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Avatar n tn old female with a long history of benign PVC's. This past July, I completed my annual Stress/Echo/EKG with a Cardiologist who also specializes in Electrophysiology. Tests revealed PVC's prior to 140 bpm, sinus tachy, and questionable mild regurgitation. No CAD or structural disease. Due to panic, I ended my test at about 159 beats per minute and was short of my target area. Blood tests revealed low end of normal mag and potassium.
Avatar n tn Usually it occurs when i have late meals then starting burping gas and then start having pvc's. Does GI problem also causing PVC. I have seen 2 different cardiologists and they check for stress echo and treadmill test are negative. What can cause this?
1005642 tn?1286910758 I have been living with PVC's since I was 18, currently I am 33 yr old female. My internist diagnosied me with PVC at the age of 24 since then I have been taking Toprol 12.5 mg daily plus an antidepressant and anxiety medication daily. I noticed that at times my pvc's will go away for weeks on end, other times they are different more stronger flip flops where I actually believe my heart is going to stop for good, and now I noticed a new symptom I am having a PVC every few minutes......
Avatar f tn I also have been diagnosed with panic attacks/anxiety (anxiety since 19 yrs old). I did have an holter done about one month ago it showed rare PAC's/PVC's with some sinus tachycardia. My MD wants me to start zoloft and feels this will decrease my symptoms. I am a bit nervous about starting the medication due to its possible s/e's of heart palpitations, tremors,fainting listed as possible s/e's.
Avatar f tn PVC's started 2 years ago for me. I can tell I have gas backed up under my rib cage (both sides) pushing out. I have had so much in there it felt like I had a basketball in there . When that happens PVC's all over the place, and I'm thinking it is causing an overcrowding of the heart and sends it into a funky rhythm. And they don't stop until I take Gas-X or something similar and decompress my upper abdomen.
Avatar n tn My thyroid size appears normal although there were some cysts on it. My doc feels these are probably benign PVC's as I have normal cardio results so far. I've read thru these forums extensively and most pt's describe the "fluttering, flipping over" sensations. Can PVC's like mine (not noticiable unless I am checking my pulse) still be benign? Or, is this another possible arrhythmia that I may be dealing with?
Avatar n tn I do get pains in the lower left of my stomach (gastritis still) but the gas/ bloating and pvc's are changing my quality of life and need to see about what it will take to get my stomach corrected so I can lead a normal life. Sometimes I wonder how and where all the air that I'm burping up comes from?? Thanks for any input!!
Avatar m tn I tried to narrow down what in the world could possibly be causing them. My husband suggested that it seemed my PVC's had increased since getting our cat. SO, I thought, hmmmm....PVC's can be a symptom of allergies, so why not try Claritin or benadryl. Well, it seems to have helped immensely! I started taking Claritin once daily in the morning and I have FINALLY been getting some good nights of sleep!! I hope it isn't just some temporary relief for some unknown reason. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I have also coorelated an increase in my PVC's sometimes with symptoms of excessive gas and stomach pressure with rumbling and question vagel response due to lightheadedness, PVC's and tachycardia after eating heavy meals. I don't know how all of this is inter-related but i know it is.. Should i consider re-evaluation with this lightheaded symptom or is it normal with PVCs?
170935 tn?1225374676 I see this very common among many peoples that eat mostly foods that contain gas producing chemicals in them. My heart literally stopped and regained again many times due the VEGAS nerve. I too felt my heart was wearing out but NO DOCTOR would ever treat the cause but i know now that they do know how to treat the cause but will most likely not reveal the secrets to this knowledge due to not having any work related issues from this condition.
Avatar n tn 99% of my pvc's are followed by burps. It sounds crazy but that is the truth. If I get gas that I have a hard time getting up, my pvc's are numerous. I can be laying down and get a lot of pvc's and then I can sit up and burp and then lay back down again and the pvc's go away. In June I overate a very large meal and ended up with extreme gas and acid indegestion. I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning with multiple pvc's. Ended up going to the E.R. and wore a holter for 24hrs.
Avatar n tn I've long known that for myself, reflux/heartburn (I regularly eat as many as 10 Rolaids daily) and large meals can definetly effect/trigger my PVC's. I've discussed this with my Cardio and numberous other doctors I've seen, but they have seemed somewhat reluctant to acknowledged that heartburn or reflux might contribute to PVC's, albeit, they have all acknowledged the potential full stomach/vagus nerve connection.
Avatar f tn I am looking for ways to naturally reverse PVC's. I have had a CT scan and everything is normal but a doctor put me on thyroid meds when I apparently didn't need them and when I went hyper thyroid it knocked my heart out of rhythm. I am currently having about 3,000 PVC's a day. My doctor wants to put me on Multaq but after reading about that drug and want to find a way to do this without medication. I am fairly fit, I was starting Insanity and C25K when all this started.
Avatar n tn I know there is a link between the vagus nerve and PVC's. I'm curious if this is what is causing mine. I get a weird lump like feeling in my throat and I have to belch a lot. I also am always taking tums or rolaids. Just curious to know if anyone else gets PVC's from stomach issues. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Because my heart is fine. But last night I realized I was not only having PVC's but PAC's as well. I have had Paroxysmal Afib since 2009. I take flecanide and metropolol for it. So far they have kept me in sinus rhythm. But last night, I could feel that my afib was coming back. It was not the usual lub lub pause. It was lub lub pop pop pop. I didn't know if I should go to emergency, or just sit it out.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from multiple PVC's for many years, By "multiple" i mean that it is alike to skimming a stone on a lake, first the big thump-stone on water, then subsequent lesser thumps. The trouble was that I would get these symptoms one after another and another particularly when my body was tired or I had overdone things. It would only need me to sneeze,laugh,raise and arm or stand up to feel a succession of these symptoms and I would experience several hundred in an hour.
Avatar n tn Hi, 36 yr old male(not overweight, don't smoke etc), suffered from pac's and pvc's for a few years now(they just came out the blue a few years back)..They are mainly pac's that i get, rather than pvc's. One thing i've noticed lately is at least 3-4 times a week, i wake up during the night and suffer from heart skipping usually when i lay on my side(actually any position causes them)..
Avatar n tn Hello and thanks for taking my question. Recently I have developed PVC's and or Ventricular Tachycardia (sp) which came out of no where. I've had every test imaginable, ekgs, echos, nuclear stress test (2 in the last year), angiograms...everything. It all turns up ok. BP and cholesterol is great, don't drink, smoke, drugs, gave up coffee/soda etc. My cardiologist is really trying to find the cause because he said the pvc's are coming from the lower chamber of my heart.
Avatar m tn 35 yr old male, strong physical condition, resting HB 50, recently given normal on EKG and stress echo and thryoid, had a lone afib some 12 years ago, none sense, but have become more symptomatic wityh PAC and PVC's recently and became concerned. under high desgree of work / life related stress. questions: 1. does stress and anxiety have actual impact on pac/pvc? 2.
Avatar n tn I have PVC's for years.I had an echo, holtor, and EKG 4 years ago.The echo showed mild regurg, the ekg normaland the holtor showed PVC's with sinus tach noted to probably be precepitated by excercise.I am a 35 year old female ingood health with no immediate family history of problems except an aunt with a pacemaker.This time my PVC's are coming in short runs or bursts.It doesn't matter what I am doing,I will get a run of fast beats with what seems like constant skipping.
Avatar n tn And stimulating the vagus nerve can cause the pvc's. It sounds like you have some other underlying condition that is causing the stomach problems. If you have not been worked up by a cardiologist and a Gastroenterologist, then do so. If you have then you might benefit from seeing a Psychiatrist as a lot of this may be anxiety. Believe me, because I've had it. IT caused me a lot of problems. Since I have been taking prozac and xanax, my symptoms have been much better.
221122 tn?1323014865 But I am really tired of being told that it is causing it. I had PVC's first. I wonder why money is spent fixing men who have problems with their sex lives, but I see no one trying to come up with any help for those of us who suffer with this. Any help would be appreciated.
892912 tn?1241468900 What seems to be happening in many cases is the Metabolic rate has slowed (age , disease) which immediatly tells the Vagus Nerve to produce more acid the vagus nerve controls heart rate and acid production which is why your heart races when you eat a lot of carbs or greasy food. But because your metabolism has slowed the gas stays in your stomach causing reflux or even a hiatel hernia from pressure.
Avatar m tn I just looked it up on the Internet, that's all it took. Here's another drug site's version; "Side Effects of Calcium Citrate One of the most commonly observed calcium citrate side effects is that it causes some gastrointestinal problems. Like constipation, stomach gas, bloated feeling, etc. Some people also complain about nausea and vomiting, pain in the abdomen and loss of appetite. These problems are nothing very serious and one need not worry about them.
Avatar n tn it helps against stomache gas and relieves me from PVC's, but the best thing to do in a case like mine is to prevent stomache gas because it's unhealthy to take over the counter meds every day !! I get tachycardia and pvc's caused by stomache gas more easily in the morning, i think this is because during the night the stomache is least acidic so the first food you put in it is hard to digest, and can cause excess stomache gas!
Avatar n tn My holter recorded more pac's then pvc's. any signifigance? why do I get chest pains when I have gas,belching?
Avatar f tn I have heard that EVERYONE has pvc's and pac's. Is this true? I have at least 10 every day. Is it dangerous to have that many? Do I have more risk of it turning into an arrhythmia that my heart won't get out of? How can I tell if I am having a pvc or a pac? My holter showed 13 pac's and 2 pvc's but I always feel the pause and then a hard thump. Why do they happen more when I run up the stairs or bend over too quickly or am carrying a heavy load? Worried sick.
Avatar n tn The Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist I have seen told me no real evidence gas causes PVC's and said I could see a Gastro doctor if I wanted. I am proof positive that gas and stomach acid are factors in my PVC's. I sit here at 5 am writing this because I kept having them laying down. Since I have been sitting up on computer have passed gas several times but have had no PVC's. Like I said, sitting or standing subsides them for the most part during these gassy times.
Avatar n tn My doc sent me to a cardiologist this past Monday and he sent me home with a holter monitor for 48 hours. They also did an EKG where they said I had several PVC's. They also did an ECG and the heart looks fine structurally. I do have fairly low blood pressure most of the time and when I get high heart rates I tend to stay pretty dizzy. Lately the arrthymia's seem to come on more and more. Nothing specific triggers them its like they have a mind of their own.
Avatar n tn I guess I was tensing the stomach muscles causing the gas in my stomach to rise hitting the vagus nerve which caused the pvc. Women especially who have had children should be check for a hiatus hernia which is what I have as well as acid reflux disease. I work out daily both treadmill and bowflex and I have not dropped dead yet. The ticket to success is to not panic over the pvc which is hard to do I know it took me years. Change in diet which I went vegetarian.