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Avatar f tn had 3 month post PCR and it was UND. Curious if anyone knows what long term sides interferon and/or Riba may have. I seem to have skin issues, and just curious if others are plagued with this. Dryness has subsided however. Most recent problem has to do with a couple teeth/below gumline. Went to dentist and he did some type of periodental scaling.....said teeth & gums were in good shape. Last week I ended up in emergency room hospital via ambulance.
Avatar n tn i agree about yaz giving us headaches anxiety and panic attacks same thing happened to me and i was refered to a psychologist ive been fine all my life and after a while of taking yaz i began experiencing all of these!
Avatar n tn She has gotten bleeding ulcers before from her daily steroid use. I have read some articles saying pulse steroids in the long run have less side effects than daily low dose prednisone. Her main dr does not agree and says if she were left on a pulse of say..500mg 2 x monthly, she would end up blind with no joints and her bones rotted out. The only time she feels well is on the pulses, her stomach is great.
475300 tn?1312426726 A lot of people report long-term side effects attributed to the treatment drugs although "nausea and throwing up" don't come to mind as very common. As Mike suggests, your doc should check your thyroid and in fact you should have a full work up. GERD (chronic reflux) and/or some type of ulcer also comes to mind. GERD btw can present itself without heartburn. Also, you might want to sift through these links on long-term side effects in our "Health Pages".
Avatar n tn However, I got to know from some website that this vaccine, which was approved by FDA last June, may have some potential long-term side-effects. So, I am considering not getting the other two shots. Do you think this will significantly reduce the risk related to the potential side-effects? Thanks!
663801 tn?1225923328 I thought it was like Immodium which doesn't make me dizzy but the Lomotil works way better at controling my diarreah. And is there any long term side effects I should worry about ? BTW it's the first drug that has ever allowed me to take control of my IBS ..Thank you for any info you can give !!
Avatar f tn I am at my wits end with my doctor and need some information from people who have experienced this. I am a 36-year-old female with no long term health issues other than recurring ovarian cysts (unilateral oophorectomy in 2010) and acute but very occasional bouts of reflux well controlled with omeprazole. In January 2015, I came down with an infected chazalion in my right eye. I've never experienced anything like it. My eye was almost swollen shut, the cyst was the size of a pea.
Avatar f tn Everything was good except small bowel loops filled with gas. Diagnosis was viral gastroenteritis. It's now Monday and I'm still having growling hunger pains even after eating. What is causing this and how can I make it stop. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to eat to satisfy this discomhort cause I'm trying to get my appetite back, slowly. Anyone ever have this or know what to do?
340970 tn?1198023370 An electrolyte imbalance can cause palpitations, fatigue, weakness, nausea, irritability, muscle twitching and lots of other symptoms. If a patient has a very serious imbalance, it can become a life threatening situation. On two different occasions, when she was very young, my daughter came down with a servere case of viral gastroenteritis (basically, a viral stomach flu). Within a matter of a few hours, her electrolytes dropped to near zero.
Avatar m tn Individuals who carry at least one copy of this gene have higher IQ scores, but only if they have been breast-fed[22]. For older children and adults, long-term effects most probably include a possible impact of breastfeeding on cholesterol levels, body mass index, obesity and type 2 diabetes[23-25]. The benefits for breastfeeding mothers have been well described. Shorter recovery and oxytocin-stimulated uterus contraction prevents anemia.
Avatar n tn 1) Oral cromolyn (800 mg/day in four divided doses) has been effective for short- and long-term management. 2) Ketotifen (Zaditen), a mast cell stabilizing agent, has been helpful in case reports. The drug is approved for treatment of urticaria in Canada, Europe, and Japan, but is not available in the United States. 3) The leukotriene antagonist, montelukast, was effective in some case reports but not in others.
Avatar n tn For any particular treatment episode, the risk of a bad outcome for individual is low, but the long term environmental and societal effects of antibiotic overuse are critical issue worldwide.
Avatar f tn It is more effectively given intravenously than orally, and has decreased efficacy with long-term use. Another potential problem is antimicrobial resistance. Erythromycin is effective in gastroparesis in very low doses of 125-250 mg twice a day, administered in liquid suspension form and can be used in combination with metoclopramide. Reduced dosing lessens the possibility of drug tolerance while maintaining options to increase the dose during symptom exacerbation.
Avatar n tn All of my symptoms point to the stomach flu only i have had the lower back pain for months. I have been extremely sick the last 36 hours. The back pain I have had for so long became severe yesterday morning. Fever hitting 102, severe diarrhea, sever pain both sides of my lower back. I feel like I have a fist under my ribcage on the left side. I had my gallbladder taken out on Dec 23.
Avatar m tn Emetophobia. If you go to page 4 on the forum there is a big long thread on the condition. It is not about fearing weight gain or weight loss at all that brings about the condition. The fear is of throwing up and can be a 24/7 fear.
Avatar f tn ) Well, I stopped taking that combo pill because I felt uneasy about taking something with bentonite in it and I just want something I can take long term. So right now it is just one tsp of the Mucil and 2 Accuflora pills a day. I still have days where I get bloated pretty bad and basically every day I have gas, but I still do not feel as bad as I did before. And carrots! Now I tried this before.
Avatar n tn // Abstract BACKGROUND: The possible effects of long-term plasma donation remain unknown, but it is important to investigate them so that donor safety is ensured. The purpose of this study was to determine if long-term plasma donation alters plasma proteins or lymphocyte phenotypes.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't argue the 3% long term side effects but I have no independent knowledge that would corroborate that number. I have never heard that treatment is associated with Gout but I don't know for certain that it isn't or couldn't be. In my case I seriously doubt that treatment was the cause or a contributing factor because it has been 4 years and I haven't had any autoimmune issues or any side effects that I believe are interferon/ribavirin based.
Avatar n tn I increased the dosage the first night by a half a pill, but was still left with uncomfortable side effects. The next night I took a full additional pill which has left me with a total of 20mg of Prozac being taken. This did wonders for the withdraw feelings, but the anxiety is over-whelming. I was burning out my skin, shaking, fearful thoughts and feelings raced, and a buzzed feeling has taken over my body.
Avatar n tn I know memory loss is a side-effect of long-term usage. Anyone who can offer some insight would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn 5mg of Prednisone for a long period of time, will the side effects subside? - IN PARTICULAR... my chubby cheeks!
1626306 tn?1302487106 For example grapes give me severe migraines( not sure if it's the chemicals on them or the tannins in them but they put a real hurting on me),gluten causes me to have severe gastroenteritis( Usually requires about 3-4 days of vomiting/diarrhea and Nexxium to get through it), sugar makes me itchy everywhere, caffeine causes eczema flare ups, you get the idea. I don't remember being so sensitive to food before.
Avatar n tn I have stopped taking 40 mg of Prozac cold turkey and I had no side effects, and I have done that several times over the years. When I stopped taking Effexor, the side effects felt terrible. Even tapering it down I still felt the side effects although to a lesser degree.
Avatar m tn Anyway, around that time i had also started taking Zyprexa for bipolar disorder which helped in many ways but i started having bad side effects. I had severe muscle spasms and my heart would gurgle every so often. It would normally happen when laying on my side and my fiance could feel it if he touched my chest. Itd only last a few seconds then sometimes happen again right after. Also had the palpitations and fluttering like my heart was skipping and sometimes slowed almost to a stop.
Avatar f tn I do remember he complaining about swollen fingers. Is there any other long term medication that could be causing the swelling? It may be to do with the hypothyroidism. I presume that you have cut down on your salt and sugar intake? Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight.
1176103 tn?1332974613 thats darling-) you just need to be so careful with giving him the full mixture of ariels kit...dear!!! some on long term..MAY not be good, depends so much on the manufacturer and where the ingredients originated from... IMO...I would order the SLIPPERY ELM BARK and a PROBIOTIC. the names and brands I will list I know for a FACT are the best on the market for cats...and the safest.
Avatar m tn However, one important thing missing in this whole argument is the severity of the side effects during and post treatment and the possible long-term damages. This is a big scary and almost unpredictable variable in the equation “Should I extend or not?” Only you, carefully consulting your own body, can decide on it. Wish you luck!
Avatar m tn My Fry labs smear showed moderate Bart, but my other co-infection testing was negative. I've had an obvious response to long-term combination antibiotic treatment. Anxiety can surely make any problem worse, and it goes hand-in-hand with Lyme. I have no history of anxiety, but have had small panic attacks and other anxiety symptoms in response to Lyme treatment. Thankfully this has improved a great deal, but was a very real problem for me.