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Avatar n tn Had full body skin exam done with underwear on . Female doctor did a 5 sec peek a boo at genital area and on turn over pulled underwear down to look at cheeks. Whole thing was done quickly and feel like I didn't get a good exam. I thought they were suppose to be done nude and looked at every inch of you. Both my parents have had skin cancer. Has anyone else had something like this and feel cheated?
Avatar n tn I am not trying to blame anyone for the virus, just want to know what I am dealing with so I can enjoy the time I have left before the underlying cause of these fasciculations makes that impossible. BFS doesn't cause progressive, full-body fasciculations anymore than it causes MS, ALS, etc. BFS is a symptom of an underlying physical cause, that I am sure of! I don't care how much it cost, I just want to know what my underlying physical cause it.
Avatar m tn Some skip it altogether these days. Have you had a full neurological exam yet? MS, at the end of the day, is still a clinical diagnosis. For example, with all high tech lab work and testing machines in the world, a trained neurologist will know something is unequivocally wrong in my CNS by simply running a car key (or toothpick, sharpened pencil, or any other low tech thing on the desk) up the bottom of either of my feet. Others may fail various tests of proprioception.
Avatar f tn Hi. I read ur full article n wonder how much courage does it require. I know it must be a hard time for u but even I hv a query. I hv a doubt as I hv found out domr very small dots some 2 or 3 near the anus inside close to the opening n fearful as it can be a wart. So just need to know how does n inside anal wart feels like. Thanks for ur reply.
Avatar n tn Full body pain and your other symptoms do sound like magnesium depletion, but you will never be able to replenish the mag levels with oral supplementation alone. I have had full body pain and many other symptoms. nothing seemed to help, so, being a science geek, I developed a very effective therapy, a product called Magnion ( www.imagenlabs.net ), and also Magic Oil. They are both transdermal forms of magnesium and The magnion has transdermal antioxidants and anti-inflammatories added as well.
Avatar f tn After a few days of this I went to the dr. who was not concerned. I of course was and got really nervous. The next thing I know my whole body went crazy. I started twitching all over my body and I had HORRIBLE burning pain in my neck and shoulders (right where she had massaged). I got on the net and of course MS came up and I became fixated that this is what I had. Upon my request my dr sent me to the "MS" Neurologist in my area.
Avatar f tn Hi. I suffer quite often but not all the time, from hypersensitive skin. It feels as though it's been scalded and it hurts to touch that area. It may be on my face, top of my thigh, waist, calf; seems it strikes one side of my body at one time in different spots. It affected my calf this week, and I could barely walk on that leg. I have had neuro check ups with no results or findings that support any disease in particular. I've suffered from this for about 10 years and it's getting worse.
Avatar f tn No reddening, itching, heated skin, leathery skin, scabs, bruises, pimples, or other marks on either breast except the possible stretch marks. No discharge. No inversion. Nipples are both oddly sensitive but I'm either pregnant or have PMS following Clomid. No swollen or sore lymph nodes (I'm very skinny and can usually feel them if they swell at all.) The doctor insists that sending me to a breast surgeon now, instead of waiting 2 weeks, would result in possibly unnecessary procedures.
Avatar m tn I have just recently contracted a case of full body herpes after simply hugging someone. Who ever thought a hug would end in this???
Avatar f tn , but must be validated with the real diagnostic, which is a full panel of blood tests. Body temperature may have even more value than other patient symptoms, in that it is an objective measure, meaning that it can be measured and assigned a number. Other symptoms are subjective, since they can only be described in general terms such as heavy or light.
Avatar n tn You are pretty well aware of the protective measure and I would just add addition of full clothing to prevent contact of any skin surface to the atmosphere. Also perhaps an exam and investigation into the trigger may be needed using an allergy kit and some basic deductive logic. You may still have to use anti-allergics to help you get better and perhaps stay afloat at times. An allergy specialist would help you a lot if you may decide to go through the testing.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy 24 yr old male, and recently I have been experiencing some odd symptoms. For Five weeks now, I have been experiencing muscle twitches and spasms all over my body. Sometimes they twitch fast, and the effected muscle group is very small, and sometimes it is a very slow twitch involving a large set of muscles. They could contract or twitch only a couple of times, or they might be almost continuous.
Avatar m tn and even better, give the new doc a full copy of your B6 and other tests from the old doc's office. You have a right to get full copies, even if the doc makes you pay the photocopy costs. There can be valuable data the old doc simply overlooked or didn't understand. Let us know how the new appointment goes! Fingers crossed!!
Avatar f tn I also feel depressed all the time and I have horrible muscle pain and body aches. I can be perfectly fine one day and the next day I wake up and my whole body aches for weeks. It's so bad I feel like I've been run over by an 18 wheeler truck. It's so bad that I can barely move and I'm miserable. Then it will suddenly go away just as quickly and mysteriously as it came on. I also can't do anything physical now without getting severe muscle pain.
Avatar n tn I started to get tingling sensations in my right foot which then moved to my left foot, then spread to hands, arms, body, and face. Then the burning to skin started. I can not go in the sun as my skin is so sensitive. I can actually feel dust particles on any surface which is a horrible feeling. I am also getting spontanious prickling all over my body. I went to a neurologist and had an array of blood tests with all normal results. Had an MRI of brain and cervical also negative.
Avatar n tn Has anybody gone through rectal/anal skin tag removal? I had one removed by my doctor in his office. He used lidocaine (6 shots that were unbelievable painful) to numb the area and cut it off and cauterized the area. I'm having a rough time - I feel like I have the worst hemorroid flare up going on right now. I'm taking colace and fiber supplement, drinking plenty of water and began using the Desitin a few days before they recommended I start.
Avatar n tn other personal care products. Skin exam; stinging; burning; pain; itching; blisters; dead skin; scabs; scaling; fissures; redness; swelling; bumps, dry or with watery discharge; usually concentrated where exposure occurs. Diagnostic aids: open application tests; do not patch test to known irritants; do not patch test to unknown chemicals.
Avatar f tn Also often with a new infection there would be body aches and fever as the body builds antibodies mounting a defense. Also such tender sores as your describing are more from hsv2 not 1 so consider this in the equation. What to do? It would have been good if you could have had them swabbed within 48 hours but a blood test would lead to some answers esp if you were negative for hsv1 before. For me, i dont feel are herpes due to the timely yeast infection.
1740498 tn?1328966185 You don't mention - did this one do a complete neurological exam,? Not just a few taps on your reflexes but a thorough exam?
Avatar f tn The neuro did a clinical exam and order an EMG/NCV for peace of mind. I just had the exam today and the doctor told me it was, “super normal”. He mentioned there is something calls begnin fasciculation syndrome. He said it can come on after a virus, stress, or no reason at all. The good news is this is a completely begnin condition which is just annoying to deal with. My advice would be to just ask for the EMG and get your peace of mind. Hope this helps a little bit.
1563771 tn?1299820137 The abdominoplasty procedure begins with an incision that is made in your pubic region below the bikini line. The navel is separated from the skin, and the skin and fat of your abdomen is elevated thus allowing the underlying muscles to be tightened. Excess fat is removed, the navel is repositioned, and the skin is pulled taut around the stomach. The entire procedure typically takes about two to four hours to complete and is usually performed under general anesthesia.
1549204 tn?1353365273 The last pap was in September and it was normal. This past year, I've been having tons of skin tags on my neck, one under my eye, and one by my anus ( a dermatologist confirmed it was a skin tag). I was taking a shower about a week ago and while cleaning myself I felt a skin tag. I thought it was a weird place to have a skin tag, so I've been researching it and now on websites, the research has me scared to death that I have genital warts. It is above my clit area.
Avatar n tn Since I was a teen, I have had these random sharp pains throughout various parts of my body that will occur in concentrated bursts of pain in a particular area for short periods of time. Sometimes pain will re-appear in the same area throughout the day and other times it will appear at seemingly unrelated part of my body. For example, it happened today and began with concentrated burst of pain half way up my inner left thigh.
Avatar m tn *continuing from what I previously said because it wouldn't let me finish the rest* Anyways, I have three questions. 1. Does anxiety cause a burning sensation throughout your body? 2. Can regular blood tests tell if you have diabetes? I even was checked for billirubin *which is about the liver* and they told me everything was fine and I think your liver would be messed up if you had diabetes right? 3. Does anyone here that has anxiety attacks ever feel extremely weird and not real?
Avatar n tn At the time I did not have the dry skin, but recently this started to happen. I will have my yearly eye exam and ask the doctor more.
Avatar n tn In social situations (at work and outside of work) if I'm meeting someone new or talking about something that brings up any feelings at all, my pale skin gets all blotchy on my chest, shoulders and back--so much so that people ask what's wrong with me and are distracted from what I'm saying. The thing that is most frustrating to me is that my spirit is very outgoing and social--but my body betrays me! I wish there was something I could do to lessen it.
Avatar n tn Most of the creams you see to treat skin tags are for those on your face or body, the anal area is so vascular that these types of creams or other "wart/tag" removers do not work. It took me over two years to finally break down and get over my embarassment to get this taken care of, I wish that I wouldn't have waited so long now. This discomfort is not pleasant, but it will be worth it to have this gone.
1279495 tn?1271205976 (I was seeing a quack) Anyway, can this cause extra hair growth on the body? I'm a women and all other hormones checked out fine. During that time the fine hair on my face got pretty long and the hair on my legs got darker and longer, almost manly. Pubic hair extended to the thighs. The hair on my head did fall out and the hair on my arms and face would come out easily, but grow back. Again, is the extra body related to being over medicated?
Avatar m tn hi am going to see a skin specialist for first time is he just the same as a dermatologists,i got hard skin on my feet,and and sore mark on inside off my leg beside my penis is it sore and Burning some times keeps me a wake at night,will i get a full body skin exam from them and will i have to put a gown on am from uk,and have spots on my hands and arms
Avatar n tn For years I've been having occasional episodes where small areas of my skin feel sore and tender. It tends to be on my torso somewhere, but I think I've experienced it on my upper legs and rear end as well. Right now it's an area starting at my spine below my ribcage, and wrapping around my side to the front a bit. It's a sensation that my skin is raw, as if it's been scraped or carpet-burned.