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1693621 tn?1318906571 Petechiae are small (pin head size) red, flat spots seen under the skin on the dependent parts of the body because of increased pressure due to gravity, for example, on the lower legs. These happen because of bleeding out of the tiny blood vessels under the skin or the mucus membrane. Petechiae are generally not palpable or painful. Other rashes or bruises seen in thrombocytopenia are called purpura, which are small, purple spots under the skin as a result of hemorrhage.
Avatar n tn I too have experienced this spontaneous rupture of blood vessels for 30 years. I'm an active, healthy 57 yr old female. On no medications of any kind. This occurs in both hands; palms and fingers. During the past two weeks it has occurred 3x. I had one doctor, years ago, who showed some interest. Had clotting time checked, normal. I too worry that this make eventually occur else where in my circulatory system.
1475202 tn?1536274577 Garlic may also play a part in protecting against heart disease by its effect on platelets, irregularly shaped cell fragments that are the smallest of the blood cells, according to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Platelets clump together at the site of injury to help stop bleeding. Taking garlic doesn't produce more platelets, but it does decrease platelet aggregation, the ability to stick together. Read more: http://www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn These are basically purple colored spots which occur when small blood vessels burst, causing blood to pool under the skin. It is of two types: nonthrombocytopenic and thrombocytopenic. Nonthrombocytopenic means that you have normal levels of platelets (which help your blood clot) in your blood. Thrombocytopenic means that you have a less than normal platelet count.
Avatar m tn What is the chief function of the heart? Pumping blood. What is artheriosclerosis? Buildup in those blood vessels. How does the buildup get there? It is delivered by the blood. Do you want clean gas or dirty gas running through your carburetor? :-) Excerpt about polycythemia vera: The median survival is 11 to 15 years. The major cause of death is thrombosis (blood clots causing strokes or heart attacks). If you go to a hypertension dr, they order one list of labs.
475555 tn?1469307939 All this said, I plan to have a new biopsy this year because blood test results are not conclusive of the extent of fibrosis. They are supposed to be a sign of current liver cell destruction and liver function, nothing more. Biopsy is no sure thing, either, as many have pointed out here and as more and more articles attest, since fibrosis is not always uniform in the liver as was once believed. But biopsy is the best test we've got. So I'll do another, while sticking to my antioxidants.
Avatar f tn White blood cells and red blood cells and platelets are measured with a full blood count.
Avatar f tn Liver function tests and both venous and heart angiography should be done to see the state of your blood vessels. Vitamin deficiencies especially Vitamin K should be looked into. Please discuss your case with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining and various tests. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn they can also give him a drug that will cause loose stools. it will get rid of the amonia that is building in his blood. the high amonia causes the mind not to work right. do you have any children? i am the only child and my parents have been divorced since i was 12. i am 33. this dieases is very hard to deal with even under the best circumstances. my heart hurts for you. the end of cirrohsis is very emotionally hard. i have seen it in patients i carried on the ambulance.
Avatar f tn Hi, don't worry about leukemia. The way that blood cancers cause easy bruising is that they reduce the number of platelets down to 50 or even much, much lower. Platelets are used in blood clotting. Your platelet count is well within normal. Another possible cause is when the blood's "clotting proteins" are not being produced enough. They are produced in the liver, so that's why your liver was tested. Since your liver is apparently normal, we can rule out that cause for now.
Avatar f tn These same oxidative events can damage the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels, resulting in increased platelet aggregation and increased production of platelets to compensate for this.
Avatar n tn That and/or blood vessels rupturing because of high blood pressure during an erection. This would explain why the bleeding stops after the ejaculation: IMO, the blood in the urine is only residual blood (mixed with semen) that got pushed into the bladder during ejaculation. The erection goes down, the skin goes loose and blood pressure goes down. The cut or blood vessel sort of semi-heals itself until the next erection/ejaculation which opens the cut again.
Avatar m tn My specialist chose to treat more 'aggressively' with a higher dose of riba, but a lot will also depend on your blood tests (get copies of all of your blood tests) which can sometimes give an indication of progression (ALT and AST give the level of 'inflammation' rather than level of disease; bilirubin, albumin, alkaline phosphotase and platelets may give a corresponding picture.
Avatar n tn Esophageal varicies are another symptom of portal hypertension. As pressure in the portal vein builds it causes blood vessels in the esophagus to become enlarged. If they become very large these blood vessels can burst and bleed. Esophageal varicies are a dangerous symptom of advanced cirrhosis and are life threatening. I was checked for varicies when I was first diagnosed with cirrhosis. They were grade one at that time. When checked again in two years they were grade two.
Avatar m tn According to two new studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this powerful polyphenol may influence both blood vessel function and the function of fat cells. The studies report that red wine has a direct effect on the health of the cells lining blood vessels, while resveratrol may also influence the function of fat cells and reduce the risk of developing conditions related to obesity.
Avatar n tn To put your mind at rest you can ask for a blood test to determine platelet level and function. Platelets are the parts of your blood involved in clotting. If there is any abnoramlity eg. too few they can cause these little red spots. It's a relatively simple blood test. Also worth getting a full blood count so your white blood cells can be evaluated, just to ensure there is not any other abnormality in the blood which can be more serious, such as cancer.
3624762 tn?1349398652 As the spleen enlarges, it filters out more and more of the blood cells and platelets until their numbers in the blood are reduced. Hypersplenism is the term used to describe this condition, and it is associated with a low red blood cell count (anemia), low white blood cell count (leucopenia), and/or a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia).
144210 tn?1273092382 As the spleen enlarges, it filters out more and more of the blood cells and platelets until their numbers in the blood are reduced. Hypersplenism is the term used to describe this condition, and it is associated with a low red blood cell count (anemia), low white blood cell count (leucopenia), and/or a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia).
Avatar f tn These same oxidative events can damage the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels, resulting in increased platelet aggregation and increased production of platelets to compensate for this.
Avatar f tn Did you ask to receive a copy of your blood tests (especially the CBC) so that you don't have to wait for a doc to give you the results? With polycythemia vera, you'd expect high counts. With lymphoma, generally there wouldn't be any change until the bad cancer cells crowd out the good cells in the marrow where blood cells are produced - so counts would be lower. But be aware that enlarged lymph nodes are generally far more likely to be due to infection than to cancer.
Avatar n tn Recently I worked out, and the muscles that I worked out do not feel sore as I expected. Instead different muscles that were kind of always sore, feel sore. These muscles are between the chest and shoulder, and they have stretch marks, and they feel tender and sore, as they did for weeks prior.
Avatar m tn 6 Hematocrit-Blood 37.6 MCV-BLOOD 81 MCH- BLOOD 27.2 MCHC-BLOOD 33.4 PLATELETS- BLOOD 420 RDW CV-BLOOD 10.5 MPV-BLOOD 8.2 NEUTROPHILS-BLOOD 33.0 LYMPHOCYTES- BLOOD 57.7 MONOCYTES-BLOOD 5.2 BASOPHILS-BLOOD 1.0 ABS NEUTROPHILS-BLOOD 6.68 ABS MONOCYTES-BLOOD .60 ABS EOSINOPHILS-BLOD 0.36 ABS BASOPHILS-0.12 EOSINOPHILS-BLOOD 3.1 I would also like to add she is a very typical 4 yr old in behavior, energetic likes to run.. She is fair skinned and does get petechiae from time to time.
6708370 tn?1471493810 Aplastic Anemia Aplastic anemia is a rare, serious blood disorder in which the bone marrow stops making enough new blood cells. This lowers the number of platelets in your blood. Toxic Chemicals Exposure to toxic chemicals—such as pesticides, arsenic, and benzene—can slow the production of platelets. Medicines Some medicines, such as diuretics and chloramphenicol, can slow the production of platelets. Chloramphenicol (an antibiotic) rarely is used in the United States.
Avatar f tn And from the Mayo Clinic “Decreased white blood cells and platelets in your blood can be the first sign of cirrhosis.
89592 tn?1391278022 Esophageal varices are a strong indication of liver disease - cirrhosis or scaring of the liver. When the liver is scared the blood flow through the portal vein into the liver is obstructed/slowed and the blood can back up and seek paths of less resistance such as the small veins in the esophagus. These vessels can distend and if the portal pressure is great enough these vessels can rupture and bleed. This is a very serious situation and demands attention and monitoring.
1579934 tn?1431272511 It also serves as a storehouse for various elements of the blood like platelets and white blood cells. In the absence of the spleen, the body becomes susceptible to diseases caused by bacteria and protozoa, and responsiveness to certain vaccines also decreases.
1475202 tn?1536274577 I believe that a bone marrow test would indicate whether you're producing an adequate number of platelets and the fitness of those platelets. I question whether a test like that would be appropriate since it seems as though your platelet count is directly associated with your liver condition.
Avatar m tn Patients who experience recurrent PE may develop high blood pressure in the blood vessels that supply the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Of those patients who have deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) but are not treated for it, about 10-20% develop PE. PE is the most serious complication of DVT, and occurs when a blood clot in the vein breaks up into smaller pieces called emboli.
Avatar f tn but i just took blood tests last week and platelets are good, all blood levesl are working their way back to normal.
Avatar n tn , ibuprofen) but the latest according to Nature Medicine February 09 is that Cavernomas are directly related to the fact that the endothelial layer of the blood vessels do not return to normal state after inflammation or injury and in response hemorrage or lesion development ocurrs (Dr Awad - taken from