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Avatar n tn My health has suffered through these times of drug-use, my weight is already very low. I can't afford to loose any pounds. I know it's going to be hard to get healthy food down. When i'm hurting, if i can get any food down, it's sweets. Basically, i'm afraid of getting to weak! I am past nervous about all of this!
382218 tn?1341185087 Anecdotally I can say from limited recreational use that it was helpful, more so than my gabapentin/nortriptyline regimen. Canada is still sorting this out. Medical cannabis legal in Canada but can no longer grow own or obtain from compassion clubs. Must buy from growers licensed by fed government. Prices are exorbitant. No indications that drug plans intend to cover it anytime soon. Some provincial physician regulatory bodies are appealing to their members NOT to subscribe.
Avatar n tn Hi. If gabapentin does not work, you can try acupuncture, which has been shown to be effective in treating facial neuralgia.
Avatar f tn Recreational use Although gabapentin is not a controlled substance, it does produce psychoactive effects that cause it to have potential for recreational use. Even in low doses, Gabapentin causes sensations of reduced acute pain, reduced anxiety and even a tendency to become overly social and talkative. Larger doses can cause the user to become numb and even fully insensate. It has also been called upon to reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn celexa 20mg /buspar 15mg.tid/vyvance110mg/gabapentin 3200mg/day/trazadone as needed.lamictal:.Hasbeen prescribed.RELUCTANT TO START. RECREATIONAL SUBOXONE.2MG-8MG PROBLEM..I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT OPIOID ADDITION. REALIZED I.HAD A MAJOR ADDITION TO SUBOXONE WHEN I DIDN'T HAVE.ANY....THOUGHT I WAS.HAVING ANXIETY ATTACKS. .NO.I WAS HAVING.:paws. Weaned to.1/4 (2mg)...can't go lower w/o:paws I'm suggested to go to methadone clinic. Switch to methadone and wean off.
Avatar f tn I started Gabapentin (Neurontin) again but it's not helping. My doc called in Ambien but it didn't even make me drowsy. I am so miserable. I read that a lot of people exercise or walk. This is something that I am very limited on and I have to use my walker and can't walk far at all. Just down the block and back. I have only been able to do this once. I have tried simple stretching but it doesn't seem to help.
Avatar f tn The decision to take medications is a very personal one, and usually the result of many factors. Study investigating use of interferon to stave off conversion of CIS to MS. Early treatment versus delayed treatment Long-term treatment started early http://www.sciencedirect.
382218 tn?1341185087 Clonidine was used to reset the nerves. Use 0.2 It unclawed my hands. Gabapentin gave some feeling back to fingers. Hope others respond with solutions.
Avatar f tn I've had symptoms of depression and anxiety for about the last 4 years I've tried Paxil Zoloft and I'm currently on gabapentin 900 milligrams per day and lamotrigine working my way up to 50 milligrams per day. The reason for my depression and anxiety is a disease called Meniere's syndrome, and it causes severe tinnitus. It's the tinnitus that has been the arrow in my knee and it doesn't seem to let up.
3197167 tn?1348972206 This will be an inconvenience to some, but policy is a machete, not a scalpel, and you have to figure out where to use it. I think people will be more helped than harmed.” Prescription drug usage Since the late 1990s, three times as many Americans die from prescription drug overdoses. Painkiller medication abuse claims more American lives than cocaine and heroin addictions combined. Most drug overdoses are not from street drugs; they are from prescription drugs.
Avatar f tn This is a horrible drug and I want to get off of it. Never took recreational drugs. The dr put me on the patches because my 78 year old mother went with me to an office appointment and told him I was not remembering to take my oral pain med. I was in so much pain from the post herpatic neuralgia I have from the shingles that I was unable to refuse at the time. My family has turned their backs to me since I became ill and no one will help me by taking care of me physically.
5101703 tn?1363723786 I've suffered from depression and mild mania for most of my life (although I thought the manic part meant you were euphoric, and I don't ever remember being that happy). I had a high stress job, teen with mental issues and a husband that is frequently out to sea for weeks at a time. I went to my MD in November because I wasn't sleeping, confused and angry. He diagnosed me with major depressive disorder - put me on Lexepro & Trazadone for sleep.
Avatar f tn I was stupid and didn't take it for any sort of pain .. it's been a recreational thing. I haven't been on it for real long .. maybe a month and a half to 2 months max. I eventually got up to taking 12 of the 10/325 a day. Usually 4 at a time every 3-4 hours. I didn't take them every single day, but it was usually every other day to every 2 days. I have been HATING the way that I've been feeling afterwards when I wasn't taking them, so I decided to just stop cold turkey.
211940 tn?1267884866 I also have no insurance coverage and must use gabapentin (generic for Neurontin); however, I do not find it to be inexpensive. If you have found it for $4 a month, please let me know where.
Avatar f tn for recreational purposes when in fact that is truly the only thing that keeps me from laying flat on my back. It's so degrading. It makes me feel guilty and ashamed to have pain because I am at the point where I would do almost anything for relief. At what point do I find an illegal drug dealer to help me live a normal life? I am so sick of people accusing you of being a drug addict because you just want a little relief...screw you people.
4204073 tn?1361835076 Because of the way it acts (like GABA), there are some psychoactive effects which have led to some recreational use and abuse. It would not be an incredibly high risk for abuse, and it SHOULD be tapered off upon discontinuation. One option is to give it a try and see how the pain responds. Of course, stay vigilant to how it makes you feel, although I don't think you'll have any issues there.
Avatar n tn Little or no control over the drug use Compulsive narcotic (opiate) use Continued use of the narcotic (opiate) regardless of physical, mental and/or social harm Taking narcotics (opiates) more frequently or a higher dose than prescribed Doctor shopping Ingesting drugs in ways other than directed Frequent reports of prescriptions being lost or stolen.
Avatar f tn - mostly recreational use, but then controlled use via friend. I would hope suboxone is NOT the lesser of the two evils, but I'm guessing you haven't come off methadone yet... don't get me wrong, I LOVED methadone - but for the wrong reasons...I'm hoping your wrong because I have been on sub for about a year.
Avatar f tn It helps - tried the Capsacin but could not tolerate it. Will not use gabapentin for fear of side effects - seeing an acupuncturist now. Tried chirpractic but that too was not helpful - felt great after treatments but no effect on the BRP. Neurologist had absolutely nothing to say of any assistance - exercise helps but I believe it is just good for me anyway! It does nothing for the relief of symptoms.
Avatar f tn Honestly, I don't see how people use this med for recreational purposes. I guess it's because my body is used to it and it works for its purpose - to keep my pain bearable. I have read up on this surgery and the recovery time. Everyone's story I have read stresses that it is very painful after surgery and is a very long recuperation. The surgeon has told me I cannot return to work for at least three months. However, I believe he only prescribes Vicodin for post op pain.
Avatar f tn I'm too frikkin' tired to come up with anything good right now. Right. So. I've been pounding hydros, trams, gabapentin, and...wait for it...even loperamide down my gullet in various combos and quantities over the last four years. I'm a pill popper. If one works well, I'll take six. It's been a nightmare of hiding from my life until it had all but dissolved beneath my feet. I've tried to quit.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you have the same problem, but I am very glad to find someone else who has complicated migraine syndrome. Would you like to keep in touch? I could certainly use the support. Could you? My email is ***@****. I would like it very much if we coud correspond. Thanks again for responding. God bless.
Avatar n tn At first one pharmacy I went to had to get some as they mostly give out Vicodin not Vicoprophen, but after the initial glitch it's been fine. One common use is dentists give it out frequently for tooth pain. Try not to worry too much, all the waiting on appts drives you bonkers. Maybe once you control the pain you can put it out of your mind easier while you wait.
Avatar m tn and also as you can see this drug may RAISE serum transaminases and alkaline phosphate...and this drug has so many different side effects along w/ the neurontin(gabapentin) it causes many of the same hepatic(liver) side effects...
Avatar n tn you will easily find posts from people who use tramadol for a recreational high. Even if you don't get high, tramadol has enough opioid strength to cause significant withdrawal syndrome which is complicated by the withdrawal effects of the antidepressant components of tramadol. There is also the physical tolerance syndrome common to opiates, which means that you find you need to take increasing doses just to maintain a base level of functionality.
Avatar n tn Perhaps, talking to him about his feelings regarding having diabetes and about how taking good care of himself is so important to his future welfare, might just be the key to opening the door and talking openly about his possible marijuana use. and talk some more! Don't give up the communication because even though they are 20 and they don't think that they need us or our advice anymore, we know that they do and being there for them will always be our job!
Avatar m tn The purpose of the FDA petition is reduce overprescribing by placing limits on the claims that drug companies can make... it's to prevent aggressive advertising for long-term use and high doses because this type of prescribing is riskier. The petitioners are NOT saying that nobody should receive long-term opioids. Several of the petioners are respected pain specialists who prescribe long-term and high dose opioids.FDA regulates drug companies, not doctors.
Avatar n tn It happens in all kinds of heat, sun, warm room, exercise, emotion, etc. It is downright life changing. I am a 71 year old recreational tennis player and I can tell you that since this began in Sep 2007 I have not played tennis ...bummer. I have taken a battery of tests and when the neurologist gave up on me he sent me to a neurologist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. This new neurologist is as baffled as all the other doctors I have seen.