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Avatar n tn You might also try digestive enzymes, if the food you eat isn't getting broken down adequately it will ferment causing gas. Keep sugar and food containing it and sweet fruits to a minimum, yeast and bacteria feed on sugar resulting in gas.
221122 tn?1323014865 For about two weeks I have been having an extremely bad problem with gas. My stomach blows up, usually sometimes after lunch, and I have to relieve the gas quite frequently. This is killing me at work and even at home, as I cannot leave the house. I'm talking sometimes every two minutes and an extreme amount.....and the odor is sulphuric at best. I have not been eating anything different, eat hardly any beans/cabbage/veggies that cause this. Not a big milk product person.
1427124 tn?1284247534 It's anyone's guess what is causing your symptoms. I would get checked for overgrowth of candida or h. pylori( bad bacterias that cause digestive problems). If you give a stool sample, you can be checked for that, or also for other microbes or parasites that could be present.
Avatar f tn I get pains in my right lower side,occsionally left -when it swells.If I pass gas or have any form of bowel movement,it relieves the discomfort.If I dont take Miralax,I have very hard pellet stools and not often.My mother had Crohns disease,colitis,IBS My great grandmother had colon cancer at 78.Had it removed and lived to be 93.I also had this discomfort on my right side around to my back.Feels almost like a pulled muscle.
Avatar n tn There is no pain associated with the bouts, just the need to pass the gas, to relieve to build-up, as it were. When I am plagued by these bouts of gas, I do notice, however, that my bowel movements tend to be more "sticky" and not well formed (flaky...some formed, the sticky part when cleaning myself up, and some flakes). The color is usually a medium to dark brown (twice, many months apart during bouts I noticed the stool had a greenish color.
Avatar n tn I'll be back on the diet, to see whether is sugar or carbohidrates what is causing my gas problem. However, I think even with flatulence decreased, Ithink I still smell bad, as I observe my coworker reactions when they're close to me. Next Friday I'll have a follow-up with my ND, I'll let you know what he says, and anyways I'm planning to get back to my PCP, to get a referal to a Gastro Doctor.
Avatar f tn I saw another Gastrointestinal specialist last week, he did a stomach exam on me and said he said my Fibroid is huge (uterus dilated to 24 weeks pregnancy size) and it's possible my Fibroid is causing my stomach gas issues. I was shocked. Is it possible for a fibroid to cause THIS MUCH problems especially the excess gas in my upper stomach that radiates to my chest?? Someone help!!!
Avatar m tn I tried a 2 week eliminate all fats diet, I tried 2 weeks with no dairy, 2 weeks with no sugar. I take vitamins and probiotics. I have tried gas-x and lactaid, no help from either. I have read something recently saying that a deviated septum could cause GI problems, it didn't go into a whole lot of detail and I am not sure how common this is, but I am trying to explore any other options to resolve this.
Avatar m tn If you are really worried about it try some good Probiotics and eating garlic. That should "kill" anything causing your problem. Also, in case it's parasites, drink apple cider vinegar (about 1 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water) everyday. The good probiotics are expensive at the health food store - but they are worth it if it helps. (Don't forget to take an insulated lunch pail with ice packs to bring it home). Garlic kills worms. Eat a garlic clove at least once or twice a day.
Avatar n tn The strangest symptons though are just constant vibrations or movements in my intestinal area, bad heart burn, bad gas, and a feeling like I have to burp but just cant. Im hoping that my heart is fine and the feelings are just from my focusing on it too much, but I just dont know. Can anyone relate to this? Its been 3 months and I cant even sleep anymore.
Avatar n tn Before considering parasites, there are several other considerations. In addition to the tests you already had, I would consider a gastric emptying scan to evaluate for gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying), as well as a 24-hr pH study with esophageal motility studies to evaluate for GERD and motility disorders. If negative, an ultrasound can be considered to evaluate the liver and gallbladder - where diseases can be causing your symptoms.
Avatar n tn If you suspect parasites,any GP can give you the medication to kill the common parasites.
Avatar m tn At random times I have had sulfuric burps, gas and diarrhea. With weeks in between of not feeling anything I would get it again and this time I would have egg burps but not diarrhea but feel bloated and cramped. My young daughter now has it but did not have diarrhea but soft stools. We would eat the same thing for dinner but only I would get this way. It's always burps first then the stomach problem. I've asked a doctor, and they do not seem to know what it is, or why we both now have it.
Avatar m tn Ive been from dr to dr to dr about a recurring problem and not 1 of them seems to know whats causing them. and it can be pretty expensive. I am a student and dont make a lot where I work so ive already maxed out my $200 prescriptions insurance plan w/ my work -_- and im sure its even more worse in the states! Please keep me posted. would love to know what this is!
Avatar n tn I am 19 year old male, skinny, I cant gain weight no matter how much I eat, Its been like this for my entire life. Starting 2 years ago, I started to have periodical gas problem, I would burp as often as every 5 seconds for the whole day. It is voluntarily burping, I can hold it if i want to but it feels unpleasant. Theres also dull pain just under edge of the rib cage on lower left which extends through the back. I also have uncurable acnes which never disappears.
Avatar n tn I have tried the following supplements/items, but none have worked: Gas X / Charco-Caps (only effective before gas reaches the intestine) Lactaid (for dairy) Beeno (digestive enzyme) Peppermint oil capsules (to help alleviate intestinal gas/bloating) Papaya enzymes (to help alleviate intestinal gas/bloating) Prilosec OTC (tried this for 2 weeks even though I don’t have heartburn) Digestive Advantage – IBS (even though I don’t have IBS, I thought it might help w/ the bloating) Dairy-free Diet –
Avatar n tn I am not sure whether the A/Fib is causing the gas/bloating and the asthma attack or the other way around. Another interesting symptom that happened to me was when I went to the ER with an A/Fib event. It took them 14 hours to gain control of my heart rythym. I had to urinate a lot. I'm talking quarts. I found it surprising to me that the doctors did not know why, for I know it was related to the A/Fib event. Most Doctors are not scientists, nor do they have the time to be.
Avatar n tn I lost 20 lbs which is great but now it seems like I'm more sensitive to certain foods causing stomach gas. I just recently linked my heart palps to gas/indigestion! I can predict when they are coming just by what I feel or hear from my stomach. I had a really scary episode last week that landed me back in the ER. I felt like my heart stopped- scared me to death so we went in. They hooked me up to the EKG for an hour or so and the heart palps happened while I was being monitored.
Avatar f tn Excerpts from Gallbladder Attack - Stomach Acid...
Avatar n tn He also has lots of very foul smelling gas. The stool is also foul smelling and floats. The problem has gotten worse in the last four months. The diarrhea occurs several times daily, and he's lost almost 35 pounds. When he finally saw a doctor, the doctor thought he had diverticulitus (he also did blood tests to rule out cancer). He prescribed an antibiotic and ordered a lower GI. The lower GI came back normal.
Avatar n tn I had started going to the bathroom more than usual, I had diarrhea, mild cramping/gas in the lower middle part of my abdomen (right below the belly button), narrower stools, and it also felt like the bowel wasn't completely empty after a bowel movement. I had a stool test performed to look for evidence of bleeding/infection, and it came back normal. The symptoms began to go away a little, and I thought I was getting better.
Avatar n tn bacteria eat lactose, these bacteria give off a lot of gas, etc., causing the symptoms of lactose intolerance. 3) Consider the possibility of Celiac Disease, which is a type of GLUTEN INTOLERANCE. Avoid all forms of "gluten", which is found in WHEAT, RYE, OATS, BARLEY, and BUCKWHEAT. Try a gluten-free diet for a week. BROWN RICE is nutritious and is gluten-free. There are delicious cereals and pastas and even breads made of organic brown rice, found at health food stores.
Avatar f tn many thanks for this information , I had no clue on parasites staying in my intestines while causing problems..i will ask for this!! @ jennerfennerbenner - Can you help me understand what is OTC gas x.? Is that the name of a medicine avaliable over-the-counter.?
Avatar m tn I have discomfort right below my belly button but no real pain. I also have alot of gas now and the gas and bowel movement smell very unpleasant. My anus also sometimes feels a little slimy even after cleaning it very thoroughly. My diet has been a little unconsistent during the 2 weeks as well.. but for the most part I try to eat healthy and get plenty of fibers and fruits and vegetables.
Avatar n tn PARASITES!! get checked for parasites. Don't depend on just any lab to diagnose this. It is hard to diagnose!! I had 4 parasite tests come back negative that were done by Quest Labs. I am now working with Great Smokies Diagnost Lab and paying for the work myself. You can try your doctor and the lab he/she uses and see how it comes out. Chances are it will be negative and chances are you have parasites. I can't believe how many people are contracting this in the U.S.
Avatar f tn ATTENTION ANYONE EXPERIENCE ITCHING: You have parasites! Almost 95% of people have some sort of parasite. These parasites breed, and make hundreds to thousands of eggs per day! Sugars, natural or artificial, seem to feed the parasites, creating candida.
Avatar f tn no matter how healthy I ate or how much I exercised I had putrid smelling gas, stomach pains, and a 5-month pregnant -bloated look. On a side note I just would like to vent a bit: I have a special hatred for western medicine, at least in terms of prevention. If I get in a car wreck and need immediate surgery it's ok but when it comes to treatment and prevention, western medicine gets a F in my book. Anyways, I thought I had found the solution.
Avatar n tn But the main problem i have is constant gas. No matter where i go what medicine i take i still have the gas. its destroyed my social life. IM always worried about the gas. ive been tested for every stomach/intestinal disease out there and im completely fine. iknow the anxiety is causing it but i cant make it stop. everywhere i go ppl are giving me looks which is turning me into an agro phobe. ive been experencing extreme deppresion and panic attacks.
Avatar m tn For a few days now I have not been able to pass a BM properly. It is causing me pains, I am assuming from gas. When I am able to pass something, my stool is discolored. It is dark brown and white. It is also very odd looking.
Avatar n tn Try one week of low-sugar diet. Sugar is the food for intestinal bacteria, and they produce a lot of gas. So limit sweets, cola, fruits and fruit juices, beer (contains sugar maltose) and potatoes (starch), and anything other containing table sugar. If this won't help, or if your symptom will worsen, then you'll need stool culture test and maybe test for parasites. It may also be a diverticulitis.