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6937315 tn?1386291218 I've not had any negative experiences with it to report, and a LOT of my patients were on it...some for neurological pain, some for depression/anxiety, some for seizures, etc. It actually has a lot of indications. I'd say give it a try, especially if your doc has instructed you to decrease your Xanax dose already. Let us know how you're doing!
Avatar m tn That drug does form physical dependence and withdrawal. For many who like it, which varies greatly, it does have abuse potential and doses tend to rise over time. I believe the stoned feeling, which is a common experience of street users, will likely pass as you become addicted to it. Feeling stoned for clinical uses is considered an adverse effect. I would talk to your doctor and see if another drug or lower dosage is more appropriate for your situation.
Avatar m tn Hi, my Doc. put me on Gabapentin for bi-polar, and I have copd, I have been off the gabapentin for a7 days, When I was put on it Could not breath and swelled up, how can I get my breathing back to how I was, I know I am not making sense, but some-one may understand, I am taking fish oil and magnesium, Was on 300mg and then after a few weeks up to 600mg, that is when my breathing and swelling and the burning in my arms, Gained 32 pounds went from 90 upto 122, This is some wicked stuff.
Avatar m tn These individuals were taking higher than recommended doses of Gabapentin for unapproved uses. Most of the individuals described in these reports had a history of poly-substance abuse or used Gabapentin to relieve symptoms of withdrawal from other substances. When prescribing Gabapentin carefully evaluate patients for a history of drug abuse and observe them for signs and symptoms of Gabapentin misuse or abuse (e.g. development of tolerance, self-dose escalation, and drug-seeking behavior).
Avatar n tn I am a 50 yr old male. I was prescribed Gabapentin for neurological pain management by the VAMC in Tampa, Florida. According to some post I've read, Gabapentin is a med that one must be weened off of. I've been taking Gabapentin off and on to help with pain so I can sleep. I don't take it all the time because of the side effects. Sometimes, but not all the time, I feel like I'm having a bad hangover after the medication wears off.
4544656 tn?1371597148 I am on gabapentin 300 for 3x a day for back pain and went back to my doctor looking for a increase because of my pain level and he takes me off of it and gives me naproxen (otc stuff that didnt work before when he prescribed it) because I am also on zoloft and trileptal. I don't know what this new thing going on is about that you cannot be on more than 2 psychiatric type medications at the same time... but it's ridiculous. I take zoloft for depression and trileptal for my severe anxiety.
Avatar m tn I've heard that neurontin or gabapentin is great for stopping the nerve pain associated with withdrawal. Has anyone had experience with this?
Avatar f tn Gabapentin is used for epilepsy treatment, although it is sometimes used to treat neuropathic pain. I don't think it will help you much as it doesn't bond to receptors as opiates do.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm wondering if it is safe for me to take Gabapentin for withdrawal symptoms from methadone? I read somewhere that the gaba is sometimes prescribed for that. I have never taken it before in my life and got a hold of a few 300mg capsules the other day. I have been into opiates off and on for about 8 years, getting pretty bad into them this past year. I think it is alot mental with me though. I started off on Perc 5's and 10's, graduating to oxy 30's about a year ago.
Avatar f tn Hi, so I've been using gabapentin for withdrawal from hydromorphone. I used the hydromorphone to get off of fentanyl which Id been addicted to for 2 years. So I badly tapered of the hydro, and have been self medicating with gabapentin to nullify my withdrawal symptoms (about 2400mg 2x a day is what I've found at this point works best after establishing a tolerance).
Avatar f tn I was on 300mg gabapentin for nerve pain foe three weeks, but had to stop abruptly as I was suffering severe breathing problems, Three weeks later I am still suffering withdrawal problems, is this normal.
Avatar f tn People swear by it for nerve ailments of a varying degree. It was prescribe to me for anxiety and general rest. Let's just say I've had many problems during this time but not from Gabapentin. I really can't say how or what Neurontin did for me. I do know it helped but I also feel like it got to me. My feelings are that if your doctor agrees that you could try it at a lower dose and see from there. Just be careful and aware before the dose gets to high.
Avatar f tn Relief from symptoms with gabapentin seem to be hit or miss. I didn't use it for that but for nerve pain. It was not a good drug for me. Even at low doses I sounded drunk, had trouble word-finding and more. It is not quite as benign as some people seem to think.
Avatar n tn i have been taking nuerontin (gabapentin) for several years for nueropathy and never noticed a single benefit from it when going through withdrawals..........
Avatar m tn You can google it and there are many valid links that explain Gabapentin. Its used for several things like the previous poster said, seizures, etc. Gabapentin & clonidine are said to help with opiate withdrawals. I took both during my detox & still felt like $#!+. Maybe they helped? I was my first (and last) time detoxing so I wouldn't know the difference. All I know is that no matter what, I felt like poo.
Avatar f tn It made me too sleepy and depressed. But for withdrawal it has been amazing. I am in a big truck so no hot baths or heating pads. The gabapentin has saved me. I even slept most of the day yesterday and about 5 hours last night. I still feel pretty rough. Flu like and the stupid pain every where, but not what it could be. Taking all the vitamins and Gatorade and vitamin water. Today will be harder as we will be moving. We were lucky to be stopped all day yesterday. Just ready to be done.
7827044 tn?1399395043 It has now been 45 hours since my last dose of gabapentin and the withdrawals are horrible. I had to remind myself what the withdrawal symptoms of gabapentin were so I didn't think I was losing my mind. I really hope these symptoms go away soon, they are terrible. Anyone else have experience with getting off gabapentin and how long their withdrawals lasted is appreciated. I did not quit cold turkey but did have a short taper. I had to get the poison out of my body.
Avatar f tn And also start amanadine for fatigue. UGHGH! So I started on Friday night tapering the gabapentin down from 2700 mg per day. I'm at 900 for today. Since Sunday I have been shaking internally and when doing something. But I had shaking like this with my attack in December and I was on gabapentin at the time. So, I'm wondering if this is a withdrawl symptom or a new flare? I also noticed that my left leg is getting worse since Friday morning (before the new drug/changes).
Avatar f tn If on it for awhile it does have to be tapered off of. When you do a search for it type in gabapentin, the generic name. It brings up much more information on it. Maybe call a pharmacist and ask them. The should have the better answers about it. Best of luck and let me know how it works for you!
Avatar m tn I've been thru the withdrawals going cold turkey 3 times in the past without anything to help. I was presribed gabapentin about a month ago for pain. It didn't help for that. I did some research on it and it is used for withdrawals. It has been 90% easier than before and trust me, I know how bad it is. The only syptoms I have had this time is I'm just a little cold and a bit of anxiety but nothing like before.
974371 tn?1424656729 I was prescribed 100 mg Gabapentin for 3-4 days to increase up to 3 x a day. I took one the other day and didn't feel well. Took one before bed last night, didn't sleep, sweating all night, stomach ache and nausea which is continuing into today. My doctor told me to continue to take it. Not sure if that is causing the problem. None of these doctors can figure out what is wrong with me and I just continue to get worse daily and little appetite and losing weight. I have had many tests done.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed Gabapentin for my nerve damage but i read a post on here by a "Brian" a member and he said he was taking up to 25 hydrocodones a day and Gabapentin helped with the withdrawals TREMENDOUSLY?? Has ANYONE else ever been prescribed GABA for withdrawals?? I am out of my meds (10/325 Percocets) and do not get my refill till the end of this month...I will continue taking these as my doctor prescribed and PRAY TO God That it will get me thru my withdrawals...
Avatar m tn I have many issues with neurontin and can't be going anyplace if I take it, so it is not a good drug for a replacement for me pain medications. I had been on it for about 6 weeks (it did work for withdrawals) but when I stopped the pain was there in full force. I know everyone is different and I seem to have problems with medications but I would like to hear your experience.
Avatar f tn I dont have a lot of experience using neurontin for withdrawal symptoms, but I did take it once when I was weening off Subs. The Dr. gave it to me for RLS. It made me feel so dopy and slugglish that I had to stop using it. He told me that I'd get use to it after awhile, but I just couldnt push through til then. I know ppl at my work who use it for leg pain and some just use it to get a speed type buzz. So I just want to say "be careful", because Neurontin can be addictive as well.