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Avatar f tn Two years ago I had a bit of a receding gum on my front right tooth but it never hurt so I put off going to the periodontist. Besides that, I go to the dentist every six months and he always says what healthy gums and teeth I have (besides that front tooth, which he has been bothering me to get looked at). Yesterday I had some pain in one of my side bottom teeth and saw that it was a receding gum that was exposing some of the root.
Avatar n tn My top four front teeth have been a little loose for about a year now. I went to the dentist after they had been feeling loose for a couple months, and he said I have very healthy teeth it was nothing to worry about; it should go away on its own. But it's been a year and they're still loose! There is no pain or sensitivity, just the looseness.
Avatar n tn i have this small red lump on my gums.. just above my front teeth.. it doesn't really hurt when i touch it, but im just curious about what it is.
Avatar f tn What is this and is it harmful??? My teeth dont hurt and my gums dont bleed when i brush, so i dont know what it is. Its only on like the 4 front bottom teeth. Any ideas???
Avatar m tn But my dentist braced my front four teeth and declared i dont need root canal. This pain started shortly thereafter, but the pain is on the right side of my teeth. Is this serious? Im going to the dentist on monday, Do i need to worry?
Avatar n tn Once it did is when the fun began, just beofre that bought of brushing i was getting the aformentioned cold sore, then the painful gums, strange my gums only hurt on the back side, like behind my front top teeth, not the front side, bottom too same thing. I've always had some gingivitis, I hope it's not something like trench mouth, i think my new brush is just a tad to hard.
Avatar f tn Now, when i brush my teeth or touch, pucker my cheeks and lips, my lower gums ache. Its not the area near my teeth that hurt but by my lower jaw where my teeth are growing that it hurts. I read online that periodontits causes this but i'm not sure that this is what i have because my dentist said my teeth and gums were fine. Also when I open my mouth wide where my upper and lower jaws connect also hurts and kinda clicks.
Avatar f tn the most I have is every time I brush my teeth the gums behind my two front teeth bleed or my bottom gums swell up every now and then ...
Avatar f tn d pay more attention to brushing your gums when you brush your teeth.
Avatar m tn A few days ago my gums started hurting around 6 (my teeth are bunched togather) of my lower right teeth starting at the middle front one. At the front one the gum has almost disapeared over a few years for a reason i do not know. And now a few of the gums are pussing. I keep swishing a mix of 3/4 water and 1/4 peroxide around them twise a day but keeps happening. I dont have money for a dentised and my medicaid doesnt cover any withen 50 miles of my home.
Avatar f tn I Think her gums are causing her teeth to hurt! I put some medicine on her at night and it was all right! But her teeth are hurting again and I might take her to the dentist!
Avatar n tn I bit into an apple and the apple flesh, not the skin, was lodged up in my gums front and back of my two front teeth. I flossed and rinsed and my gums swelled. It really hurt, so I saw my dentist right away. Both the dentist and hygienist said there was nothing there except irritation, no infection. They both said there was a small cut behind the front tooth where the apple penetrated.
Avatar n tn I'm a teenager, you see. I just got braces this summer, but the problem is that I have a lot of honors classes and no time to brush my teeth at all. So a gap has formed between some of my teeth, but that's not my major concern. When I brushed my teeth about a week or two ago, my gums were bleeding.I thought it was just because I hadn't brushed my teeth in a while. I brushed my teeth again a few days ago, and the same thing happened, but this time my bottom left gums felt sore/hurt.
Avatar n tn My gums don't hurt on their own.(i.e. hurting all the time) One spot hurts when it is touched or if food touches it. Could it be gingivitis? Could it be something else?
Avatar f tn I have no pain or swelling in my gums, but noticed that my front teeth (basically all but my molars) feel very loose. Has anyone else experienced that? Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Okay well let's see i think i might have a cavity in the middle of my two front teeth.It is starting to get alittle black it don't hurt but it is starting to chip in the back of my teeth in between it don't hurt at all.Also my other tooth on the left hand side look like it starting to change color and is chipping in a little spot.
2207301 tn?1340990867 like in my bottom front theres a little flap that goes down and i can kinda see my root.. doesnt hurt but its scary.. gums are still swollen and the dentist said they cant do anything due to being pregnant so i have to wait..
Avatar n tn Should they still hurt or have I not taken it easy enough on my teeth, I have just never had sensitive teeth before?
Avatar f tn I'm 21+4 and my teeth hurt so bad and my gums .
Avatar m tn Hi! I am new to this forum. I recently broke 3 teeth, the 3 teeth away from the midline to the left side, including one of the front tooth. however, i got porcelain crown on the broken 3 teeth and veneer on the healthy front tooth, the reason i got the veneer for the healthy tooth is make the two front teeth look even. after the crowns were put in. My gums started to recede. my left and the right front teeth gums don't look even. is it normal after have teeth crowned?