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6937315 tn?1386291218 Has anyone ever been put on gabapentin for severe anxiety/panic disorder? My doctor just prescribed it for me to help ween me off xanax that I've been on for 7 years. Was wondering if this has ever helped anyone?
Avatar m tn Have you tried gabapentin for your epilepsy it's also works for anxiety. I currently take it for my anxiety and it works very well I take 300mgs 3-times a day. Maybe that will help. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Can Panic Disorder cause Autonomic Neuropathy? Symptoms I am having are very similar to CFS and MS. Tachycardia - worse on standing and walking, palps while walking. Unequal Pupils - Horner Syndrome? Anisocoria? Dilated pupil worse in dimmed light, in normal daylight they look normal, they alternate too. Nerve pains, twitches, spasms, neck spasm, hot sensations, cold sensations, palm and foot sweating, one cold hand one warm/normal. Raynaud's symptoms.
Avatar m tn I've been thru the withdrawals going cold turkey 3 times in the past without anything to help. I was presribed gabapentin about a month ago for pain. It didn't help for that. I did some research on it and it is used for withdrawals. It has been 90% easier than before and trust me, I know how bad it is. The only syptoms I have had this time is I'm just a little cold and a bit of anxiety but nothing like before.
2198057 tn?1338534805 i've had great experiences myself with zoloft. i take it for panic disorder. if i stop taking it, a few days later i sometimes get several panic attacks in the same day. i currently take 50mg but years ago i was on 200mg. benzodiazepines like xanax, valium, etc are not good to take everyday. they're work but are dangerously addicting. i was on alprazolam(xanax) years ago but it is only meant to take once in a while. it has high addiction potential and withdraws can cause seizures.
280238 tn?1190227491 Does anyone know if Zalestrim is safe to take for someone with panic and anxiety disorder? the only stimulating ingrediant is green tea which Im sure isnt more than a cup of coffee. has anyone tried this before?
Avatar n tn Neurontin (gabapentin) is a new medication initially used as adjunctive (additional) treatment for partial seizures. Studies for it's use in bipolar disorder and anxiety are currently being done. Neurontin has few side effects, but its effectiveness is still under investigation. At this time some psychiatrists may use it as adjunctive treat rather than monotherapy. I recommend you discuss your concerns with your psychiatrist. Respectfully, HFHS M.D.
Avatar m tn I got gabapentin and clonazepam, with B-12 supplements for treating it all. During the year symptoms evolved from mostly arms and legs, to pretty much my whole body. They tested me for tender points looking for Fibromyalgia and nothing. Besides, the presentation of my condition ranged from one month or so feeling bad, and one or two weeks feeling great.
Avatar m tn Thank you guys for your input. I left this out, but I'm on Lamictal & Lithium for BP & Clonazepam & Buspirone for panic & anxiety disorder. The combo of these drugs with Gabapentin (Neurontin) is what really screwed me up more than I already am. The Gabapentin really knocked me for a loop. It gave me the shakes, made me dizzy & really screwed with my cognitive skills. I think this is why my shrink wants to keep me away from this class of drugs.
1653277 tn?1327015393 So, the money is a small price to pay. Works well for people with any mood disorder or even minor depression or for general health. I've even used it as a prenatal vitamin! I was skeptical at first but now that I have seen how much better I am I will never go back to psychotropics. Did I mention there are no side effects? I couldn't stand the sideeffects off all the drugs they put me on. It's like I finally have my life back. If your interested check out their website for more details. Www.
Avatar f tn My GP wanted me to take it, but since I was on gabapentin, I choose not to take the Topamax, cause I was already a ding bat (lol) I also suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and and on cymbalta and kalonpin for that, which I have been for years... Tried going up on cymbalta but made me crazy, so the dose I'm at works for what I need... I think I want to try the Topamax, but does it cause loss of labido to and cause sever heart burn???
Avatar f tn EMMY, I have panic disorder, so I know what it is like, and as far as I can tell from the way you describe it, you did not have a panic attack. Panic attacks are similar to what you had, except it has this doom and gloom aspect, where you think the world is coming to an end and you may die. It is extremely intense, very scary, you come to a standstill with fear, and yet you cannot escape.
2025930 tn?1328915749 Needless to say, stick to the former list. Eat more fibers. A positive frame of mind is very important for treatment. Take up yoga for that will help you. Join any good center in your area. Apart from this, you need proper diagnosis and treatment without which success is not possible. The treatment involves various types of behavior therapies, nutritional guidance, medications to control hunger, food satiety, and exercise and yoga.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if it is safe to take Neurotin for my panic disorder while I am currently taking Vicodin? I have panic disorder and usually take Klonopin but I can't refill my prescription for another week but I know that gabapentin is sometimes given for anxiety but I'm concerned about taking it with the Vicodin. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Forgive my disorganization, I'm just spilling my mind since 2 weeks ago.... Could I have or be on the fast track to developing panic disorder?
Avatar m tn CBT therapy are also not working for everyone... gradual exposure therapy for panic disorder don't work also for everyone... Deep breathing don't work also for everyone!!! I think a good antidepressant is the best to treat and keep under control the anxiety... And remember that one med can work very good for one person and can be a pain in the *** for someone else...
1039200 tn?1314915608 I suffer from bi-polar disorder herniated disks and i take gabapentin, morphine for that and triliptal for bi-polar, which they dont seem to be working as well as they used to anymore so ive asked my pharmacist what she recommends and she recommended lyrica. As you know pharmacists know way more about drugs than doctors, but I am super excited to get started on my Lyrica tomorrow!
Avatar f tn I was on Effexor XR for a few years, for what I thought, and was told by my prior Psych was Depression (apparently not), along with either Xannax or Ativan for Panic Disorder which I also have. I have a question about Bipolar Meds. Currently I am taking Welbutrin XL 150 mg a day, Lexapro 10 mg a day, Seroquel 50-100 mg a night, and also Klonopin 1 mg in the day and 1 mg at night.
1772374 tn?1326249837 I'm suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Tourettes Syndrome. It started out with Tourettes and OCD but as i've gone through some trauma GAD and SAD has developed and is destroying me. As of right now i'm taking Lexapro, Busiprone, Xanax (as needed), and Gabapentin. I'm 18 years old and i'm having great difficulties even finishing with online classes. I seek assistance for alternative medications or treatments that may help these symptoms.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar n tn I take neurontin for my bi-polar disorder. I take 600mg's twice a day. It controls my mania and is very succesful. I heard it was supposed to help migraines too, but i still get them all the time so I'd say that it isn't a very good pain killer.
1069644 tn?1276932463 I had very bad panic attacks. I had about five a week. I have been on Klonopin for about 8 years. I stopped it about 6 months with a little tapering down. I just had a very few minor withdrawl side effects. I wanted to see if I still had the panic attacks. The panic attacks returned so I went back on Klonopin. Xanax is very addictive. It can have long bad side effects. It acts fast (within an hour) and has a short 1/2 life. 12 hours or so.
Avatar n tn im also prescribed xanax and adderal for my add and panic/anxiety disorder. i have gone a day or two wtihout oxy and id take extra xanax or i would take lots and lots of calming teas/supps liek theanin, gaba.
Avatar f tn I have just been diagnosed with BRP by my neurologist and I am so thankful to have a name for this terrible itching! I already take gabapentin for nerve itching in my face for a tumor I had removed in 2009 (It was benign...Praise God) She had upped my dosage on it and given me lidoderm patches to use on the arms as well. I want to try some of the other methods I have read about on this site. Thanks so much for all the advice from other BRO sufferers.
131817 tn?1209532911 While in pain he expected me to REMEMBER to take 1 for a week, 2 the next week (see how I feel) and then 3 a day for the third week. I took 1 first night, two second nite, three third night and wanted to to go take some sleeping pills and go to sleep as I was jumping outta my sking.
2198453 tn?1343248340 I couldn't agree more that so many people with addiction issues are self medicating for depression, anxiety, or some other mental illness. Having been a long time sufferer (panic disorder/depression), I can totally see how the temptation would be there to do so. I know I've drank to excess way back when in my 20's to help alleviate some of my anxiety. Lucky for me, I quickly learned that while in the MOMENT I felt a lot better...
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
1175033 tn?1492204828 He didn't even know what a connective tissue disorder was, I asked about a test for it and he was like what are you talking about? I might pull some info off a reputable web page to give and educate him. He seems open-minded enough to learn and listen. In the meanwhile, my headaches are giving me blurry vision/ double vision bad! If I get a headache, I'm guaranteed to have blurry double vision. Almost a brain fog with it as well.