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Avatar f tn Almost all my patients are on generic medications including generic toprol xl. There are some medications that have a recognized difference between brand name and generic, and there are some brand name drugs that do not have generics because they were too difficult to produce. The medication will be out of your system in less than 5 days. As far as lasting effects, it is difficult to say. Like I mentioned, I have not heard of this happening before and have no personal experience with it.
Avatar m tn I have been taking 50ml of Toprol XL for three weeks. I am going off of it today, and was wondering if I should wean off of it?
Avatar n tn There has been a recall on Metroprolol. I was on the brand name Toprol XL for about 5 years and never had a problem.-200mg. Then my new coverage was not covering so doctor switched me to Coreg CR-80mg- it seemed to work, although BP was a little elevated. (I was also on Cozaar and then Avapro). I never had a problem until this new doctor switched me to generics in October of 2010. Everything went downhill. I was on Atenolol and Lisinopril-coughing for 2 months.
21064 tn?1309312333 Hi, I take Toprol for sinus tachycardia. When I was switched to the generic Metoprolol succ er, I started getting PVC's. I would stay away from generic.
9043033 tn?1401350253 com/major-recall-of-metoprolol-er-tablets/article/347174/ Wockhardt announced a recall of 109,744 bottles of Metoprolol Succinate Extended-Release 50mg Tablets, the generic version of AstraZeneca's Toprol XL. This recall was initiated due to a dissolution test failure observed at the nine month time point. Dissolution tests verify the time taken for the active ingredient to release into the body, and help predict how the drug performs inside the body.
Avatar n tn I had an AFIB attack back in Feb of this year, it was the first AFIB attack I ever had. I was put on Toprol XL 50mg just to control the heart rate should I ever go into AFIB again. I went into AFIB because my potassium levels were REALLY low, and I woke up with acid reflux and was coughing so hard I was getting PAC's that lead into an AFIB attack..
Avatar n tn After the AV Node re entry scare I have been taking Toprol XL but I really don't need to take anything. I try to remember what my current electrophys. tells me they are life annoying not life threatening! I notice the PVC's when I lay down flat or on my left side and when I am exhausted. Thank you all for your replies.
Avatar n tn Recently, my PVCs have increased after being more quiet for a few months so I may go back on a low dose of Toprol XL. These palps occur whenever...during a workout, after a workout, during a conversation, after a meal, etc...they just come out of the blue and when they hit, they are very strong. I may get about 5-10 a day a the max and I have been told many, many times my heart is totally fine and that I coud run a marathon if I wanted to.
Avatar n tn I am taking a beta blocker Toprol XL. My Dr. gave it to me because he felt it would lessen the sensation of PVC's not get rid of them. I was initially on .25 mg but my new EP Dr.(moved to a new state) told me to just play with the dosage. He said I am on such a low dose that it basically is not doing much and to play with the dosage like taking 2 at once .50 twice a day or take 1 in the morning and 1 at night.
Avatar f tn She said she wants to take me off Norpace altogether and put me on Toprol if it keeps happening. I have had many medications tried on me over the years. BTW, taking Xanax has no effect on the heart rate ect. because I tried that too for anxiety. My problem is I am to heart aware and feel every single skip ect. This slowing down stuff is the worst though. Worse than anything else I have had to live with for years. It goes on all the time now. No relief.
Avatar n tn Not bragging here- but I have a high IQ, and was always a sharp thinking person with a near photographic memory- never had to 'study' for quizzes/exams in school- only had to very quickly skim the reading material and could recall the pages, paragraphs and words- could see them in my mind just as htough I had the book open infront of me.
Avatar f tn They prescribed and stated I had to start taking Toprol XL to keep the speeding and palpitation away. I read up on it and was shocked and scared at the side affects but I am more scared of the speeding heart and palpitations so today I swallowed it. 25mg. I just new in my heart and mind that some how these symptoms were related to food digestion and after reading this site I am convinced this is so! Now what does one do?