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18362772 tn?1464298170 Also, I am prescribed Xanax and Klonipin. Since I've always been fascinated by pharmaceutics I would take 1 xanax, one clonipin, and a done before sleep I'd be out in minutes. then someone told me that mix is just like doing heroin and very dangerous,not to take any more.
Avatar m tn But I have also read of people abusing gabapentin. I'm prescribed gabapentin and I have no idea why anyone would want to abuse it as all it seems to do is make me sleepy and foggy headed. Then again, people would probably try to abuse motor oil if they thought it might alter their brain! Lyrica is mainly used for nerve pain. So if you are experiencing nerve pain that could be why your doctor wants you to try it.
6579347 tn?1388505968 1/4 of 0.25 tablet in AM, 1/2 at PM. I also have 100mg capsules of gabapentin to use PRN if needed. My biggest triggers are exhaustion and big change. I've been doing GREAT the last many months! Can't remember the last time I had a full on panic attack. However, the last few weeks, I've started having trouble getting to/staying asleep, so my fatigue has been high. Then, the big change: I got a puppy last Wednesday night. As a single girl, it gets a little lonely sometimes.
1375932 tn?1279304732 81 Aspirin, Pravastatin, Niacin, Fish Oil, Vit D, Nitro-Quick. Soon to try Diltiazem addition, but the caution against benzo use has held me back - as Xanax really helps - AT THE SOURCE. I use Xanax at will, thanks to my understanding internist, and this has increased over time to appx 1x per day - 0.25, which at present seems a little inadequate.
648910 tn?1290666683 meclizine, sold OTC--as Ren pointed out--as Bonine, also Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula). Most people don't seem to get much help from it, though. (This is my nonscientific conclusion from years of reading a dizziness list.) Antivert did nothing for me. (But don't minimize the dangers of sneezing... that's exactly how I lost the hearing in my left ear and got a big increase in my dizziness at the same time!! I'm not kidding!!) If meclizine doesn't work for you, maybe Valium would?
Avatar m tn the pills keep me awake and motivated VS how I use to be which was constantly tired due to classic depression issues. I haven’t had a need for a nap in years now… This is what determines an addict, or the potential to get addicted. I also have suffered with textbook Depression for most of my adult life, and it has progressed big time over the past 20 years… 3) When I am taking the pills I lose a lot of inhibitions, and can speak with most anyone about most anything.
Avatar m tn 2) These types of drugs knockout ‘normal’ people, especially the strength I need to take whereas I have a high-tolerance per the doc. It’s classic that with me; the pills keep me awake and motivated VS how I use to be which was constantly tired due to classic depression issues. I haven’t had a need for a nap in years now… This is what determines an addict, or the potential to get addicted.
Avatar n tn My suggestion is that you continue to wear the event monitor--AND take the Xanax your gyn prescribed. The Xanax will (a) not harm your heart; (b) it will very likely make you feel much better and less fixated on your ectopic beats; and (c) if it does that, it will also function in a way as a diagnostic test for how big a factor anxiety is in your case.
992677 tn?1497486696 Hi...sorry the Topamax didn't work..... What is GABA? u mean gabapentin?...if so, I took that a few yrs ago and I had side effects that affected my IBS....and from what others reported it works great at first, but wears off or u get accustomed to it.... Not sure what the HTP-5 is....interested in hearing about it.
Avatar n tn Symptoms 2 years face pain on right side, not trigeminal neuralgia or sinus, I take 6 to 12 ibuprophen a day to relieve it. Fall asleep and wake up in 2 hours, now take xanax to get some sleep. Sleep study did not show apnea Neck stiffness and pain and upper back pain, some arthritis was the diagnosis Last year I had a rapid weight loss without trying, of 20 pounds, a lot for a 5'2" person. That has stabilized. Have essential tremor since I was a teen.
3197167 tn?1348972206 Sooo good to hear from 3 of you! Yes, today is 59 clean. Do you count suboxone w/d days, too? I have 31 of those included in that 59? I was having huge lo blood press issues like 79/59 & dizzy EVERY X upon arising. It's up to 120/82 for 3 days now!! I am only dizzy a little, but oh sooo tired still. & my pain is really bad....the advil and tylenol aren't cutting it at all. (wreck & then 3 yrs later back surgery) I drove for the 1stX since June today & did pretty good.
Avatar f tn I had a lot of relief with gabapentin. The neurologist prescribed it to me and I started off with a low dose (100 mg) per day. The maximum benefit, for me, was when I took 300 mg 4 times per day. One in the morning, at lunch, around 6 pm, and right before bed. It took the itching away for a good while (at least 6 months). I'm not sure if I built a tolerance to the drug but, I've read that the most benefit is experienced at some point and then it tapers off.
630344 tn?1280108583 The doc will only allow me to have 2 of each daily unfortunately, and it was like an act of congress to convince him to give me that amount! I also take Xanax 2 mg, one at night mostly, although I'm allowed 2 daily, to sleep. If my anxiety is on "zeek out" level any particular day, I will take one during the day. I was originally diagnosed with Fibro in 1992 by a very well known highly respected Neurologist/Neurosurgeon, here in Oklahoma City. I see my pcp doctor at O. U.
3177799 tn?1351289801 I don't know if that is contributing to my emotional state but I clearly need to get it together. I hadn't taken a Xanax in 4 1/2 years until a few weeks ago and now I need a few day to deal with this anxiety. Actually, it isn't really helping that much. I don't know what else to do at this point. Between the possible MS diagnosis and probable TN, I am terrified. Does anyone have any experience with TN and does it come and go with MS?
Avatar m tn You seem to be obsessing about your medication and possible related drug dependence, which is of course, understandable. There is a difference in drug dependence vs. drug addiction. A person who takes narcotics for recreational purposes (over an extended amount of time) has a 94% chance of becoming addicted to said narcotics, while a person taking narcotics purely for pain relief has a 15% chance of becoming addicted to narcotics.
Avatar f tn I can't say that I clearly understand it yet. There are many variants on it. (eg. symmetric vs. assymetric) I suspect that some of the posters here with "bizarre" complaints may fall into that category. I can't talk right now, but later I'll share some of my sites with you. I agree, Stiffman does not answer your weakness and neuropathy. So it is time to redo the MRI's and keep looking.
Avatar f tn Depakote (divalproex sodium) Gabitril (tiagabine) Keppra (levetiracetam) Lamictal (lamotrigine) Neurontin (gabapentin) Tegretol (carbamazepine) Topamax (topiramate) Trileptal (oxcarbazepine I would agree with the statement that the risk is greater left untreated than with them. My suicidal ideations are MUCH less being treated vs. not. Of course, it's always best to be educated!
Avatar m tn They do not make ranges by M vs F or by body type. But your doc is running the worst tests possible. TSH tests what the pituitary is telling the thyroid to do (and that is a mix of the old range and the new one, nice, not) and that T4 test is well, not the most useful one. Even so, for T4, when you are on meds at least, you should be at the high end, not the low. But your doc will say you are normal.
Avatar n tn two days clean of Xanax..well almost 2-days. I used the Xanax 1mg a day to sleep. Ok... so today I was a bit weepy eyed... I did the Cold Turkey thing because for me it just made sense...I figured I'd take the hit go for the worst of it and get over it. far so good. Went through sweats, and chills runny nose, sneezing, THE FLIPPIN RUNs, Stomach Cramping muscles all know the drill. Today I'm feeling sad... I haven't been out of the house since Xmas Day...
Avatar f tn I was also diagnosed with Brachioradial Pruritius. My doctor prescribed Gabapentin 100 mg 3xdaily along with a twice daily application of Fluocinonide Cream 0.05% and the horrible itching went from a scale of 10 to around 1 or 2 within a few days. It still itches a bit but it's nothing like the nightmare itching before I began the Gabapentin and Fluocinonide. Please give it a try folks. It has made a miracle difference in my life.
Avatar n tn A while back I posted a topic on Morphine Vs Negative Drug screen. It has some very informative info and also explains why the tests can come out negative. Scroll down a few pages and you'll find it or PM Beargizmo, I sent it to him.
Avatar n tn here's what I know to be true, a pharmacist has 6 years of training in drug reactions and interactions, a physician has 1 year only. One vs. 6...hmmm... who should we listen vote is a pharmacist!!! Also the verdicts are clear one that one has to look at the whole patient profile. Toxicity is common with tylenol, even in children, certainly in sick livers, and unless one was early stage and no conflicks with ones P450 profile....
356518 tn?1322267242 Kayleigh I also suffer with nerve damage and severe sciatica, are you on any seizure meds for this? Gabapentin or Lyrica can be very helpful. I've taken gabapentin for many years.... best to you all old and new friends....
522415 tn?1242941355 They already have me on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Lortab10mg, Soma, Xanax and Ambien BUT I AM IN SUCH PAIN! It is unreal! I know it's not a good idea to double up or whatever but I have in desparation- it does not help! My legs give me the worst trouble. I take magnesium, calcium and a few other natural things. I do swim exercise religiosly now BUT the pain is beyond any pain I've ever been through including natural childbirth!!!