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Avatar m tn it a little it seems that I go into rapid heartbeat and the big thing I notice is the GAS. I burp myself after I get breathless from carrying the groceries upstairs and then I feel normal again. Later in the day, I went for a walk. The two mile walk I take daily. I haven't done it in five days. Before I went, I was hungry, so I ate some scones, which I like, but which give me gas. And yesterday I wasn't as vigilant as I normally am about my eating and taking beano and gas X...
Avatar m tn An alternative cardiologist listened to me describe my gas and burping and passing wind and said the gas was connected to the afib...that gas was pressing on the vagus nerve and causing the heart to misfire and beat too fast and out of rhythm. I took gas X and eventually the symptoms and the heart problems went away. This was six years ago. Now, the problem is back. I have had a cardioversion to get the heart back to sinus rhythm, but it didn't work.
Avatar f tn I had stomach and esophageal problems for a long time and am doing well now - I cannot say what it is or isn't but I just want to add some things that helped me with my rapid heartbeat and swallowing issues, acid reflux etc. They probably won't be life altering but some may help. I stay away from all things gassy: broccoli, cabbage, beans, popcorn, canteloupe, etc. I don't care how much I crave them! Vinegar and anything with vinegar is another problem for me. I am reading a book by Dr.
Avatar m tn Tried friend's cocaine for 2nd time in life, was kept awake all night long with erratic and heavy heartbeat, possibly anxiety but didn't feel that way. Terrified me and vowed to never touch that evil stuff ever again 1 month ago: Smoked marijuanna joint with two friends. Heartbeat became abruptly rapid and heavy. Almost a "flopping" sensation in chest, terrifying, stayed awake all night worried sick Two weeks ago: was driving aprox.
Avatar n tn It aids in digestion and if it is blocked up with gallstones the digestive enzymes will acutally start digesting the pancreas itself causing nausea, rapid heart beat, and burning. I also found out that if there is a blockage in the pancreas, alcohol digestion is slowed down. Which will cause symptoms about 12hrs after consuming. So my next step is to try and cleanse my liver and gall bladder of stones. I am really glad to have found this forum.
Avatar n tn It has become a real plague because every attack is accompanied by an irregular heartbeat. I was told that the gastric upset had nothing to do with the heart irregularity by a so called expert. I know for a fact that the only time I experience the heart thing is when I have severe bouts with gas and diaarhea. I take pronestyl and it helps a little bit. I have tried beta blockers and they have no effect. The irregularity stops ONLY some time AFTER my bout with gas and diaarhea ends.
Avatar n tn I accidentally ate a sandwich at a party today that made my stomach hurt and also gave me the rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. I'm not sure if those symptoms would be related to the gluten sensitivity or not, but I have seen almost an elimination in symptoms since I started limiting the gluten. I try not to eat anything with anything in the ingredients that have wheat. The majority of things that include gluten are pastas, breads, cereals, and breaded meats.
687079 tn?1230952212 54 - i have been getting sudden onsets of a rapid heart beat and lots of palpitations - i am not hashis or graves, endo is still trying to figure out why i am hypo at all..... i am on synthroid 50mcg. these symptoms are not any worse than before i started the medicine so thats not it...i am wondering if anyone else has had these rapid heart rates and palpitations with hypo?
Avatar n tn I lost 20 lbs which is great but now it seems like I'm more sensitive to certain foods causing stomach gas. I just recently linked my heart palps to gas/indigestion! I can predict when they are coming just by what I feel or hear from my stomach. I had a really scary episode last week that landed me back in the ER. I felt like my heart stopped- scared me to death so we went in. They hooked me up to the EKG for an hour or so and the heart palps happened while I was being monitored.
Avatar n tn I am not sure whether the A/Fib is causing the gas/bloating and the asthma attack or the other way around. Another interesting symptom that happened to me was when I went to the ER with an A/Fib event. It took them 14 hours to gain control of my heart rythym. I had to urinate a lot. I'm talking quarts. I found it surprising to me that the doctors did not know why, for I know it was related to the A/Fib event. Most Doctors are not scientists, nor do they have the time to be.
Avatar f tn I know I am allergic to Niacin (which is in the product)from taking a vitamin with niacin in, I had rapid heartbeat, red throbbing face and neck and was really scared, thought I was having a heart attack, it happened 3 times before I found out what that was and quickly stopped taking it.
Avatar n tn To those claiming it is anxiety, I don't doubt you get anxious and can feel your heartbeat. However, feeling your heartbeat and causing the chair you are sitting in to wobble are two entirely different things. I am a healthy 23 year old male non-smoker. I exercise twice a week, avoid carbonated drinks, avoid sugar, and live a fairly stress free life. I don't think this is some life threatening issue, but it is annoying to sit down to read a book and have your chest thump back and forth.
Avatar f tn I have never felt this before, so I know my birth control is causing this! I go to the gyno in a couple weeks and I hope that she can figure something out. I do want to get pregnant again for quite a few years, so I definitely need some form of birth control. I hope that I can find something that will not cause me to have severe anxiety. I have the most horrid panic attacks. I worry constantly, and I can never have any fun because of my anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have a significant load of calcium in my coronary arteries - this may have something to do with causing the pvcs. By the way, several years ago I found that I get pvc's when I become dehydrated. Drinking more fluids solved this (for a time at least).
238668 tn?1232735930 Rapid Heart Beat posted by ed on March 31, 1999 at 16:36:55: Hello. Is it possible for trapped gas, either in the stomach or intestines, to collect in a certain spot andelevate the heart beat for periods of time? For the past 7 months now, I have these periodic episodes, that last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours where it feels like I all of a sudden just inflate on the insides.
Avatar m tn Later in life I noticed the gas would seem to come back from time to time and I'd take Prilosec and again it would take it away, but I then wondered what was causing the gas to come back. After the Prilosec relieved my gas I started focusing on eating foods that strengthened the heart, begun working out to strengthen my entire body, ate foods full of protein and fiber, made sure I was getting my vitamins and overtime I noticed the gas never came back.
Avatar f tn Three years ago something happened to me that I still haven't figured out - my heart started beating very fast and my BP went way up (so high that with every heartbeat I could see the tiny capillaries in my eyes as an overlay on my visual field). Paramedics couldn't bring them down so took me to "A&E" (aka the ER - I'm American but live in England).
Avatar n tn There really isn't any correlation between the two. But your stomach can make you feel like your heart is acting up, or your heart will be acting up, and you may think it's just your stomach. So, any irregular, or rapid heartbeats needs further investigation.
343006 tn?1314450071 What kind of symptoms are you getting when you describe palpations? I, myself, get rapid heartbeat during the daytime and extremely fast heartbeat at night when I lay on my left side. When I switch to lay on my right side, I do not even feel my heart beat. My EKG is normal so far and was told that I have an adrenaline problem which is hereditary on my father's side. The bloating and gas could be caused from sucking in air through your mouth.
Avatar m tn I had an Ablation almost 3 years ago.Irregular heartbeat appeared on my home heart monitor recently.Event monitor showed no afib, but it did show Pacs. EP said they were benign. They have been increasing in frequency and duration which concerns me. Doe's anyone know what I'm feeling around my heart. It's not pain, just an annoying awareness. I feel jittery like I drank 10 cups of coffee during these events. I also have had gas issues ever since my heart problems began.
1584046 tn?1296760382 I have suffered with bloating and gas for years. The best thing that I have found that works for me is Gas X Extra Strength chewables. The gas alone CAN cause the palpitations you are having. The fear of dying is definitely a panic attack. When you are having an attack get up out of bed and do anything you can think of to distract your mind, so it has to focus elsewhere. I find playing solitaire or any other computer game, helps me a lot. Also deep breaths and counting backwards helps me.
Avatar m tn I also had occasions when I would wake up early with a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath (even though I use a CPAP machine religiously). I expected these symptoms to go away after cardioversion but they haven't. I usually have strong palpitations when lying down, although they are now very regular. The tachycardia is happening most nights now, usually between 4:30 and 6:30 AM.
Avatar f tn I think in general your cat hurt your tummy muscles, which probably even triggered your digestive tract muscles to move outta nowhere like they did, and perhaps the muscle spasms there are causing gas, so until it heals up on its own, some alka seltzer ought to help with that, so can a little noncaffeine soda or milk, and also you must try to rest and relax your tummy as much as you can.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I could have celiac disease causing my anxiety/depression or if the anxiety/depression was causing my IBS symtoms to get worse? On Nov. 20, 2009 I had my Thyroid test (TSH) and my CBC which were all 'normal', but my set. rate was slightly elevated. Please read on for a history..... I have had IBS symptoms (was never officially diagnosed) for many years.
1337456 tn?1278437461 It can be a bladder dysfunction causing you to being unable to clear your bladder completely when going to the bathroom. It can also be anxiety and your habits like drinking a lot of liquid. If you drink a lot on an empty stomach yes indeed you can end up going to the bathroom very often. Yes it can be a side-effect of Zoloft because Zoloft can cause problems with bladder control as I first mentioned bladder dysfunction induced by medication. You will see it in the list of side-effects.
Avatar f tn Thank you all for your responses. You have somewhat eased my concerns. Something else has me concerned now however. My Gyn ordered a CA125 test and it came back high (65). My risk factors for ovarian and breast cancer are high as it is and now I'm a bit alarmed. My doctor said he was just ordering that test to " have all his ducks in a row" before the laparoscopy, Is this test result cause for alarm? I don't want to worry unecessarily. Thank you all in advance!
Avatar m tn 10 gastroscopy showed GERD, hiatal hernia and reflux oesophagitis ultrasound s showed an abundancy of gas in tranverse colon 11-12 Hypersensitive esophagus , roemheld syndrome? Since 2009 I have had ca 20 'attacks' where my diapragm spasms.
339226 tn?1201271807 Hi All, I've read alot of posts were people say not to have caffiene as this makes anxiety worse, So what about Decaffinated Coffee and Caffiene Free Soda ? Would these things be ok ? I am a big soda drinker, ( diet soda only ).
443136 tn?1210539925 myself lately, panic attack symptoms (rapid heartbeat, hot flashes, chills, shortness of breath), loss of appetite, other times am starving, I usually feel worse after eating, irritable moods, headaches, tingling in my extremities, uti like symptoms when on period, menstrual irregularity (has been like this since I first got my period at age 11), constipation (hard stools tend to tear my anus), my allergies have been worse (stuffy nose, runny itchy eyes), last time I had my blood pressure chec
Avatar f tn I just collapsed/fell down due to extreme weakness but I am not really that unconscious), almost everyday (sometimes especially when I am climbing the stairs or in place where there's not much air), had chronic fatigue syndrome (where even raising my arm needed a lot of energy, even opening my eyes or saying a word was energy draining for me), can't stand walking around the mall, a supermarket or even a bookstore (i feel dizzy in 30 mins or so, with accompanying nausea eventually), i was diagn