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293157 tn?1285877039 Also I know that this forum being what it is of course most pain here is likely to be neurological. I never did the trial with gabapentin, it is still in my fridge, out of date now I think. Who knows, it may have even worked for me...just had my opinions set from my experiences, which were of a patient group not typical of those here. Anyway, it's always good to get two sides of an argument, wobbly is either now very well informed or confused!
Avatar f tn I too am taking Gabapentin. I am having extreme Diarrhea as well. My dad is a MD. Imodium a-d is over the counter and has been working for me thus far. My stomach still hurts a little and is not right. But the explosions have stopped lol. Diarrhea is not common with gabapentin so doctor's don't seem to associate it with this drug. I'm seeing it all over the internet on blogs like this. It's listed as an unknown side affect.
Avatar f tn you need something for mood, cravings and anxiety, everybody on here has their favorites, mine are supliments, cigs and gabapentin Ask me any questions, I didn't want to overload you all at once with remedies. i'll check back shortly to see how you are doing, maybe someone else will start posting soon.
4705307 tn?1447973922 In clinical trials in diabetic neuropathy and epilepsy, therapy with gabapentin was not associated with an increased frequency of serum aminotransferase elevations or liver toxicity. Rare individual case reports of liver injury from gabapentin have been published, although the causal relationship of gabapentin with the liver injury was not always clear. The latency to onset in these reports was 1 to 8 weeks and associated with cholestatic pattern of enzyme elevations.
1473217 tn?1289246676 I take a morphine drug and I was just prescribed Gabapentin. I had the same problem as others with my "pain specialists". Suspicious-Yes, Rude- No Sorry you are suffering,...
Avatar f tn in a coma and a week after coming home I was found having a seziure with 104 fever, pneumonia. Since I have been home I have weaned off Oxycodone, Gabapentin, and all other meds for pain except the 60mg Kadian. I have had nausea and vomiting every day since I have been home. We split the Kadian to 30/30mg and I am still sick. I am hoping it is the Kadian that is making me sick. Even though I have taken it for a long time with no side effects I can't think what else it could be.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend just came clean about his IV Morphine addiction. He's been doing it off and on for 4 years now and I found his syringes last night while we were cleaning the house - he came clean to me about the addiction and flushed all of his stuff. He wants to quit cold turkey but I am so scared about the whole process and don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn It seems like with all you have been through with the surgeries, you may be able to guide others just starting there journey. Just an idea anyway. If you have difficulties while your detoxing...please post and Im sure many can help with ideas on how to deal with the symptoms. Wish you the best.
424839 tn?1268189846 IT morphine 1 mg per day is equivalent to oral morphine 75 mg per day. Most patients require between 1 mg and 4 mg per 24 hours intrathecally to achieve reasonable comfort. This is equivalent to between 75 - 300 mg oral morphine per day. Even with this "Rolls Royce" technique, 100% pain relief is not attainable nor expected. Co-medication with paracetamol, NSAIDs, amitriptyline and gabapentin may still be necessary.
Avatar m tn I don't have anything to help get through this, but I found some gabapentin and have read from numerous sources can be a godsend for opiate w/d symptoms. Does anyone have any experience using this?
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm wondering if it is safe for me to take Gabapentin for withdrawal symptoms from methadone? I read somewhere that the gaba is sometimes prescribed for that. I have never taken it before in my life and got a hold of a few 300mg capsules the other day. I have been into opiates off and on for about 8 years, getting pretty bad into them this past year. I think it is alot mental with me though. I started off on Perc 5's and 10's, graduating to oxy 30's about a year ago.
329994 tn?1301666848 I said no to the Savella because of my heart condition and also I read that it interacts with my Lasix. No problems of that with the Gabapentin. He has me on 100mg 3x a day but I am starting with 2x a day, afternoon and night as it is supposed to make me drowsy and I want to see how I do on it. Yesterday was the first day so I cannot really comment. With the CFS,I am tired every afternoon whether or not I take drugs so hard to say.
648944 tn?1241473294 Or know what's in it? I was on a couple of versions of extended release morphine, first Avinza, and then Kadian, with moderate impact. My PM doctor suggested that because the system gets used to a drug, its effectiveness can decline over time, thus requiring more of the med to accomplish the same result. He suggested that a change of meds might help, and started me on Opana, which he described as "more potent" than morphine.
Avatar n tn Just to keep things in line here oral morphine is right up there with oxys for addicts and abuse.
Avatar n tn I have looked at the more common side effects that are supposed to dissipate after your body becomes used to gabapentin - and I do still after this time often have blurred vision, involuntary eye movements, unusual tiredness, difficulty thinking, frequent urination, weight gain, and problem with balance. Is this the gabapentin after 2.5 months or could I possibly have multiple sclerosis?
647120 tn?1256605251 constipation; warmth, tingling, or redness under your skin; nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite; dizziness, headache, anxiety; memory problems; or sleep problems (insomnia). So your symptoms certainly "fit" that of Morphine side effects. And these can vary from person to person. While one person may only have the headaches another may experience nausea, headaches and lightheadedness and still another only memory loss. Our systems are all different.
Avatar f tn I guess why I am writing this is because I am scared about the morphine. I know that I need it but it scares me. Is anyone else on morphine for severe pain and if so how does it make you feel.
1331804 tn?1336870958 My PCP gave me three referrals today and I told him that the current pain meds are working but I consistently have breakthrough pain 3 times a day requiring me to take percocet 3x a day along with the Morphine Sulfate ER. I told him that I was hoping to not have breakthrough pain EVERY single day. I also told him that part of the reason is due to the fact that the Morphine ER doesn't last 12 hours, but instead starts fizzling out after 6 hours and it is completely gone after 8 hours.
Avatar n tn So the 300 mg of codeine that you take is approximately equivalent to 45-90 mg of morphine. So your total morphine intake per day is 105-150 mg. The 25 mcg/hr patch is equivalent to the morphine dose range of 60-134 mg and the 50 mcg/hr patch is equivalent to the morphine dose range of 135-224. So either the 25 or 50 mcg/hr patch would give you dosing within the range of the morphine you are taking orally right now.
Avatar m tn Daily my mum would take, 2400mg of gabapentin, sevredol, buscopan, amitriptyline, baclofen, 100mg morphine, ondansatron, omeprozole, fluoxetine, lidocaine patches and an antibiotic for infections as she is constantly getting infections whilst being catheterised. we know that morphine would not be a good combination with cannabis oil and are maybe going to try and wing her off morphine and replace it with cannabis oil. I would really appreciate some advice. I can elaborate on anything if needed.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 left ACL reconstructions (1 using my quadriceps tendon and 1 with an allograph), 2 L knee arthroscopies, 2 L ankle arthroscopies, appendectomy, and tonsillectomy. I am in so much pain all of the time so I take pain meds. Well, addiction runs rampant in my family and I am already not doing well with the pain medications.
1187071 tn?1279373298 It is a pill that has morphine in it and another med to make you not feel the high of the morphine and not get addicted to it. Well so I thought. I stopped all meds at once just like the dr told me too and I went from Thursday to Saturday with out any meds. On saturday I woke up feeling fine and I went to work and started feeling so sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom and puked 10 times. I went home and layed around. I promised my kids I would take them to the mall so I had to.
572651 tn?1333939396 •64 per cent reported moderate to complete relief with gabapentin •75 per cent reported moderate to complete relief with nortriptyline •81 per cent reported moderate to complete relief with the combination. There were few side effects from the combination, though some complained of dry mouth. Debbie Loder was one of those who got relief, and for her, that meant she could finally get some sleep. "The combination of pills worked, very, very well," she reports. Dr.
Avatar m tn She was transferred to our local larger childrens hospital where she was ID and Neuro. They did another full spinal MRI with contrast, LP and pain management (at this point morphine at night - she couldn't sleep) The day we were transferred her legs weakened so much she could not stand and was wheelchair bound. She was put on ciproflaxin for the infection and prednisone.
1474625 tn?1371100679 I have room for a few more lbs.. I do believe the Gabapentin, or Neurontin does help with wd's. Not sure if it overides the wd's with the side effects it produces which can be mentally acknowledged, but comparing a c/t I did back in April vs a week taper at the end of July, the wd's while taking the neurontin were not as bad as the first time..Clonidine also helped which was something else my doctor gave me..Suppose to help restabilize a person's sleep pattern's..
Avatar f tn It is total ******** and I dont even want to hear it--it doesnt exist! Your choices with me are morphine, fentanyl, oxycontin and surgery for lumbar.!" " Medications like vicodin are addicting and I am not a pill mill--i wont prescribe them!" i asked him if he feels morphine, and oxy are not addicting then? "Not when I give them--anyway I am going to do surgery on lumbar anyway.
Avatar n tn Begin your detox with regular doses of Valium (or alternate benzo). Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day. The goal is to get through day 4, after which the worst WD symptoms will subside. You shouldn't need the Valium after day 4 or 5.
1427565 tn?1327433809 My main pain is in my hips/lower back/bum shoulders/neck knees and ankles but mainly in my hips. I am on Gabapentin and co-codamols at the moment but have been on morphine patches amoung many more. At the moment they seem to be taking the edge off without too many side effects, but as you know if you are a sufferer from HMS it's always constant pain! If you have any comments it would be great to hear from you!!
Avatar f tn it certainly brought me up to speed with what is going on with you.... I had a wonderful Christmas , thanks for asking....some lower back pin I believe is my TCS flaring up....nothing I cant handle ...I have some pain meds for such instances.... Keep at that you have a direct e-mail for him/her? That could help you bypass the nurse..... Yes, zygy2 is the best person for you to talk to concerning your brick.....