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620877 tn?1282767697 I am not familiar with any of the other medications for these types of symptoms - the Gabapentin is the first one I have taken. It is my understanding that the Gabapentin is the one with the fewest side effects...but of course everyone is different, so that may not be the case for everyone who tries it.
335728 tn?1331418012 Talk to your neuro, he may have ideas about other meds and/or suggest a more gradual titration of the gabapentin. In the end it will be a decision about the tolerability of side effects vs the tolerability of the symptoms you are treating. Severe vertigo may be worse for you than severe pain, or vice versa. Everyone has their own tolerance thresholds for these symptoms.
Avatar n tn Now I take Amitriptyline (Elavil) 25mg daily, and Gabapentin (Neurontin) 300mg daily to prevent my Migraines. I started with the Amitriptyline first ... and it worked alone for almost a year, then I needed to add the other med to prevent the headaches more. I do still get migraines every now & then, but they are not as severe as they use to be. I can actually get up & tend to my kids & do other things (not just in the bed like before).
Avatar f tn medication- 1 lansoprazole 30mg 1 x 2 a day codeine phosphate 15mg ( if require more can take but I just try stick to 2 max a day) 2 x 2 paracetamol 500mg ( if more can take but I take this amount only ) 1 x 2 naproxen 500mg 1st Mri done for pelvic results were - minor fluid over the greater trochanter consistent with minor trochanteric bursitis 8 weeks ago went to a muscular- skeletal triage clinic she said I have piriformis syndrome and was given additional medication 1 night amit
648910 tn?1290666683 meclizine, sold OTC--as Ren pointed out--as Bonine, also Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula). Most people don't seem to get much help from it, though. (This is my nonscientific conclusion from years of reading a dizziness list.) Antivert did nothing for me. (But don't minimize the dangers of sneezing... that's exactly how I lost the hearing in my left ear and got a big increase in my dizziness at the same time!! I'm not kidding!!) If meclizine doesn't work for you, maybe Valium would?
Avatar m tn I found one in Houston and he gave me Elavil (amitriptyline). I had previously found out about Gabapentin and that was helping me so much. Went to Austin and saw another nuerologist, he did a brain MRI and there was nothing to be seen except remnants of the sinus infection. Once I got home I found the Elavil really helped and thats the combo I've been using since. If I stop Elavil for even one night, the next day is such a powerful headache, vs the normal 3 or 4 constant.
572651 tn?1333939396 The cream contains ingredients I am familiar with mainly as oral meds - ketoprophen, gabapentin, amitriptyline and bupivacaine. I al to use if for 8 weeks and then see him again. The pharmacy has to make the cream, so I don't have it yet and can't report if it does or doesn't work. But I'm wondering if this type of combination works for a toe, why isn't something like this prescribed for other neuropathic pains? Does anyone have ideas or experience with this?
Avatar f tn It took almost 9 months until a doctor listened to me and agreed that the grinding spine bone vs. sacrum had to be related with groin pain. I was in a wheelchair almost constantly at this time. When I walked I had to use crutches and not walk on my right leg because it would increase the lower lumbar and nerve pain. By this time the nerve pain had expanded beyond the scrotal area and now caused pain to happen in my penis as well.
335728 tn?1331418012 Because of the continued neuropathic pain in my left hand (reduced somewhat by a combo of amitriptyline and gabapentin), I plan to ask my neuro next week about his views on medical marijuana as well as Sativex. I am actually more interested in exploring the latter. I'll report back next week with my neuro's thoughts on both. I have a friend in Vancouver who is HIV+ and also suffers neuropathy from diabetes.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking LYRICA, GABAPENTIN, and AMITRIPTYLINE altogether and they are only partially able to help the high spikes of pain. One specific question I have is are there any other joint injection cocktails out there that are stronger than the standard numbing medicine steroid mix that go into regular sacroiliac joint injections.
Avatar f tn I had a lot of relief with gabapentin. The neurologist prescribed it to me and I started off with a low dose (100 mg) per day. The maximum benefit, for me, was when I took 300 mg 4 times per day. One in the morning, at lunch, around 6 pm, and right before bed. It took the itching away for a good while (at least 6 months). I'm not sure if I built a tolerance to the drug but, I've read that the most benefit is experienced at some point and then it tapers off.
Avatar f tn Guess I might need to talk to a pharmasist first. I take Amitriptyline (Elavil) 25mg, and Gabapentin (Neurontin) 300mg every night. Well, lately I have been taking the Gabapentin every other night (they cost more than the other one, so I make them last longer).
Avatar f tn I was also diagnosed with Brachioradial Pruritius. My doctor prescribed Gabapentin 100 mg 3xdaily along with a twice daily application of Fluocinonide Cream 0.05% and the horrible itching went from a scale of 10 to around 1 or 2 within a few days. It still itches a bit but it's nothing like the nightmare itching before I began the Gabapentin and Fluocinonide. Please give it a try folks. It has made a miracle difference in my life.
Avatar f tn I shampoo with dandruff and medicated shampoos to control the seb derm and any inflammation there may be. They tried me on oral nerve blocks like Gabapentin and Lyrica but they didn't do anything. They are clueless and it's depressing... At first they told me it was all psychological. They had never heard of scalp pain before but I brought in cases of them and they started to believe me and did some research but also could not find a cause or cure.
522415 tn?1242941355 there is not a medication that will take this pain away...NOTHING! the cymbalta, neurontin, amitriptyline, klonopin, suboxone, oxies, methadone, percs, vikes, morphine, tylenol, advil...there just isnt a thing that gives me any relief..i have stopped searching because i've tried it all, and nothing works, plain and simple. i really dont know how people can live like this, or for how long. the only relief i get is an occasional prescription of prednisone, 5 days worth...10 days of relief.
Avatar m tn Doctors choice write script make money help ppl vs dont help dont make money.. Its butt heads that think someone will pay $120 for a oxy-contin and want to make pain meds $120 each from drug stores.. We go from one decade they sell them like candy and now you can hardly get them unless they make a ton of money other services.......
Avatar m tn Still really confused about the symptoms vs. the tests. If something is making my immune system not function properly, then why is it that my CD4 count is so high?? Doctor I saw recommended an immunologist. I may go and see one after I get all my final tests results back.