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Business man2 Obviously I cannot verify or diagnose that your daughter has or had a viral gastroenteritis ie "stomach bug" but in my experience my patients typically recover in 3-5 days. However, many of my patients will have prolonged symptoms of bloating and generalized discomfort for another week, especially if they try to return to a rich diet.
1534483 tn?1293066793 When my mother started having symptoms, she was uncomfy for only a few hours and then felt better. How long is a bout of food poisoning supposed to last? I'm wondering because like I said this is my third day of symptoms. I seem to go to the bathroom pretty much every hour, although so far today I've only gone once.
Avatar n tn In order for me to know which food she is not tolerating well, how long after the intake will she be vomitting if it is not tolerated. -For the after breakfast vomitting any solutions (she has had a piece of white toast with nothing on and apple sauce or 1 piece of toast with better, both have been followed by vomitting, the rest of the day was fine with poached fish and boilled potato and rice) . Should she be eating something during the night so that the stomach is not empty in the morning.
Avatar m tn Next week, I will have an ultrasound down on my stomach and gallbladder. Does anyone know realistically, how long it takes for the stomach and intestines to get back to normal after a bout with viral gastroenteritis? I'm ready to eat and enjoy my favorite foods again.
203342 tn?1328740807 Have you noticed a pattern of when his tummy hurts? Perhaps it IS lactose intolerance or something of the sort. I also think one month is way too long for the bug to linger. Yes, call and get the results of the stool test; I cannot believe they have not called you. My goodness! I'm glad you're taking him in to see the doctor again. Better to be safe.
Avatar f tn When I was young, I had a long battle with UTIs and kidney infections and I felt like I had one. My PCP called me in one antibiotic and I felt slightly better but then started feeling bad again. I called her and she prescribed a stronger antibiotic but wanted me to come in for a urine culture. I was in the parking lot on a Friday and about to go in and had an emergency with one of my kids so I didn't get it. But I started the script because I felt so lousy.
Avatar n tn since I have started dontating plasma, I have had a 104 degree fever, gastroenteritis, and tonsillitis. This is all within 4 months, and prior to that i have not been sick since the 5th grade. I am 22 years old. Undoubtidy donating plasma lowers your immune system and there is nobody who could ever tell me differently.
Avatar n tn her main complaint was nausea and/or significant reflux that would come for no reason and usually passed off as viral gastroenteritis until this last episode .. Gastro reflux churned about 48hrs before an "attack" ocurred but on a daily basis her issues were more intestinal/stomach strapping pain and loose stools and then would go away within 36-48hrs. Not a longer time inbetween meals for hunger, or anything like that.
Avatar f tn I know people who think that is a ridiculous way to feel, but I guess many people do not realize just how debilitating gastro problems can be. I started Accuflora probiotics last Wednesday and so far, I have not seen any noticable improvement. I am going to bump up to 2 and see how it goes from there.
Avatar n tn This could be the case. Some women get heavy depends on how long it stays and how soon it is before your AF is supposed to arrive.
Avatar f tn So it was in your system pretty good. I am not sure how long it takes for it to come completly go out of your system. Does zoloft help with the serotonin production? Because if it does then you are not going to feel better until your body starts producing serotonin again. Why did your doctor put u on zoloft in the begining? If you pump up your vitiman C and take some b1 and b2s it may help you feel better. Even if you don't feel like it...try to eat healthy:-) that makes a Huge difference...
Avatar m tn Unfortunately it's the weekend and my doctor isn't in, but I have to work and I'm not sure how I can like this. Any advice? How long should this last? What can I do?
Avatar f tn Hi there! This is likely to be a viral gastroenteritis which should subside on its own in 5-10 days. I would suggest taking plenty of fluids with added sugar and salt/ commercially available oral rehydration solution to compensate for the fluids lost. If the symptoms do not settle in 5-10 days or there is development of additional symptoms such as blood in stools, I would suggest an evaluation by a primary care physician for appropriate management.
Avatar f tn Finally, your symptoms do not suggest a new HIV infection, which does not cause gastroenteritis as the only problem; as you seem to know, you didn't have any of the usual symptoms of ARS. But most important, your negative test results, especially the one at 7 weeks, prove you didn't catch HIV. A negative rapid test, either fignerstick or oral fluids, is just as reliable as a lab-based test. Something other than HIV is the cause of your gastroenteritis.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. There are many causes for a lack of appetite.
Avatar f tn Doc has not mentioned testing anything, just referred us to childrens hospital. Don't know how long we will have to wait on that.
Avatar n tn The burps are horrible smelling (sometimes worse then the farts). I could just burp all day long, it seems. This all started about the last time a certain fast food chain had that e-coli outbreak... and I had been eating there around that time. Granted, it's been about 3 months... first the aweful burps started slowly... and now more and more followed by excessive farting. Could this be some kind of mild e-coli? Parasite? Lactose intolerance?
Avatar m tn I would like to ask how long does it takes for stomach gas problem to heal. im having it for about a week. i have taken probiotics and anti acid medicines. Sometimes my stomach felt uncomfortable but once i released the gas it will feel way better. Why does this occur? Do i need endoscopy to check my stomach?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your reply, it is was very helpful. But How long should I wait to get tested to be certain I am negative ? In your other posts i read 6 weeks is 95% and at 8 weeks it's 99%. Is this true? Just wanted to double check as different posts talk about different tests.
1391531 tn?1289167743 He had a low grade fever that did not last long vet gave him trimethoprim/sulfadizine(tribrissen) when i talked to the vet a few days back and he gave us a the Rx he thought that the stomach flu was caused by Bactria, took in a stool sample the next day waiting back test results. When we went to vet today he said he for sure thought it stomach flu cause by a bacterial infections that why he start to feel better after he started the antibiotics, it he said it had to run it course.
Avatar n tn Lastly, could you please tell me how long on an average it takes to cure h.pylori and also if h.pylori causes a lot of gas especially flatulence. And also, are there any food items to avoid in general? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a feeling this might not be the sole cultrate of my pain. My pain always happens between 2am and 5 am. It can last as long as half an hour. It always starts as a stomach ache, then chills and cold sweat. The pain rolls upward underneath my breast bone and spreads to the left and right and wraps around to the back. The pain is extremely intense, it worsens with movement. The only positions I can tolerate is doubled over on my knees.
Avatar m tn I remember when i was battling that, How long have you had it? It sounds like you are not feeling to good, and are having additional stresses about supporting your family. Im sure though your family understand, and you have to stay strong for yourself as well as them. Have you seen an immunologist? I know you are waiting to see a neuro.
Avatar f tn Are these symptoms all part of reactivated mono? Should I seek a second opinion? How long should I expect these wildly varying symptoms to occur? I have a very active four-year-old daughter that I can barely keep up with. She suffers when I do, and especially suffers when both of her parents are down with mono. I need some information that is not second hand from a nurse without throwing money down the drain for misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis.
Avatar f tn I spoke to my PvP today. She said she does not believe I have viral gastroenteritis being I don't have any vomiting or diarreah. She feels it's either gastritis or an ulcer. She said both of these conditions have the symptoms as what I am having. She told me the excessive acid can cause the bloating, hunger like pains and loss of appetite. She said to try Pepcid complete. I had a hard time with Prilosec a few months ago.
152159 tn?1200086054 If I ever have to think about this getting worse I don't want it to be for a long, long time. This piece on Wickepedia bothered me as well...I guess I would still be a "1"? Grade Description Grade 1 Very faint, heard only after listener has "tuned in"; may not be heard in all positions. Grade 2 Quiet, but heard immediatedly after placing the stethoscope on the chest. Grade 3 Moderately loud. Grade 4 Loud, with palpable thrill. Grade 5 Very loud, with thrill.