rebound anxiety!
Avatar m tn I am tapering off Geodon right now with my doctor's instructions. I am having SEVERE anxiety and just feel awful. I am convinced that it's withdrawals. How did your situation resolve?
Avatar n tn A Psychiatrist put me on Geodon and Cogentin about 4 weeks ago. Once I started looking into the possible side affects (one of them being breast development in males) I decided I had no interest in continuing this medication. I also am on Wellbutrin and Klonipin. The geodon knocks me right out to the point I cannot get out of bed in the morning. I drank an entire pot of coffee this morning, plus 2 cups of strong instant coffee and a cup of strong tea.
Avatar f tn Stared Geodon-tapering off of Seroquel
Avatar m tn I have not had the Suboxone but tried tapering off percs and did pretty good but as I was tapering, where I used to get them was GONE. You wanna know panic LOL I mean that is sad, I never thought I would. I even was going to purchase from the internet. I obviously had no luck and had to deal with it and it really sucked.
Avatar n tn When I was on Geodon I was changed promptly back to Seroquel. Geodon, however, is less likely than other antipsychotics to cause weight gain but then again so is Abilify so you might ask about your psychiatrist about that but speak to your psychiatrist before making medication changes. I would say only a psychiatrist can diagnose psychosis. A person experiencing it can't see it in themselves and I wouldn't call it "detoxing" as its not a medication in that category.
Avatar n tn I take Klonipin 2mg at beditime. I posted a question yesterday, June 19, 2005, about coming off Geodon 120mg daily and what withdrawals I might experience, how long it would take, and what was the best way to come off Geodon. Now, my situation is complicated. Which drug should I come off first or can I do both simultaneously? You know, kill two birds with one stone.
Avatar f tn I have been on geodon, an antipsychotic, for around ten years. I just went through a temporary taper, I found I was in withdrawal and had massive headache and flu-like symptoms and had to go back up. Subsequently, I did research on this and discovered that if I stopped taking geodon, I most likely would get Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome (DAWS) and want to know if I'd be likely to get this were I to stop taking geodon because it wasn't effective in stopping drawn out acute mania.
Avatar f tn I still have the swimmy headed, detached body, anxiety attacks, that I associated with my Geodon. Of course, my withdrawal from Geodon is still going on (I have been off for a week now after tapering down - per my pdoc orders). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experienced withdrawal for Lamictal or similar side effects. Please respond with your experiences.
Avatar n tn i take geodon 80mg.
Avatar n tn I was on Lamictal when I was a teen and don't remember a lot but I was also on Geodon (which I'm allergic to) and having really bad symptoms with it. So I'm not sure but I wish I could try the Lamictal again just to see if it would work.
915369 tn?1355318410 On my last appointment she told me she would be tapering me off of Risperdal and Tegretol so I decided to just not restart taking it, and I was supposed to start taking Geodon because I could afford it now but the Geodon made me so sick so I ended up only taking it for a couple days (so sick I couldn't work or leave the house). So now I'm only taking my lithium, and really only the evening dose (which is half my daily dose anyways). It's 300 in the morning, 300 in the afternoon, and 600 at bed.
Avatar m tn My question to members are how many people relapse while tapering medications.I was tapering Xanax when I relapsed from 1 mg to 1.5 mg for five days under stress.My Pdoc again made me taper from 1.5 mg as I started having stress at lower dosage.I am now at 1.25 mg but feeling awful at relapsing.How does one cope with all this.No I wont do it again but am feeling awful.
Avatar f tn Today I am feeling well emotionally and dealing with the resolution of geodon tapering. I am about to clean up the backyard and get ready for our neighbors to come over and do a play date and hangout for the adults. I have a headache not helped by aleve, but my flu like symptoms resolved in middle of nite. Chloe and I had a sleepover where we were both up in middle of nite with some symptoms and we were able to sleep them off. We are planning some snacks and drinks for our little party.
Avatar m tn thanks, right now she (psychiatrist) is tapering me off invega and onto geodon because it has less side effects. Im trying to find work so i need to feel less sedated because all i do is sleep all day. hopefull the geodon is less intense. thanks for your conscern.
Avatar m tn indeed it can, so i would say it's completely normal to encounter insomnia by tapering off from risperidone and this should automatically applies to seroquel, and the rest of the antipsychotics.
Avatar n tn I have recently tried zyprea with weight gain, respridol with horrible confusion, and geodon with ? side effects. I started on seroquel. It seemed to be working great, then my hair started falling out much more than usual. I also stopped taking birth control pill right around the same time for no particular reason. My thyroid, estrogen and testosterone levels have checked out. I have recently started back on the birth control pills.
Avatar f tn After a while (i think 2 months) I reduced the Rivotril, tapering and did well on the Zyprexa. I'm not recommending these particular drugs, I am just saying there are treatments that work and why does she not have access to them? She must be suffering.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have talked to my pdoc about all of this and he thinks the fog is caused by extreme side effects of Geodon. I am tapering off of it now. So, I hang on with hopes that soon I might be lifted from this hell. He increased my lamictal to help me with stabilizing my mood. He wants to keep me in therapy but I want help now. He won't prescribe any anxiety meds or depression meds. I am talking to my therapist and we are working on my issues. I want so desperately to be happy.
Avatar m tn There’s a chapter in the book which recommends a regiment of specifically designed “Super Food” supplements prior to and during the tapering of Benzos. Is this sound advice or more junk science designed to sell snake oil? I'm all for anything that will help during the tater process, but I don't want to waste my money either. Here’s a link for more info http://www.***********.org/benzopretaper.htm Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Thanks for all the comments. I have been on them for over 2 years. They used to work but haven't for a while. He has me on 4 different meds 2) anti depressants- cymbalta 20 mg and celexa 40 mg 1) mood stablizer- Geodon 100mg and 1) anti anxiety Klohipin 2mg 3 x day. Not t mention all the other medications I take. There is a web site google med interaction checker.
Avatar m tn I have been on a lot of different meds in the last 10 years. Geodon and topamax were the worst. Both made me suicidal and a completely different person--rage ,throwing things, severely depressed to the point that I couldn't get out of bed. Now I am on lexapro (which I have been on for years) 20mg , Wellbutrin ( my new psychiatrist just upped me to 450 mg), temezapam 15 mg. I am also tapering off of lamictal 250 mg.
Avatar n tn He put me on Geodon after Abilify didn't work and I have lost weight like crazy in the last 6 months. I am tapering off of Geodon now and will only be on Lamictal for the first time since my initial psychotic break a few years ago. I hope I don't gain weight again! :) My pdoc says that the drugs don't cause weight gain - eating and increased calories do. I think that if a drug makes you hungry and increase your calories - the medicine makes you gain weight.....