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Avatar f tn I have a question. I was diagnosed years ago with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Anxiety Attacks and Agoraphobia. I had a discussion tonight with a friend who keeps saying I do it to myself. I have had this along with a diagnosis of ADD as well as Bipolar 2 and then Clinical Depression. I was wondering if Anxiety is really something that can be controlled by the mind or if it really does need to be treated with medication?
Avatar f tn Thinking about trying Lexapro for generalized anxiety. Any advice or experiences? I have previously tried Buspar (had no effect) and Zoloft which made me constantly nauseous.
Avatar f tn First, don't take this if you're on medication targeting serotonin receptors, such as an ssri or snri. Assuming you're not on medication, the answer is, maybe, maybe not. The same answer you'd get if you went on medication. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. Second, 5-HTP isn't a vitamin -- it's an amino acid, a metabolite of L-tryptophan, which along with co-factors such as B6 (which is a vitamin) us used by the body to manufacture serotonin.
1559289 tn?1294749613 hello i am 34 years old and suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. My problem started in 2005 with really bad panic attacks and got help for those *effexor xr and xanax* it started getting better and havent had a panic attack since 2005 but suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. it is getting progressively worse to the point that it is affecting my everyday life and my performance at my job.
Avatar m tn You may also have an anxiety disorder along with bipolar. I have generalized anxiety disorder, which means I just get anxiety for no apparent reason about everything. But, there are lots of types of anxiety and if it is negatively effecting you, then you should talk to a professional. Also, try the relaxation tapes and other techniques like breathing exercises or meditation. Sudden changes in the daily routine can be a bother.
Avatar f tn m just wondering, for anyone taking Effexor XR to treat their Generalized Anxiety Disorder, how do you find it has helped you, in what ways do you think it is inefficient, and what sort of side effects or issues have you had with it? I have personally found that it has definitely helped me; my paranoia is less, my panic attacks are less, and my social phobia is now manageable on most days, if it actually bothers me.
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Avatar n tn s certificate, but suffered from some form of exam anxiety/phobia ( she also had some generalized anxiety but nothing too deabilitating) and had failed the exam for 2 consecutive years. her mind would just go blanc, despite the fact that she could answer all the questions correctly, in any setting away from the formal exam. The host immediately mentioned to her to look into EFT (emotional freedom techniques).
1132574 tn?1271672466 Hi Everyone, I am new to the anxiety forum. Had a a few weeks of anxiety hit me in January when I was having medical testing done. I am 36 and have high blood pressure every time I see a doctor as I just get so nervous when I go to the doctor. They ran tests which freaked me out even more and wham, I was then anxiouss all the time. The tests eventually all came back normal. With that reassurance my anxiety vanished.& I was even able ot take my BP at home with no anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have a generalized anxiety disorder and a phobia of HIV and rabies. I went to get my blood work down and the nurse used a vacutainer to draw blood. However, the vacutainer holder was reused ( the nurse confirmed it is only the needle which is changed and not the holder as it does not come into contact with the patient) and now I think I will get HIV and I keep thinking about HIV until I get tested again at 3 months after the window period. luckily I have medicines however I hate this.
Avatar m tn What are some coping techniques I can employ? I sometimes want to die because of this stuff and already have a serious mental illness I'm having to deal with alongside the PTSD and I'm supposed to be receiving therapy for this but I don't know when I will and need to know some things I can do to cope better until then.
Avatar m tn I randomly occurring symptoms of several anxiety disorders (panic attacks, intrusive ocd thoughts, GAD) but mostly I just have the generalized anxiety disorder thing. I constantly feel anxious and worry over situations that shouldnt be worried over. Anyways, my only actual physical problem is constant stomach problems. Nausea and diarrhea mostly. I was just wondering what you guys do to calm your stomach down.
Avatar n tn If you are experiencing panic attacks, the best medication would be an antianxiety agent (a benzodiazapame) such as Klonopin. I take Klonopin for generalized anxiety disorder. At first I felt very sedated. This could have been due to two headache medications I was on (am off of now), or my body hadn't adjusted to it. Now, I'm not sedated from it. For me, Klonopin helps a bit, but for panic attacks, it's supposed to work wonders.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm just wondering what the best breathing/relaxation techniques are for calming oneself down when anxiety reaches high level. I'm fed up up have anxiety attacks and taking it out on my poor fiance by yelling at him. I want to control my feelings and not allow them to get me so worked up so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn m sacred I broke my upper neck near my head or something is wrong with my brain cause my head feel like it spinning and on top of that I have GAD(Generalized anxiety disorder ). I tell my mom I want to go o the doctor but she said it nothing. And One more thing can moving head back very fast can snap your neck.
Avatar f tn Yes, yes, and yes!! This is called GAD, generalized anxiety lingering in the background between attacks, very common!
1390847 tn?1344657468 I know the traditional deep breathing, exercise, healthy eating...those type of things that help generalized anxiety but are there any techniques to ease a specific phobia so I can just live my life not in complete terror everyday? Its hard because vomitting isnt something you can control so you cant just avoid it...
Avatar f tn Is this the only time you've experienced this? Because if it is, that does make it different than someone who has this kind of reaction to all sorts of pressures in life. A lot of people who work in the medical profession are having a hard time right now, they are on the front lines of something nobody fully understands yet. Epidemics are always hard on everyone, and very hard on those who have to take care of the sick.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 15 and I have generalized anxiety, and I'm starting medication soon. Any words of advice, personal experiences, or things I should be prepared for?
391834 tn?1229342874 ve just started taking meds for my thyroid so hopefully my symptoms (fatigue and generalized felling of anxiety/nervousness) will be no more!
13415927 tn?1430701518 m assuming you did and ots not a self-diagnosis Concerta or any other medications like Adderall to treat ADD/ADHD will only exacerbate your other disorders. I use to be on concerts for my ADHD but I also have generalized anxiety. An SSRI is the best choice for treating those two. On second note, ADD/ADHD medications can treat depression but not anxiety. Most people withADD/ADHD have around 3 other disorders.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with GAD 16 months ago but I have experienced anxiety symtoms since I was 18 now I am 51. Therapy has done wonders for me to understand the way my mind processes anxiety symptoms and has taught me how to deal with them. Also the frequency of my panic attacks have decreased since going through therapy and coming to this forum has helped . My concern for you is your need for a Dr. you can trust. Maybe you should consider going to a Dr. that has a good reputation.
1390847 tn?1344657468 I was just curious about generalized anxiety vs. anxiety over a specific thing. For me, I dont have generalized anxiety, I have a specific anxiety of throwing up (emetophobia). I wonder which is more "popular"...generalized or specialized?
Avatar f tn I have generalized trembling mostly on the left side of my body and muscle weakness and pain. The fatigue is severe to the point where I can only do a few things and then lie down. I feel like a limp dish rag. I have trigeminal neuralgia, polymyalgia rheumatica, and fibromyalgia, but my doctors say it is not caused by any of them or the medications I am taking? Has anyone else experienced the same thing? What was your diagnosis? How did you treat it?
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepines have robust efficacy in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but were not shown to be effective in producing long-term improvement overall. Although benzodiazepines are much safer in overdose than their predecessors, the barbiturates, they can still cause problems in overdose.