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Avatar n tn I just received a prescription for gabapentin gel 6% for neuropathy in my feet. What time of day is best to apply the gel to get maximum benefit?
Avatar n tn Coughing clear gel-like mucous balls. 6. Tightness in neck w. breathing bit obstructed 7. Belching 8. Hypoglycaemia like sympt 9. Tinnitus 10. Itchy rash and wheezing at times Could Ciguatera do this? My tropical specialist thought Ciguatera would not fluctuate like this. Neuro wnts to do EMG/TT and poss oligcl bands. What would you recommend? Should I see a gastro/internal specialist? Do you think this could be CNS related? MS? Lyme or some other entity that still produces neurotoxins?
605458 tn?1265086851 The Zonisamide is the same color, but now bigger. The Gabapentin was gray capsules, but now is cream and tan. The pharmacist assured me it is the same drugs, just the capsules look different. Different maker? Well, anyway, since the change I am not getting the relief that I was. The Gabapentin got the burning pain. The Zonisamide took care of everything else - sharp shooting and bug crawling sensations. I was free and clear.
Avatar n tn We found a cooling gel that helps relieve the burning sensation on a temporary basis. If you like more information on the gel, feel free to email me.
Avatar f tn I started out with just heat and an ibuprofen gel applied regularly. That did not really do much to be honest. Now I am taking nortriptylene at night, only been taking it for about 3-4 weeks so far and it can take a while to get into your system apparently. I can't say whether it is actually working yet. I also take gabapentin and and an antidepressant as I have other health issues as well as TMJ. And I have paracetamol, codeine and oramorph for the pain.
Avatar m tn I was finally diagnosed with the condition after 2 years of trying various prescription topical creams (Elidel, Pramascone, Steroid Creams, Anti-fungals etc.) and oral medications (Pregabalin, Gabapentin, etc.) Is there any procedure I must have done to confirm my condition? Is there any particular specialist besides a dermatologist who would treat this condition? I have been to several dermatologists and most are clueless of the condition.
Avatar f tn Sorry your first post got lost ??? To answer your question ... yes it is fairly common to experience this following breast surgery and those nerves do NOT care to be cut or otherwise interferred with. To say how long this will last is almost impossible ... it varies from person to person or surgery to surgery. It may not all go away either but you do become accustomed to it after awhile.
Avatar m tn Amitrityline-2%, Ketoprofen – 10%, Gabapentin – 3%, Lidocaine – 2% and Transdermal Gel – 60 g. Needs a prescription to get. You'll need a special pharmacy who can mix it up. If you have trouble finding one, my pharmacy also mails them out. Also, putting an ice pad on your head can sometimes help a migraine. Let me know if this info helps you at all. Good luck.
Avatar n tn sometimes it happens on my shoulders too. the pain from this is awful. i have found that many times baby teething gel (oragel) helps sooth the itching. if that doesn't work, i use ice. what i've noticed is that when i went off the hormone replacement therapy med i've been on for 24 yrs., the itching went away. i started taking the HRT again just to see if that was really the answer. after 2 pills, the itching came back with a vengeance on my forearm. so for me it's hot flashes or itching.
Avatar n tn He tried, Neurontin, Lyrica, adarax, cortizone elavil and every cream, gel or spray you could imagine. He is at his ropes end. Never sleeping and miserable. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help him.
Avatar f tn I get to drop off one of the Gabapentin pills, so that pleases me. He gave me a prescription for some gel which is supposed to help with the post injection site reactions from the Copaxone. All in all I felt like it was a good day even tho it has poured. Well, I wanted to share this with all of you. Have a good week!!
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy in my bilateral lower extremities from mid shin down. I am on gabapentin which helps with the scalded feeling that I have. Several years ago I had a Gastric Bypass. Approximate to that time I began feeling pain in the balls of my feet when I am on them. This varies from mildly uncomfortable to excruciating. I have tried gel inserts, as well as, orthotics with no avail.
6815927 tn?1395515025 Does anyone have any experience using gabapentin for opiate withdrawals? I am trying to slowly taper off the fentanyl patch and oxycodone. Thanks for any advice!
Avatar m tn GABAPENTIN 800 MG 4X DAY BACLOFEN 30MG 4XDAY HYDROMORPHONE 8MG 3X DAY MORPINE SULFATE ER60MG EVERY 8 HOURS LEXAPRO 20MG 1X DAY PLEASE HELP ME i have tried other pain medications and anti depresion meds with side effects COLD AIR and fans make me crazy with pain and tingling. i have trouble in summer because i cant tell when i am too hot and become over heated and almost black out.
Avatar f tn I have many dental issues, missing lower teeth and deterioration of the lower jaw bone, along with nerve issues of the lower branch of the trigeminal nerve, currently taking a low dose of gabapentin. ...brief background info. I recently changed dentists, have had a 3D CT of my jaw, and digital xrays of my teeth. He found my front 2 teeth in need of crowns, b/c they were mostly composites and decaying underneath and asked me if no one had ever told me that one of them needs a root canal.
Avatar n tn Amitrityline-2%, Ketoprofen – 10%, Gabapentin 3%, Lidocaine2%, and Transdermal Gel – 60 g. TID And I also use a prescription Lidocaine nasal ointment which again does not enter the blood stream. It's unpleasant, but effective which may be why my neurologist took 2 years to prescribe it for me. You need to insert the ointment very slowly so that only a small amount goes down your throat, but not enough to matter. He prescribed 2 ml in each nostril, no matter which side the headache is on.
Avatar m tn My peripheral neuropathy seems to be getting worse as time goes on, i am taking gabapentin for the pain, numbness, and tingling. I am starting to gain weight and the medication is not helping as it was at the begining. Is there something specific that need to ask my doctor, maybe a new medication? I have also started to fell the pain and tingling in my legs. Also, I would like to know how far this is going to progress.
Avatar f tn but this has not been very succesful to date (but am waiting for another trial) other than that, they are talking about putting me on gabapentin. Another thought by the medical team at my hospital is to go back to the surgeons (and I have a referral) and talk about adhesions being the cause of my pain and internal scarring could be pulling on nerves on the inside. My mother has always been prone to adhesions with surgeries.
996946 tn?1503252712 My vet nixed the pet chiropractor because of the nerve and spinal chord condition.
Avatar m tn Also there's a prescription gel called Voltaren. I tend to piece a lot of little things together to help my pain as nothing really helps all of it. I never abused my meds but was definitely over-medicated for a long time. I missed so much with my kids because of it. Keep looking at that baby for your inspiration!!
Avatar f tn I also have chronic pain. I take gabapentin (generic neurontin) it helps a ton. I have heard it is difficult to get off of, but I'm ok staying on it. It makes me sleepy too. So I only take it at bedtime. And honestly I'm sleeping really well most nights. Good luck with your doctor today!
Avatar f tn And they tug on the sensory nerves, which is the worst thing of all. I'm thinking of purchasing a home ultrasound unit (and gel), but wondered if anyone had tried this for loosening up trigger points. It's a pretty big investment (about $300), so I want it to actually do something, though it is returnable for a full refund. Thank you to anyone who can give me any information.
Avatar n tn I was having problems with pain while I was on sub and taking a higher dose didnt help the pain at all. So he prescribed me a compounded pharmaceutical gel called neuroderm(KGCL) ketamine,gabapentin,clonidine,lidocaine. Since its compounded there are many different combos of medication that they can use depending on what type of pain you have. The best thing about the gel is that they are all non-addictive, less drug on drug interaction and you can apply it directly to the source of your pain.
Avatar f tn Need to correct one paragraph that I wrote above. Correction is in capital letters. "I still have "crashes" of my migraines when I do a little bit too much. Then I take Esgic which controls them the best. It has Butalbital plus caffeine--a barbituate. And since I can't take it more than one day a week, then I switch to Lorcet--an opiate which helps some. Also use ice packs.
Avatar n tn My doctor recently prescribed a compound cream for my pain. It is a mix of lidocaine gabapentin cyclobenzaprine and ketoprofen. It seems to work well on nerve pain if you apply it to the pain at the center. It is filled through medi--stat Rx. Unfortunately some insurance plans such as mine do not cover it. However, you can still get a small amount for around $35. If he keeps the pain at bay for more than a day, then the small amount can still last a while.
575863 tn?1218472613 Another alternative pain method that I have come to use is a compounded pharmaceutical gel called KGCL, ketaminegabepentinclonidinelidocaine, and it works wonders for me. I have avascualr necrosis and have blown out my knee a few times, and of course I ended up addicted to pain meds, I also was using other drugs constantly. I used methadone to stop all other drugs, though I did slip occasionally, but I was doing it all without insurance so it came from or thru friends.
Avatar f tn yes percs are a strong pain med.. i take them for chronic back problems. i take the 10/325..i have been taking them for 3 years now.
984010 tn?1255799738 I have been given several differant meds but afraid to take any. Oxycodene, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, Hydroxycholroroquine. I do take a multi-vitamin for anemia. Yes the ANA came back positive Pattern: Nucleolar Titers >1:640 SED 13, SS-A 0.4 and SS-B >8.0H AI. Lip biopsy came back positive for Sjogrens.
1580434 tn?1378600128 so it has to hurt really bad for me to willingly go to the ER. Anyway, they were worried it was heart related and put a nitro gel patch on me. it did help the pain and tightness. I guess it is logical it would help with spasms, as the heart is a muscle and a heart attack is a spasm. it not heart related as there wasn't anything new going on there. so they sent me home without helping the arm problem really. today my arm is tightening up again and I was wondering what you did to help this.