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Avatar f tn I was perscribed Gabapentin which is generic for Lyrica, I believe. I was perscribed this prior to my diagnosis and my insurance just approved it. Does this medication help w/the pain or what? I have never taken this before and don't know exactly what it is for. The doctor who prescribed it gave it to me months ago but my insurance said they didn't cover it so I just forgot about it and then I got the diagnosis and didn't think much of it after that.
11079760 tn?1483389730 I have now fully weaned off of Gabapentin. After several months of constant right arm pain - mostly in my deltoid - I now only have intermittent pain episodes. However, my hand and neck sensations of being swollen have returned to about 50% of their worst. My right hand dexterity has definitely declined again :( I also have to note that I've been on vacation from my desk job for a week - so maybe it was all the computer work putting the strain on my arm?
Avatar f tn Then he wants me off the gabapentin but is rude when I tell him I can't take anything in the amytriptyline family - which is what he wants me to take. But still wants me to go off the gabapentin. And also start amanadine for fatigue. UGHGH! So I started on Friday night tapering the gabapentin down from 2700 mg per day. I'm at 900 for today. Since Sunday I have been shaking internally and when doing something.
Avatar f tn I am not suggesting you not take this medication, but I would consult a pain specialist for other alternatives. Taking Gabapentin is a sort of Faustian bargain.
Avatar m tn now i got prescribed this but wasnt even told what i had, im kind of skeptical about whether to keep taking this and for how long. my question really is, What do i have if i was prescribed Gabapentin, i want to find alternatives to being on meds all day.
Avatar f tn If you have any doubts about whether or not the Gabapentin is worth it, then talk to your doctor about other alternatives.
Avatar n tn i've been taking about 10-12 lortabs per day and maybe 4 (2mg) xanax bars for maybe the past 2 months. if i quit cold turkey and just take the gabapentin (neurontin) will that be enough to help with withdrawals? or should i taper myself down on the vicodin and xanax a little bit, and then do the gaba therapy (i don't want to go in and have ANY doctor do anything)... help...?
Avatar f tn Hello MS Community- I am on a very lose dose of Gabapentin 100 mg 3X per day for trigeminal nerve. I was initially on 300 mg 3X per day but it made me very lethargic so neuro reduced to 100. I have been reading about the side effects and regardless of the dose, balance, gait, and coordination are listed as being impacted. Many people have commented that anything less than 1200 mg per day will not improve trigeminal nerve. My face is numb, but I am not in any pain.
1831849 tn?1383231992 The nurse who called in the Rx mentioned that it would take a while for the Gabapentin to get up to the required levels in my blood. I have seen about a 60% improvement in my foot pain. How long does it take for the levels to reach maximum efficacy? If 6 days is sufficient I think I'll ask about upping the dose.
Avatar n tn There are alternatives to Depakote that may have less lethargy and drowsiness. Ask your doctor about Topiramate or Gabapentin or Lamotrigine. All of these medications have side effects and cause some drowsiness, but they vary from person to person so trying another may be the solution you are looking for. You and your son have a particularly difficult problem to manage. Ask your doctor to keep trying to find the right mix of medications to balance everything off.
Avatar f tn Other stuff your doc may try is gabapentin, which also has some serious side effects that change your mood, or make you suicidal. I wish I had an easy answer for you, but there isn't any. You either find a way to tolerate your pain, or medicate carefully, using other methods like hydrotherapy and meditation to keep your med usage as low as possible.
11079760 tn?1483389730 I have been taking an increasing dose of Gabapentin for the last month. While it does seem to take the edge off my arm pain and reduces the hypersensitivity in my fingertips, I am really disliking some of the other side effects and would like to try life without it for awhile. Anyone have success with non-drug options for managing pain and over-active nerves? Is there any type of rebound for stopping 1200 mg Gabapentin cold? Or should I wean off it more slowly? Thanks (as always!
329994 tn?1301666848 My primary wanted me to try Savella w/o my test results back yet - waiting on the tests from the rheumatologist, but after reading that other post about Savella, that scares me. I have a friend on Gabapentin (which I believe is Neurotin sp?). Any advice? I want to be prepared because I have found that doctors do what works for them and I like to know what I am up against. I also take Clonopin, Verapamil for my heart, Potassium and Synthroid. Thanks for any advice!
293157 tn?1285877039 Hi everyone, I was wondering how many friends here take either Gabapentin or Lyrica...I'm just wondering if it's a common drug to use... and if alot of people use these meds for tingling, leg pains, etc. How many have used either of these and stopped them because they didn't help or because of the side effects? How many use either of them and which one do they prefer? I'm in the middle of this... and need some advise on it.. thanks for any replies... hope you are all as well as can be.
Avatar n tn I have looked at the more common side effects that are supposed to dissipate after your body becomes used to gabapentin - and I do still after this time often have blurred vision, involuntary eye movements, unusual tiredness, difficulty thinking, frequent urination, weight gain, and problem with balance. Is this the gabapentin after 2.5 months or could I possibly have multiple sclerosis?
Avatar f tn i have been married for 3years, i was diagnoised with having Trigeminal Neuralgia, an the tablets that i have been taking are Pregabalin, before that it was gabapentin, with these i have lost all intrested in sex with my husband, what can i do to get it back? It was fine before i became ill.
Avatar f tn I take Gabpentin for fibromyalgia. It works super. I was originally prescribed it by a Arthritis doctor. It made a huge difference in handling the nerve pain my legs, arms, and body. I just went through 2 weeks without it and just back on this past week. My body relaxed and I was comfortable after taking it again. I wouldn't be without the drug. Not having it made me appreciate Gabapentin all the more. I encourage to try it.
Avatar n tn Hello. Gabapentin is a good drug for peripheral neuropathy. But since you can not tolerate the side effects, you may try Pregabalin, a drug more potent than Gabapentin. What is the cause of your neuropathy? Duloxetine is also a good suggestion for Diabetic neuropathy.
1187071 tn?1279373298 I am on Gabapentin 300mg 2 a day, I have had weight gain since being on them, I have gained 15 lbs in 2 months time. I am sitting here thinking if he ups my meds like he wants to the side effect of weight gain will only get worse. I talked to the people where I get Gabapentin and they said that that side effect don't go away and if the dose is inceased it will only get worse so if the med isn't helping me there are other options.
Avatar f tn I will look into the options that you have suggested further, it is reassuring to know that there are other alternatives available should the Gabapentin continue not to be as affective. Do you know if the brushing of my nerves during the LP would have contributed or altered or made any difference to my pain. I have always had a pain factor to my neurological problems but it seems to have worsened since LP. I do realize this could be just a co-incidence.
Avatar f tn While not curable, many people find long term pain relief through medications, or surgeries, or alternatives such as Accupuncture. I am unfamiliar with the drug you mentioned. Is it an anti-seizure medication? Most doctors give Tegretol, Trileptal, or gabapentin, anti-seizure drugs used "off label" for Trigeminal neuralgia.
Avatar n tn You had bad experience with one drug, take it as bad marriage, but life does not stop there, one should go on. Drugs like topiramate and gabapentin are other good alternatives with least side effects. You can visit these websites for more information http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Perhaps the best thing to do is to discuss your symptoms with your doctor and look for alternative approaches to each of them. For instance, discuss alternatives to estrogen for hot flashes such as soy, black cohosh, relaxation techniques, progesterone, and gabapentin. Do the same for your achy joints and muscles, reduced libido and foggy thoughts. Perhaps you are sleeping less well and need assistance with that.
Avatar m tn We would do a complete reevaluation of your problem by a team including a spine/neuro-surgeon, neurologist, pharmacist, neuro-radiologist and psychologist. Seeking alternatives to long term pain meds particularly narcotics or opioids is a good goal. Alternative meds (non-narcotic) include NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, and others including phenytoin, valproate, gabapentin, and pergabalin.
1503794 tn?1289547125 Hello & thank you in advance for any help you could offer. I am 37, f. I have had a yellow/white "pimple-like" lump on Right-eye skin/white of eye for about 1yr with irritation, pain, tenderness, dishcharge (a stringy substance, sometimes clear, white or yellow to greenish-both eyes), feeling of hair or foreign body in eyes, seeing lines like hairs w/nothing in them, dry eyes, excesive blinking. Told Dr. & she wasn't woried but I am.
1969516 tn?1325733528 Seeking alternatives for pain control, food recomendations and diet to lose weight from being on steroids and Gabapentin.
Avatar n tn Management would include correction of electrolytes, change of culprit drugs, passive stretching exercises of the cramping muscle and drugs like quinine which can cause severe thrombocytopenia. Alternatives are verapamil, gabapentin etc. take care.
1794411 tn?1321499331 A couple of these types of medications are neurontin (gabapentin) and lyrica (pregablin). I am sorry that your doctor refuses to refill your percocet script. I think you really need to setup an appointment and discuss this with him so that you understand why he isn't refilling your percocet. If his answer isn't satisfactory to you and/or he doesn't offer other alternatives for managing your pain, I think you need to start looking for another doctor.
Avatar m tn Since April this year I have gone from zero medication to taking seven types of medication to treat my nerve pain in my feet/side effects of medication. I currently take Gabapentin, Lansoprazole, Laxido Sachets, Magnesium, Lidocaine Cream and recently added is Morphine (MST) and Salbutamol Inhaler. I am at the maximum dose of Gabapentin for the nerve pain and I am currently waiting for a specialist appointment with a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on no alcohol for six months, good for you!!!! Tramadol is very, very addicting, I would find other alternatives such as acupuncture. I've had carpal tunnel in both hands since 1977, also have neck and back problems. I almost got adictive to pain killers many years ago so I'll never go that route again. Do some research...PLEASE read this site below> Good luck...