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Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks had terrible constipation for over a week and now diarrhea for 2-3 days next week it will be painful digestive system has been off my entire pregnancy!
328799 tn?1276569332 Hey guys, last night I had diarrhea for no reason, now im scared that i have a parasite, or intestional disease or colon cancer or something bad like that. I had abdominal pain before i went, and then after then it went away. My mom thinks its from somehting I ate. Last week i had a whole can of cashews one day, then like 12 pieces of cucumber with the skin on another day. My stool was kinda greenish. Well I woke up in a panic attack this morning and then got the pains and gas right after.
Avatar n tn Increased diarrhea, abdominal pain in upper left quadrant, lower right quadrant and cramping. Even though I have diarrhea, I have to really strain to have a bm as if constipated.Volume of bm is high, having at least 4/day usually 6/day, sometimes with explosive, pale, flat ribbon like and floating stools.Have had loud gas sounds from upper left and lower right quadrants. Have had barium study=a few diverticula but dr. feels this is not cause of problems.
Avatar n tn I didn't think much of it until one day I had bad diarrhea and the gas was horrible. I had fast-food that day so thought that to be the cause. Then I had it for another week, though not as bad. I went to the doctor, he put me on a liquid diet, that didn't work, I had a couple normal BM's inbetween but finally it got worse again so I went back. He just sent me for some tests. I'm nervous though. It's making it worse. Last week there was a mucus in the diarrhea.
Avatar n tn It's just the fear simply cannot totally go away, I have to consciously control it much of the time, and I'm in lifelong pain, so often I just don't wanna go out there! Would that I had enough money, I'd pay for an assistant to do my shopping etc (I cannot ask husband to do it all!).
Avatar m tn I have only thrown up a couple times but have had horrible gas pains the whole time. The gas pains don't last real long but when they come they put me on my knees. The pains usually come hours after I eat. I've been eating soup, toast and small amounts of chicken. The pain is on the left side of my stomach up near my ribs. I also feel it in my back. The only times I've thrown up was when the pain was real bad. I am 31 and pretty healthy otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn severe abdominal pain, gas, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. I feel like I felt when I had my gallbladder attack. I've mentioned this to my sister and she brought up something called "phantom attacks". Is she correct? I've never heard of this before. I'm very concerned. I keep looking up symptoms for colon cancer and other ailments, my grandmother passed away from colon cancer.
Avatar f tn I have had mild to severe back and abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, and bloating in my abdomen for 5 days now. It started Wednesday night, and the pain came on suddenly after I had been off work a few hours. This was the next to last day of work at an archaeological site, which lasted 6 weeks. I was not used to the work, I think this may have something to do with this. Anyhow, I skipped dinner wednesday because of the pain being so severe.
Avatar n tn I compared it to what I call gas pains only it was constant. After the pain I went into diarrhea for about eighteen hours Just below my belt line I had pain all the way across for several hours, the next morning I was much better. I took stool softeners and Dulcolax for the constipation.
Avatar n tn My son had loose, foul smelling stools, occasional diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gas, gas gas. He would also vomit occasionally and was always very fatigued. Many times, a person is diagnosed with IBS, to find out later that it is actually Celiac disease. It is estimated that 1 out of 200 have celiac, but only 1 out of 3000 in the USA are actually diagnosed. The rest are either undiagnosed, or shrugged off as having IBS. Check out for a more thorough explaination.
Avatar n tn The third reason for gas may be intestinal inflammation, which would result in reduced absorption of nutrients - which would be then consumped by bacteria, which would produce gas as the end result. In this case you would probably also have diarrhea. So, suggest a doctor to send you on breath test to check for 1. and 2., it shouldn't be expensive. Doctor will also want to order a stool test.
Avatar n tn I ate some expired kidney beans about 1 month ago and I had the worse gas for about 5 days. I didn't have diarrhea but the gas was painful. Whenever I would squeeze my butt it hurt. I thought maybe I had hemoroids so I got some medication and took it for about two weeks. It helped but I still have crazy gas and it feels like I have a ton of bricks in my butt but I have been having soft bowel movements. What is going on?
Avatar n tn I am 32 weeks and get the worse gas cramps and diarrhea that it makes me so sick. It gives me headaches and hot and cold sweats. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I avoided spicy foods and food that causes gas. I took Gas-Ex from time to time when the gas pain was severe. I took Pepto Bismol when I had diarrhea and cramping. I also took over the counter acid reducers for heartburn. My recommendation is to ask for a referral right away to a gynecologist and find out what other tests should be completed to further evaluate and treat the cyst.
4295582 tn?1358800015 I'm 15 weeks and having the worst gas pain every night. it feels like my stomach is gonna explode and then the pain radiates to my back. What can i do?? I'm sick of night times with my fiancé being ruined if you know what i mean.
Avatar m tn my uti's hurt in the pelvic area sometimes and when my bladder is distended I feel like it could possibly be my stomach- the gas bubbles as well as diarrhea very well could be from the stress- I had stress from a toothache that gave me such a tight neck I ended up with migraines stress not as oh wow, this feels awful but should I go to a dentist first- should I wait it out the tooth already had root canal?
Avatar n tn Prilosec gave me stomach cramps and diarrhea. About 3 years ago I began noticing I was haveing more gas than normal. It has gotten worse in the past 18 months. It is ordorless but not soundless. I may just be walking across my class room a fart pops pops out, some small some not so small. I don't have any bloating are gas pain build up, just unpredictable farts. This is quiet embarrassing. I have tried to cut out beans, I use Beano, nothing I have tried has helped.
Avatar n tn Problem started in 4/07 with back pain, then diarrhea for two weeks, stopped when I quit eating. Was okay until beginning of 8/07 with spasms high in abdomen and diarrhea. Was given Prilosec and Levsin and told to eat the BRAT diet. Saw GI consultant who set me up for colonoscopy because they found blood in stool at lab. Now 9/12 passing excessive amounts of gas and woke up with recurring diarrhea all night. What do I take/eat and can I take Imodium.
Avatar n tn Like others, I experienced severe abdominal pain, gas, bloating and explosive diarrhea. I also experienced an aftertaste... I am disappointed bc I have the intestinal side effects from other sweeteners and I was hoping this one was different. Oh well!!
Avatar n tn My friend has bouts of gas-like stomach pain that can be debilitating. Sometimes she can work through it by staying bent ove, other times she is too sick to go to work. She is 36 years old, and a smoker. She does have ulcers but says it's not that. There are no other symptoms related to elimination ie. diarrhea or constipation, no change in stool or eating, no weight gain or loss. I'm very concerned because she has no insurance and can't have further testing that's been recommended (ie.
Avatar m tn My 93 year old father feels pretty good except for excessive gas and sometimes diarrhea. He says he does pretty good in the morning, but in the afternoon things start to build and by bedtime he is pretty miserable. It seems to affect him about every other night. He takes very little medication, just a multi-vitamin and an additional iron supplement that his doctor recommended about a year ago, also a medication for excessive gas that doesn't seem to be helping. He sees his dr.
Avatar f tn However the last week or so I've had horrible painful gas with lots of pressure and pain in the pelvic area. Any experienced moms had thid problem? Is it normal? And what helps? Please help lol.