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Avatar m tn I am of the opinion that a slow taper of 10% taper or wean per month is prudent with gabapentin if you have been on gabapentin long term (more than 1 year and at high doses (2000 mg.) or higher and you should be able to lesson severity of the withdrawal if any with magnesium supplements, check out the road they talk about the role of supplements to help lesson the withdrawal from all kinds of druggs not just gabapentin.
Avatar m tn you might want to check with your doc first, in case you have other medical conditions that would make taking Mg not a good idea (tho I don't know what that could be). Lyme bacteria use up Mg in the body, and muscle aches and cramps can be due to Mg deficiency. I've read that Mg is often low in the American diet anyway. Any variety that ends in "-ate" [magnesium malate, orotate, citrate, etc.] are said to be most absorbable in the body.
Avatar f tn While it helped the headache some - a lot was left and I ended up on gabapentin after trying 6 other medications. Your shaking; Might be seizure related if your tumor was a brain tumor. I was shaking really bad initially but it went a away when they upped my KEPPRA.
Avatar f tn Woke up from a crazy dream about 10pm and had what I thought was going to turn into horrible cramps. My abdomen and legs were aching so bad. Once I sat up and took a gabapentin and 1/2 of a cyclobenzaprine, I began feeling better. It's now 5am and I've had to take another 1/2 cyclobenzaprine and a "cramp tab" (my husband gets these for me at work, they work sooo well).
Avatar m tn once i found out the ease of wd's i had an excuse to relapse every week. i would use 4 days and then wd on gabapentin for 3. eventually i got addicted to the neurontin too. i have recently stopped it all and gotten aftercare and that is the most helpful thing. today i am 13days piate free and 9 days gabapentin free. i am slowly getting my energy back and can sleep through the night in 1or2 hour incraments with the help of melatonin.
453029 tn?1205955019 I was started on gabapentin, 100 mg 3X a day for three days 2 100mg for three days and then 3 300 mg three time a day. After only taking three pills on the first day the pain was almost gone.
293157 tn?1285877039 I will keep taking the gabapentin, and give it time to work... and up it slowly.
Avatar n tn Iam suffering with FMS taking Naproxen and Amth atripline to help me sleep and muscle relaxants. However I seem to be getting more muscle cramps from head to toe. Getting scared now that this is going to be more of a daily thing - is it part of the FMS and is there more to self help?
529159 tn?1224994626 My Doctor rolls her eyes up every time I tell her something new. With only Gabapentin and cyclobenzaprine, and Doxepin for sleep ( which does'nt work when these cramps hit). My last visit the Doctor suggested counseling. Good luck. Oh and SSI has refuted my disability claim as well, stating fibro is not disabling.
Avatar f tn Hi all, In the past 2 days I have experiences the most painful and uncomfortable cramps in the bottom of my foot, my toes are curling up and are stiff. They are coming about 4 times per day and lasting 30-40 minutes of agony each time. Any ideas of what this is????
Avatar n tn Sometimes bulging or herniated disks can cause burning in your neck and shoulders. I recently had a two level ACDF due to herniated disk and that was one of my first symptoms.Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have searched for "severe leg cramps" before and never found anything until I added "severe inner thigh cramps" and found all these interesting tips on this page. It made me realize I've been having these for about the same length of time I've been on triamterine! I now have new ammunition when I return to my doctor. She didn't have a clue when I explained the symptoms (same as Lynn and Penmarko).
Avatar m tn For the last month or so, I have been suffering from repeated cramps and contractions in my hamstrings (both sides), the main problem is it affects me when I am in a seated position which means in many cases I cannot sit comfortably. I have been unable to drive because sitting in the driving position and pressing the pedals causes the cramps to come on.
529159 tn?1224994626 I forgot to add that i have had FMS for 10 years now and the cramps and spasms are definately a symptom of fibro, and i have it everywhere.I also go to a chiropractor for this and get some relief.I went into remisssion for 8 months and i made the most of it and even went overseas for a holiday.
Avatar n tn It revealed that my spine was begining to curve in the wrong direction which i'm told is common for people presenting with muscle cramps. I had an MRI done, with and without contrast, revealing nothing. I had an angiogram done which also revealed nothing. I was sent to physical therapy which only proved to make my condition worse. By this time the sypmtoms had progressed through my entire body, not just my right side. they tried several medications, none of which helped.
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago, almost nightly I began having recurring painful feet, or leg cramps, for which my doctor prescribed 100 MG of Gabapentin daily at bedtime. It hasn't helped and also, the warning sheet for side effects was scary. When I got my annual bloodwork done in May, my FREE T4 was high at 1.21. My doctor lowered my Synthroid dosage from 75 to 50 MCG.
Avatar m tn I have have cramps for over 14 years from my fingers to toes. I tracked one day and had over 19 occurances. I was put on lemictal (generic) for bi-polar and within a day or so the cramps just stopped cold turkey. I am wondering if my cramps could be localized seizures? I don't know why else the lemictal would have "cured" them?
Avatar n tn Then it progressed to stomach muscle cramps, cramps in the back of my thighs, hands and feet, and not just at night. The nerve pain comes and goes, mostly in my hands, arms and feet. What options are available and is there anything that won't reduce me to a walking slug? Also are there any non medication things that I can be doing that will help? Several people have also mentioned magnisium. Would that be beneficial, and if so, how much? Thanks.
Avatar m tn She takes omega 3, and glucosamine with chondrotin. My mother had severe clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder and many other adverse health conditions. It all came back to nexium (acid blocker) which lowered her stomach acid. Any cause of lower stomach acid (and that could be from age to hypothyroidism) will cause problems as you cannot absorb the essential nutrients needed for the neurotransmitters in the brain.
Avatar n tn I cant sleep at night well due to hip,leg and feet pain i sleep on top of a duvet to try and help and pillows between my legs to lift the hip up abit but i have awfull trouble, id like one of those special matresses but i cant afford them though there are cheaper varitys out there but im UK based so it might be different over here.
Avatar f tn This started all at once, in all extremities at once. I do have some muscles cramps in the arch of my feet and the calf of the leg that had the hip replacement. Not often. Blood work normal for Thyroid TSH 1.4, Vitamin K & calcium, not anemic. I went to a Neurologist who ordered a Brain MRI with and without contrast. The MRI was negative or normal. He told me it was Carpal Tunnel and to do stretching. Not returning to him. I now have painful pins and needles everywhere.
2047903 tn?1330191149 That was when the TN reared it's ugly head and I have been dealing with it since and it's not nice at all. I am on 900mg/day of Tegretol and 900mg/day of Gabapentin. I just started the Gabapentin a few weeks ago and the side effects are not nice. I have also found out yesterday that my dosage will probably have to be raised as I had the usual pain last night about two hours after taking my evening dose.
Avatar f tn I also started having acid reflux and bad abdominal cramps ( these would sometimes lead to diarrhea) whenever I ate. I take omeprazole every day and it somehow helps a little. Recently I have started having tremors and weakness in arms and legs. I saw a doctor for this he prescribed gabapentin. I take 300mg 3 times a day. I would really like to think this has helped but it hasn't. I keep dropping things and have a hard time grasping things. Stairs are difficult.
Avatar n tn What concerns me is that for the past 3 months he has been experiencing tingling and numbness sensations in his hands and feet mostly fingers and toes, but about 3 weeks ago it started to affect his entire hands and feet. this made both of us nervous and we quickly went to go see a doctor (not a fun thing with no insurance). He was diagnosed with anxiety, personally I don't feel that he was thouroughly assessed and no tests were run.
Avatar n tn Nerves below the head may be compressed where chronic neck and spine problems exist and can be caused by, amongst other things, muscle cramps which may be a result of clinical anxiety or excessive mental stress, bone disease, bad posture, unsafe heavy lifting practices or physical trauma such as whiplash. Another cause of paresthesia, however, may be direct damage to the nerves themselves, i.e.
Avatar n tn I have numerous tablets from doctor although the cramps electric shocks and extreme pain in my right leg during hte night are still unbearable. In the mornings I am finding it increasingly difficult to move around and my right leg just seems to cramp up making me unable to move normaly. My children are helping me to get dressed as it is impossible for me to lift legs to put clothes on.
Avatar f tn this is causing a nerve impingement and pain radiating down my legs I take gabapentin 1800 mg for this, I also have arthritis of the hips and this also is contributing to the pain radiating down my thighs and legs I take celebrex for this. I also take 20 mg of oxycontin daily for leg and back pain. You need to see a neurologist or someone to order an MRI to get to the source of your pain than get it properly treated.
Avatar n tn I have had type 1 diabetes for 35 years (since I was 28) and have had leg pain and spasticity increasingly for the past 17 years. I am now on Tramadol 75 mg and gabapentin 600 mg 4 x daily each. It is increasing. I recently underwent bypass surgery as well after having two Myocardial Infarctions. I have the ability however to run for an hour on the treadmill and burn 2,400 calories. I am an ex martial arts (no rules) fighter and rugby player.
Avatar n tn Medications offered can include the immunosuppressant prednisone, intravenous gamma globulin (IVIG), anticonvulsants such as gabapentin or gabitril and antiviral medication, amongst others, according to the underlying cause. In some cases, rocking the head from side to side will painlessly remove the "pins and needles" sensation in less than a minute. A tingly hand or arm is often the result of compression in the bundle of nerves in the neck.