Geodon overdose death

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Avatar m tn He thought the best thing to do, because I had lost twenty pounds in two weeks, looked like death warmed over, the best thing to do was go COLD TURKEY, I was on a cholesterol pill, hormones, lithium, not sure the psychotrop but it was medium dose and a pain pill called ultram oh and ambien just for a few days so far....
Avatar n tn Can benerdryl help with the side effects of geodon after geodon ois stopped
Avatar f tn When you get the brain zaps, you can take 5 Omega3 in the morning and 5 again at noon. You can't overdose on Omega3. It is recommended that you don't take Omega3 after 4pm. This has worked for me so far, but it's the nausea and dry mouth today that is catching me off guard. Eating small amounts of raw foods is helping but the dry mouth is still here no matter how much water I drink.
Avatar n tn i was talking 70 mgs every night at one time so i can see how its possible, im down to 20mgs now but i also take 60mgs of tamazapam and 20 of geodon with it, that puts me to sleep. I think you should try and taper off, take 1 less every 5 days and you should be ok.