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1612811 tn?1298361507 extreme gastric bloating(Simethicone doesn't help) +sick feeling(sometimes dizzy), mostly feeling really lousy, sometimes blurred vision, eyes feeling sunken & tired + no diarrhea" +no constipation + lack of appetite. Off lactose for 1 wk. It could be months before I can see a specialist(HMO). My Doc(a GP) is guessing that it is some type of Gastroenteritis, yet there is no diarrhea. The blood, urine and stool labs showed nothing. I don't think the GP can order imaging...
Avatar n tn For the past year, I've had chronic diarrhea, nausea, severe belching (no bloating though), nausea and vomiting off and on, low grade fevers, and my stomach makes horrible, loud watery gurgling noises all day. It all started with an "intestinal flu" that EVERYONE in my workplace contracted last March, (right after a co-worker's dog suffered an "intestinal infection" which cleared with metronidazole.).
Avatar m tn -Moderate nausea without vomiting -Upper abdominal bloating (stomach). I'm not sure whether it's my phobia and auto-suggestion or I really have this symptom, but I experience a 'fullness' sensation in the stomach that, however, can't say it has progressed to pain (maybe ever slightly so). It just feels swollen and a little achy, reminding me of a moderate GERD attack.Ranitidine helps only a little, if at all. -Moderate fever(?): it peaks 100.4 - 101.3 F (38-38.
Avatar f tn I have been dealing for two months with a sudden onset of nausea, bloating, acidy tummy, lack of appetite, small stools, and watery diarrhea. Even though I can't eat much, I have steadily gained weight, went from 155 last summer to almost 190 now in winter. Blood work does not show anemia or anything else suspicious. CAT scan only showed a fatty liver, which the enzymes are normal at the moment. Stool samples were normal.
Avatar n tn Last Thursday, I started having major bloating symptoms. By Friday, it was bad enough to go to the dr. Was bloated and felt like my blood sugar was very low (almost anemic) Xrays showed no blockage. Dr. ran blood tests but those have not come back yet. She says that there is a virus going around with bloating and flu like symptoms. She put me on metrinidazole and florasor pro biotic. Felt ok over the weekend but the bloating is back this week.
Avatar m tn -Moderate nausea without vomiting -Upper abdominal bloating (stomach). I'm not sure whether it's my phobia and auto-suggestion or I really have this symptom, but I experience a 'fullness' sensation in the stomach that, however, can't say it has progressed to pain (maybe ever slightly so). It just feels swollen and a little achy, reminding me of a moderate GERD attack.Ranitidine helps only a little, if at all. -Moderate fever(?): it peaks 100.4 - 101.3 F (38-38.
Avatar n tn I had tons of gurgling in my stomach and colon area and a general feeling of having trapped gas/air/bloating all over. My bowel movements started changing. One day they would be shaped fine, the next day they would be kind of skinny, then one day they would be weird puzzle shapes and kind of like diarrhea, then the next day diarrhea, then back to normal. No particular order. This went on for two months. I saw my doctor. He pushed around on me and said he didn't feel any lumps.
Avatar n tn I guess other potential conditions could be Giardiasis & Gastroenteritis?
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing severe bloating and diarrhea. It started five days ago when after eating a sandwich I started feeling nauseous. I drank some ginger-ale and felt a little better. I went ahead with my night plans and went out for a few drinks. The next morning I experienced extreme nausea--due to the previous night i blamed this on the alcohol. That's when I started throwing up--three times that day which lead to severe dehydration.
2137655 tn?1336009525 Hi, your persisting symptoms of bloating, nausea and dizziness could indicate a viral gastroenteritis. Lack of proper nutrition can cause dizziness due to hypoglycemia. The other causes could be jaundice if there is yellowish discoloration of skin, food poisoning if the symptoms occurred shortly after taking food, peptic ulcer disease and sometimes cholecystitis and pancreatitis. Please consult your primary care physician at the earliest for evaluation. Regards.
Avatar m tn My mother is acting weired. She is bloating and nausaus. Not on her period. She ate a salad with some peperchinies. Is that what is making her sick? If not then what is? She has felt this way before when she ate something bad. What can I do for her? Or what can I give her other wise what can she do?
Avatar f tn bloating, yellow stool Hi I have been getting bloating for a few months straight after I eat.
Avatar f tn The spasms could be due to gas as this in diabetes there is a slowing down of gut movement, constipation, gas and bloating. It can also be due to food poisoning or gastroenteritis. PCOD is also a cause of cramps and so is pelvic inflammatory disease. IBS, Crohn’s and celiac disease too should be ruled out. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Hope this helps. Take care!
Business man2 Obviously I cannot verify or diagnose that your daughter has or had a viral gastroenteritis ie "stomach bug" but in my experience my patients typically recover in 3-5 days. However, many of my patients will have prolonged symptoms of bloating and generalized discomfort for another week, especially if they try to return to a rich diet.
Avatar n tn Undissolved pills in stool, constipation, bloating,cramping,gas,severe stomach pain, nauseated by smell of food & after eating
2206935 tn?1373642205 Hello, Any viral or bacterial infection can cause gastroenteritis. If your stools are bloody the cause is less likely to be viral and more likely to be bacterial. Helicobacter pylori infections can present with acute gastritis,nausea,bloating,abdominal pain and belching. You should get a clinical examination done. Tests like complete blood counts and stool test may be helpful. Treatment will depend on the test results. Keep me posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn Once I ingest all of the saliva mucus that is unavoidable by the way, it messes my stomach up bad. Cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation. I've noticed even when I come in direct contact with the pollen and my mouth and sinuses start excreting in overdrive, as soon as it hits my stomach it goes to work. Even a little messes up my stool. It feels like it's attacking my intestines. Anyone else have this issue? Any tips?
Avatar f tn Hi there, It may not be possible to determine the exact cause without a detailed medical evaluation and work up. Stomach flu, viral gastroenteritis, food poisoning, acute appendicitis are few common causes of fever with abdominal pain. In such a situation symptomatic treatment is indicated. Take plenty of water and fluids. If there is bloating along with abdominal distension then antacids may be helpful. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn - 2 days of diarrhea at the beginning of all this followed by constipation for the next 2 weeks - Bloating all day, but I don't pass gas - I'm passing less stool than normal - Sometimes I get pain and nausea before passing stools that goes away after doing so - I notice a little bit of mucus in my stool but only at the front end of it - I get nausea and pain in my stomach that comes and goes - at night my stomach grumbles like it's having trouble digesting - fatigue that comes and goes
Avatar f tn Hi all, 3 weeks ago I came down w/ severe watery diarrhea and cramping, nausea/vomiting, fever etc. etc. and was diagnosed w/ gastroenteritis a few days later (apparently a "bug" was going around at the time and the doctor thought I likely has caught this). Apparently I also had blood in my urine (not visible to the eye) but didnt have a UTI and this symptom was dismissed.
Avatar m tn but it exists more than 5 months. -bloating and excess gas. bloating in general after meals. -burping -constipation. -sometimes mucous in the stool. -sometimes acidic kind stool.
Avatar n tn 1- Anemia 2- Diabetes 3- Drugs and some kinds of vitamins 4- Gastroenteritis 5- Gastroesophageal reflux 6- Irritable bowel syndrome 7- Cholecystitis 8- Nervousness 9- Peptic ulcer disease 10- Pregnancy You can start by doing some investigation including complete blood count and fasting and random blood sugar. If you are taking any drug routinely, you can think of stopping it for a while or look for an alternative. Going to a physician is the best option to do for now.
Avatar f tn Episode tends to begin mid morning to late afternoon with Acid Indigestion Followed by Severe Bloating and Gas with stomach tenderness Then Waves of stabbing stomach pain - like contractions Eventual Nausea and vomiting Only end is with sleeping pill or Xanax to go to sleep until next day. Next day - stomach tenderness and lack of appetite Seen 8 physicians, regular and gastroenterologists. Examinations preformed including endoscopy. Medications tried for migraines and acid reflux.
Avatar f tn Not to mention bloating and abdominal pain thats constant but only enough to feel uncomfortable. I have drank a whole bottle of Emetrol an anti nausea liquid and no changes. I took a pregnancy test to rule out that possibility and it was negative.. I still dont understand why i cant seem to shake these symptoms.. please help im tired of feeling sick..
Avatar f tn I have been having stomach problems such as right upper pain, bloating, gas, indigestion for about 5 years now. I have had all the tests but nothing can be found. I am slow to resume eating normal foods now but when I do eat there is a gurgling sound in my right side and it feels as if something is swelling up and causing pressure under my rib cage.
1471017 tn?1300574560 I have been having headaches and extreme fatigue along with bloating, belching and feeling nauseous at every meal. I feel like vomiting before I eat and after, but have never vomited. Now the last 3 days I have had orange stools that are almost the runs. I have some "chest" pain that radiates to my back but NO right sided pain or tenderness. Gallbladder???
Avatar n tn For the last three weeks every time I eat. I get really gassy and bloating. I use the bathroom atleast 3 times a day. I have never use the bathroom this much. I might go every other day. After I use the bathroom I have pain in top part of my stomach is this normal ?
Avatar m tn severe diarrhea, nausea, cramping, abdominal bloating, pain under my right shoulder blade and through my chest, and headaches. Are these enough symptoms to justify having my gallbladder removed? If not, what treatments are there for these polyps? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with gastroenteritis. I started with two back to back loose stools over the weekend. I ran out of pepto after one dose and moved to immodium (took 3 doses). The loose stool seized and introduced nausea and bloating (no puking). I ran out of immodium and decided to use rolaids to calm my upset stomach since I couldnt get to the doctor over the weekend. Shortly after, I had burning in my stomach along with the upset stomach (very unbearable). My doctor prescribed Nexium.
Avatar m tn After about the 10th time I started getting extreme pains the next day. Although my Doctors was saying this was Gastroenteritis, thus being put on medication for this. I managed to curb this at the start of the year and after a vast amount of research i feel I had night eating syndrome. Since around Feb I have been having an permanent bloating and pain in my stomach only, everytime I go to the doctors they say I have IBS and don't even want to give me further tests.