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Avatar m tn Hello, My bottom gums hurt, just all if a sudden they hurt, then they itch at the same time whats wrong? They don't bleed even when I brush my teeth.
Avatar n tn Blood in between your teeth is coming from inflammed gums that are weak. Brushing and flossing regularly for 2 weeks should clear up most of that. Bacteria cause inflammation, which weaken the gums, and make them bleed. Healthy gums will not bleed at all if brushed or flossed. Cavities on front teeth are easily fixed with a material that can match the shade of your tooth. Your tooth should look very natural once the cavity is filled. Cost is very dependant on where you live.
Avatar f tn A couple weeks ago it seemed like my wisdom teeth were coming in and that hurt but now it stopped hurting and my gums hurt. If you pull your bottom lip all the way down but move the bottom of your jaw up that's how it feels. Recently it's been hurting on the inside of my lower front gums too. They aren't bleeding and they're still pink but they just hurt. Please help me.
Avatar n tn Friday everything was fine no discomfort but come Saturday I woke up to intense pain my front tooth hurt a lot it affected my brushing my teeth and eating. I decided to rinse my mouth with warm salt water I thought it was getting better because Sunday I was able to eat without much pain and before I went to bed everything seemed better, but I woke up this morning to swollen gums and a painful front tooth.
Avatar n tn ( lower jaw right side just before the molar ) .. since then my front lower teeth .. and what feels like my gums and under my tounge are sore.... its almost a dull pain.. does not respond to 800 mg ibprofen or ora gel at all... ive tapped the teeth with metal objects and no different, no visible damage to them.. ( so not a absess or cavitiy im guessing ) however... they do not hurt when im eating for some reason.. the pain goes away when im eating.. i dont get it..
410475 tn?1262945967 today I got my upper front 4 teeth drilled out and they put in my temp teeth which I have to wear for 2 weeks while I am waiting for my new teeth to be made. frist of all they really hurt, and they feel heavy. the temp teeth are soooooooooo white that they look so fake and the gums at the top of them are black. it looks really bad but the dentist said it will get better in a few days and it is only temporary. did anyone else have this type thing? I've never seen this or heard it before.
Avatar m tn But my dentist braced my front four teeth and declared i dont need root canal. This pain started shortly thereafter, but the pain is on the right side of my teeth. Is this serious? Im going to the dentist on monday, Do i need to worry?
Avatar n tn My top four front teeth have been a little loose for about a year now. I went to the dentist after they had been feeling loose for a couple months, and he said I have very healthy teeth it was nothing to worry about; it should go away on its own. But it's been a year and they're still loose! There is no pain or sensitivity, just the looseness.
Avatar n tn i have this small red lump on my gums.. just above my front teeth.. it doesn't really hurt when i touch it, but im just curious about what it is.
Avatar m tn Do I have a gum disease or something if right where my teeth meet the gums my gums r slightly swollen an the gum part in between my two front teeth up top always bleeds wat do i do ?
Avatar n tn Also, my molar on the upper right, which isn't part of the bridge also has movement. The teeth don't hurt like a toothache, but everything burns. The pain/burn makes my heart race. I am taking Zanax to calm the anxiety.
Avatar m tn The pain may go away, but if the infection really doesn't, it will only eat away at the bone that holds the teeth in. I lost my front top four teeth doing exactly the same. I had a pain in one tooth and let it go. It did go away. Fast forward a year or so and I walked into a plate glass door. A visit with my dentist let me know just how fast the bone had dissolved from that first infection. I had to have four teeth replaced by implants.
Avatar m tn I have a strange odor and taste by my wisdom teeth, mostly the bottom ones. They don't hurt but they just smell awful. I have rinsed with peroxide, warm salt water, and brush thoroughly in there location but the smell and taste will not go away. what is it? should I have them removed right away?
Avatar f tn My gums and teeth are in good shape. My last dental visit the hygienist noticed the spot and thought I had just jabbed myself by mistake, but when I got home I realized that I had had the spot for a long time. I have had surface skin cancer on my lower lip and the top of my head. Should I be concerned? Should I see my regular dentist, an oral surgeon or dermatologist?
Avatar f tn Actually I had NO pain during the procedure and almost no main afterwards. The stitches did NOT hurt coming out. The gums heal very nicely. My gums looks nice and pink. good luck to you.
Avatar n tn I use Betadine mouthwash and a Waterpick and brush a lot with an electric brush over gums and teeth front and back. but like 5 minutes or so.... This wasy I'm avoiding canker sores during tx and the gums seem pink and tangerine like. They bled at the beginning but not anymore. Anyway, my teeth use to crack due to BRUXISM (night teet grinding). Chronic and somehow related to Hep. The only way to stop it was to use a splint or a mouth guard at nite (silicone or acrilic) sorta like boxers do.
Avatar n tn I had 10 teeth pulled on the bottom on Wednesday. I am still in extreme pain in my gums on the front. Is this normal? How long does tooth extractions normally hurt bad?
Avatar f tn My bottom front row gums started throbbing in slight pain 3 days ago and is still happening, my teeth bleed slightly when i brush my teeth, and i noticed this morning that the top of gums have turned paler. What do i do?
Avatar f tn Hello, For about a week my upper gums in front of the front two teeth, and a spot where the tongue rests behind the front upper teeth feel irritated, it kind of feels like slight burn, it does not hurt just feels uncomfortable. Also the tissue that connects the upper gums and upper lip seem to look a bit enlarged. Te color of gums looks normal and it doesn't look like i have any ulcerations there.
Avatar m tn At first the gum above one of my front teeth looked a bit rotten, it was sensitive and had receeded a bit. I assumed this was just because I had not paid the proper attention to my teeth for the last 2 weeks. I started brushing regularly again and took specail care with this gum. Soon the problem expanded onto the teeth either side. I decided to get some mouthwash, partly because it was too painful to brush the effected area. It hasn't worked and now all of my gums hurt.
Avatar f tn It will be a 4 tooth bridge (end teeth plus two missing teeth). All of them are front teeth. I imagine the canine will calm down to the way it was before. (remember, yesterday they did molds, pressed cord into my gums to make better fit for permanent bridge AND now the canine and the other anchor tooth both hurt from all the procedures yesterday.
Avatar n tn If I run my finger over the group of knots, they extend from slightly past the front of the mouth all the length to where my teeth are in the back of my mouth on both upper sides......they are not present directly in front of the mouth above the front five teeth or so. They are not present in the lower gum area at all.....which feels smooth and consistent. They can only be seen when I peel back the upper lip area, and if I run my finger across them there is a slight degree of discomfort....
Avatar m tn a month or so later I noticed everytime I pressed against the 2 teeth I would spit blood this scared me so unfortunatly i buried my head in the sand a bit meanwhile my gums were pulling away so much so that I went from lifting my lip and seeing gums and little teeth to no gums and long teeth and the lump although initally hurt now no longer did although is still there.
2207301 tn?1340994467 like in my bottom front theres a little flap that goes down and i can kinda see my root.. doesnt hurt but its scary.. gums are still swollen and the dentist said they cant do anything due to being pregnant so i have to wait..
Avatar n tn For the last 3 days I have been experiencing a deep aching throbbing pain in the teeth and gums of my front bottom teeth. It comes and goes and gets ALOT worse in the evening, to the point where it hurts so bad it is almost unbearable. As I said it is not pain, but an ache. It feels like it is in the bottom of the teeth, radiating into the bone where the teeth are anchored. It is mostly the 4 front teeth that are affected.
Avatar n tn I'm not really concerned about appearance, since it's just the back teeth--the gums in front look great. He has a dentist appointment in July--I may ask about it then if he's still having issues. That procedure sounds painful, and after all the pain in the butt we've had with the braces, I want to make sure it's medically necessary before I do any more procedures on him.