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Avatar f tn After x-rays, I was told I had Gastroenteritis. A week later, I was playing with my daughter and had a very sharp pain in my lower abdomen that dropped me to my knees. When I reached down, I felt a lump on my lower abdomen, about the size of a golf ball, about 4 inches to the left of my penis. It was very tender. I went to a different er thinking that I had a hernia, worried that it may be strangulated due to the pain. The Dr tried to reduce it and couldn't.
Avatar n tn They wanted to monitor my husband so he was admitted in the hospital. First diagnosis is Gastroenteritis. My husband is constantly feeling nausea and stomach pain so he was having IV shots of Zofran and morphine every 4 hours. Sunday morning, he was able to eat clear diet (jello, sorbet, soda). At night he ate 2 tsp of mashed potato, some gravy, 2 tsp of beef broth. It reacted, got severe stomach pain, nausea & vomiting till next day noon.
Avatar n tn Gastroenteritis. Blood in stool you're supposed to contact your doctor, but while you're waiting for treatment to kick in, you could try a probiotic as well. Go to any GNC and/or Vitamin World store and ask. It contains "good" bacteria to populate your colon. The antibiotics would have killed those off.
Avatar n tn broth, juices, jello, that sort of thing. Also some apple sauce, saltine crackers in the evening, and some condensed soup. I was in the hospital for a couple of days earlier this week after I became concerned because I could not hold down enough food to keep my blood sugar high enough and became worried I was going to pass out.
987762 tn?1331031553 I've had food poisoning, but I think gastroenteritis whether it be bacterial or a stomach flu virus is all equally awful! I've been hit multiple times this year with it. Thanks to my lowered immune system :(! When you are past the initial phase and in the weak, dehydrated, need to start nourishing your body phase these are the foods I can deal with Clear fluids. Smal sips, gingerale, watered down cranberry juice (I don't like apple), watered down gatorade, or vitamin water Salty foods.
Avatar m tn Bread and pasta, although not fatty or spicy, may simply be too heavy on your stomach at this point. Maybe start off with things like jello, soups such as chicken noodle (or even plain broth), popsicles - even scrambled eggs are usually pretty easy to get down and keep down (go easy on the salt and especially pepper). Then if those things stay down and don't cause much pain, try increasing both the amount of food taken and also the types of food.
Avatar n tn after anight in hospital and a blood test she was discharged with viril gastroenteritis, and an explanation that what happened may be how her body reacts to a virus. our GP is getting us a second opinion on 14th April has anyone else heard of anything that might give us some answers?
Avatar n tn Next, I cut foods high in SALT and SUGAR out of my diet, even fruits with natural sugar! Egg Beaters, English Muffins, Total Cereal, Lean Turkey, Jello and Sugar Free Popcicles work great! Last, I exercised like a man possessed. My thing is the eliptical because you can run on it for hours and your knees won't hurt. 3 Hours a day (15+ total miles per day) was my normal routine. The result?? I lost weight.
Avatar n tn Some mornings he wakes and tells me his back hurts and about 3 times in the last month or so he wakes and his legs are like jello and he cant walk for like 20 minutes. I didnt think anything of it being connected but I think they are. He was up in the middle of the night last night crying and screaming about the pain in his back and his leg. We have our first Dr apt on friday but I think we might be better off with a chiropractor.
Avatar n tn I submit that if you commit to juicing almost daily your life will most certainly change, the live enzymes you will be getting will bring you back to life. So get busy. There's much more I could tell you but I gotta drink my flax jello. take care and God bless you all.....
Avatar n tn The last two weeks he can not or does not eat at all. Maybe jello and yogurt but that is all. The Dr increased his enulose and his spirolactone last week, but either that or somthing has just made him throw up all the time, all yesterday and all night last night. He tells me he wants to do things ( sometimes ) but says he just cant get up to do it.