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Avatar n tn This problem has increased in the past three years. The gas is so smelly and at times the gas causes pain in my lower left side of my back. I eat very healthy I was told my the doctor to increase fiber in my diet to help with my bowl movement and stay away from foods that is prone to cause gas. But if I eat chips I get gas. Do you have any suggestions. I always follow my doctors orders.
1847494 tn?1319069603 i have been suffering from chronic burping that has caused me lower back pain. I'm not sure if the pain is in my kidneys i just know that the pain is consistent and so is the burbibg. What can it be and what can I do to make it better?
Avatar n tn It started with very strong headaches on the back of my head on the lower right. Any exertion on my part brought amazingly strong pain. They started on the Tuesday.. by Thursday of that same week I could barely see, or stand. My Head was pounding with my heartbeat, I couldn't eat, and I couldn't sit still.. Any food that I ate turned into excessive gas and caused tremendous chest pain, as well as discomfort in the liver region. My Abdomen was sore, and it would flare up every few days.
Avatar n tn I need help. I have lower back pain on both sides of my spine all the time. I feel feverish and have sever gas/ dry heaves. I feel Foggy in the head at times. I have repeated Urinary tract infections (so theyh tell me) and if given antibiotics the Simtomes (sorry about me spelling) just return a shorttime after takeing them. I feel hot right now and Nauseated. and my lower back is killing me. I cant seem to relive myself (#2) more then very slightly once every 2 days and i know its not enough.
Avatar n tn and then that was followed by a lot of gas. I still have the gas problem and I can still feel the pain throbbing in my lower left side once and a while. I drink 1 gallon of water a day and when I take gas pills it seems to work. Also, when I use the bathroom the pulsating pain goes away for awhile. What could this be?
Avatar n tn When it was drained, the pain left for a little while. But it is back and worse. The pain is in the lower back/hip area, pain goes down my left butt area and sometimes pain shoots down my leg. It bothers me worse at night. I will either wake up in pain only on that side, or when I wake up I can not move, the pain and the stiffness causes me to not be able to turn over from one side to the other. All this is accompanied with terrible gas as well, but not all the time.
Avatar f tn I'm having my first child and I'm having bad lower back pain...I'm only 5 weeks so is this normal???
Avatar n tn But I'm having severe lower back pains...any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Just this week experienced severe burning and pain across the entire lower back region, making it impossible to sleep and get comfortable. Also had much abdominal gas at same time, but don't know if this has anything to do with the pain. Thanks for your insight.
Avatar n tn Even though fever has come down the gas formation from stomach still persists with severe back pain on the lower portion which started yesterday.
Avatar n tn I am 26 years old with no children. I have had lower back pain concentrated in the right hip area since february of 2005. In the past, I have had overain cysts, more that I can count, 2 kidney infections and the shingles. I have had an MRI, and many Xrays, all negative. At this point, my periods have stopped. I had a Dr.'s apt today, and I am not pregnant. In the past year, I have had more missed periods, than periods.
Avatar n tn I am experiancing gas getting filled completely in my stomech , I had slight pain in Lower right hand side of my staomach also back pain and constipation too... I have consulted many doctors sevaral times and diffrent doc. In 2003 a gastoentrologiest did endoscopy and said there may be H.pirolly present. I did took a pervpac course for 14 days. It reliaved for short preiod of time now I have paid in the upper right side of the staomach and indside the rib .
Avatar f tn What does this mean if I have had lower back pain and stomach pain all day? Is it just part of pregnancy or should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I've noticed now that the pain is kind of on both sides at times. It's still the strongest in the LLQ, but it radiates to my left lower back, and I also feel a sort of "pinching sensation" on my right lower back. It doesn't quite seem like back pain because it feels closer toward the side and stomach. Doc said to try Senokot for constipation and it does help - without it takes a lot of effort to have a BM and my stools are very small, and they sink.
Avatar f tn i am 11 weeks 6 days and I keep having lower back pain and pressure in my bottom. I was thinking of going to the ER what do you all think?
Avatar n tn Once gone, I am continuing to have a cramping pain in my upper right abdomen, I have cramping and gas pains accross my lower abdomen and I also have achiness on both side of my lower back. The pains are dull but are rather consistent and don't seem to go away. My appetite comes and goes. When I do eat the pain gets stronger after a few hours. Looking to know if food poisoning can last that long or if there is another problem unrelated?
Avatar n tn I have been having a problem with lower right abdominal pain, that sometimes radiates to the lower right back, a lot of gas and bloating. I have been seen different doctors for this problem and I have had several tests performed, including blood tests (normal), urinalysis (normal), stool (normal), abdominal ultrasound (normal). Two years ago I had laparoscopic surgery where some ovarian cysts were removed. After the surgery, I still had the same pain.
Avatar n tn Then the pain goes from my lower back to my right side of my stomach. The lower back pain hurts when I sit down, go to the bathroom or pass gas. I am 25 years old and as far as I can remember I have never had a pain like this before. But then I thought that it may have to do with two different instances. First the other day at work I lifted 6 boxes that had reams of copier paper and the pain started shortly after that.
Avatar f tn Last night, right after work, I started having severe pain in my lower back/right side. I had a terrible time sleeping (cold not get comfortable in any position...hurt worse to lay on my left side than on my right...lying on the left cause my right side to hurt worse.) and woke at 2am in severe pain. My husband gave me 2 advil PM and it eased the pain enough to allow me to sleep in a propped up position. the pain is not nearly as intense, but is still there all day today.
Avatar n tn Since then I have been experiencing (most noticably the past 2 months) lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, some bloating around the time I would ovulate and LOTS of gas!! I am having an ultrasound on June 6th...way to far away for my liking and I am very stressed out about what the potential problem could be. On the one hand I know it most likely will just be a cyst but the hypochondriac in me is convinced I have ovarian cancer.
Avatar n tn I was put on my second antibiotic, the pain in lower back finally ceased, but I still have the pain in side and back. Also, I have pain in both feet and legs, mostly tingling in legs, but feet hurt on top and especially my big toes. Did you have any of these symptoms? I feel sluggish and don't sleep very well at night, and sweats.
Avatar n tn It could be gas, When I get a gas lock I get a pain like that and it lasts probably 5 hours or until I release gas. LOL, but I could be wrong.... It could be something else?
Avatar f tn recently i have been experiencing some stomach pain similar to the ones i used to get before my surgery. i have excess gas, bloating and some cramps that feel like they are in my lower back. this occurs with various types of foods, some more than others, especially when i eat protein and fat. it happens on occasion, not all the time and is only related to food. is there something i can take over the counter or do i need to see the gi doctor??? thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, my story is a bit long,so sorry for that, since 2 years I have PCOS and recently 2 months back I got typhoid, But since the last 1 month, I was having gastric problems,doctor said that its 1 of the after effects of typhoid,nw since 2 weeks am having lower back pain along with pelvic pain and since 3 days am having bladder pain and also I missed my period this month, Can anyone help me? I am really worried whats happening to me.
341486 tn?1200031508 ive been having strange lower stomach pains/cramps and lower back aches...i dunno what it is but it doesnt cause me to become bed-ridden or anything, and it doesnt hurt to the extent where i need to take pain just a bit worried, and not sure maybe if its gas? or doesnt hurt all the time...just random times during the day PS..
Avatar n tn At times, pain travels to my lower back. Also sharp pain when I press on my right side about 1 inch from the navel. A bit constipated but no diarreah, bloody stools, fever, nor weight loss. Had flex sigmoidoscopy 2 years ago - normal. Dr. scheduled me for U/S. I believe (and hope) it may be IBS/IBD and hoping its not related to any colon issue. Appendicitis? Any thoughts?